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What is Fizzy Bubbles?

Fizzy Bubbles (FB) is a text based Pokemon RPG.


The system used in today's Fizzy Bubbles is somewhat akin to that used in Dungeons & Dragons.

Players enter a Zone, each zone represents a different campaign. The Zone Owner (ZO) acts as the Dungeon/Game Master. They write the stories and explain the events that occur to the players. Occassionally, ZOs may hire Zone Assistants (ZAs) to help update the zone.

Throughout the course of adventures, players can capture Pokemon, find useful items, or battle against the forces of good/evil.

Zones also seperate the various types of Pokemon found in the area. e.g. Mountain Zone carries many Rock and Ground types while Water Zone has many Water or Ice types.


The Fizzy Bubbles Discussion(s) can be found here.

Original Fizzy Bubbles

Originally created on Bulbagardens during the age of Pokemon Red and Blue. It only had one zone, the Fizzy Zone, where players and updators had their adventures with only Water-type Pokemon. Hence the name, Fizzy Bubbles.

Eventually the people grew tired of just Water Types and created additional zones. First, they remade the Fizzy Zone as the universal zone and made a seperate Water Zone. In the Fizzy Zone, almost any Pokemon could be encountered, fought, and captured. As popularity grew, the Volcano and Garden Zones were made to satisfy the people's needs.

These newer zones specify a specific place where certain Pokemon would be found. Rock, Fire, and Ground in Volcano; Grass and Poison in Garden; Water and Ice in Water; and the rest in Fizzy.

Due to lack of centralized moderator administration, or perhaps the apathy of older members, Fizzy Bubbles came under severe criticisms in late 2000 and early 2001 for being a 'spamhole'. At the time, there was severe competition among members for post counts, which were synonymous with prestige and authority; members grew envious of "newbies" whom were able to post virtually unrestricted rules. Veterans and "newbies" alike rebuttled against [forum] aristocratic criticism, citing increased traffic and entertained members accompanying the growth of FB.

FB was then shut down when BMG's site went down. It would not be seen again until the year 2002 on UPNetwork, where it still resides. Posts made in FB have not counted towards a member's post count at UPNetwork for quite some time. This allows the members to rest assured that they will not be accused of post-count inflating.

UPNetwork Fizzy Bubbles

In 2002, three former members: arnold, Undead Beat, and Morgoth recreated the RPG. There were several differences according to other veteran members, but they did their best to revive the game.

It started with three zones: The Volcano Zone, run by Morgoth; The Garden Zone, which was run by Undead Beat; and the Mountain Zone, which was run by arnold. Eventually they hired Becca C to run the Water Zone and Kuno to run the Haunted Mansion.

The forum was quite silent for the most part and had many periods of silence from updators. Eventually Morgoth passed down the Zone Ownership to ZoraJolteon. Undead Beat gave ownership to Frozen Flareon, and Becca C gave ownership to Azure Dream.

Another period of silence came and Mountain Zone owner, arnold hired a zone assistant, Loki. Shortly afterwards, Azure Dream forfeitted his ownership for personal reasons and arnold gave the Water Zone to Loki. Not to long later, Ichimatsu opened the Fizzy Zone, Becca C returned to opened the Power Zone, and Azure Dream opened Kumo City.

During Summer of 2003, Fizzy Bubbles quickly became popular, especially with PASBL members who had time between the slow reffings. In hopes to alleviate some pressure from the growing population, the moderators (now arnold, Morgoth, Loki, and Ichimatsu) decided to create a new zone, but let the people vote on the type of zone it should be. Thus lead to the creation of the Ancient Zone and the Space Zone.

Upon reading the Ancient Zone's description, Morgoth claimed it as his own, but the Space Zone's ownership was to be chosen by, again, the members. Soon enough it was opened by Dittofrom90. While her version of the zone won popularity, her Space Zone ownership has sturred up a bit of trouble as Dittofrom90's inability to follow general rules as well as the laws of physics made the moderators uneasy.

Later that summer, the population continued to grow and the pressure to update came with it. The Space and Ancient Zone weren't enough to keep the people happy, as all the zones had almost 30 people each. This caused many delays between updates by ZOs, which caused complaints about the lack of updates from players.

In late October 2006, just after FB's 4th birthday, the whole of UPNetwork including was hacked by presumably the same person who hacked SPP's main site, a person who call himself UGarvy, or Ian Garvey. Considered by many (read: Joe and FF) as the worst FB catastrophy - and Secret Base natural disaster ever, this meant all earlier, ALL EARLIER records of FB became ereased.

And this is today.

...To be completed....

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To become a member of the Fizzy Bubbles RPG, you must first become a member of UPNetwork forums.

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