Ground Zero Gym

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The Ground Zero Gym

The Ground Zero Gym Arena is a square area of 40 metres on each side -- specifically, it's a square block of reinforced concrete measuring 28 metres on each side and of three metres in height, sitting in a moat of sewage which is two metres deep, so a metre's height of concrete is exposed for battle.

On the concrete block lies four reactormajiggers linked by effluent pipe. The reactormajiggers are about three metres high and two metres in diameter, and the pipes about a metre in diameter. The reactormajiggers are indestructible, and the pipes will only break if they're hit by attacks as strong as Hyper Beam, in which sewage will spill out for two rounds until the self-regeneration technology fixes it. The reactormajiggers constantly belch out a combinations of poison gases which will float into the atmosphere, poisoning any Pokemon that stays airborne at heights of about five metres if they stay for over a round. However, as a result of the constant release of gases, the clouds above the gym have been severely affected by the poison. As a result, acid rain will have a 30% chance of falling onto the arena at the end of a round, lasting for four rounds, which will have one of the three following effects due to the cocktail of poisons within: - A corrosive poison strong enough to make Rock and Ground-types will feel more uncomfortable in the rain due to the strengthened acid, unless they're part Poison-type themselves. All Poison-types will be unaffected by this poison. - Narcotic poisons in the acid rain will make Pokemon using Psychic-type moves feel more drained. - A specific toxin targeted at the DNA structure of Steel-type Pokemon will make them uncomfortable as well. Due to environmental concerns even the gym can't overwrite, the usage of Rain Dance is disallowed. However, using Sunny Day will not have the effect of breaking the acid rain spell. However, at the end of each round, the reactormajiggers do have a 1 in 100 chance of falling out, in which a huge explosion will happen. The reactormajiggers will be destroyed without a trace, as well as their pipes, and all Pokemon on the field will faint (including Sector Shadow operatives). When this happens, the poison gas and acid rain effects will not be in play for the battle's remainder.

Winners will receive the Biohazard Badge.

Battle Rules:

4-on-4 to 6-on-6 (New addendum: You MUST state how many Pokemon you wish for each side to use with your challenge.)
48 HR DQ
Switch = KO

Biohazard Badge

Global Badge
The radioactive skull badge given out by Shadowshocker, leader of the Poison-typed Ground Zero Gym. All of Shadow's Pokemon are designed after some of Jumbaa Jookiba's 628 illegal genetic experiments, though due to general restraints Shadow has not been able to transcribe soopuh-Pokemon abilities to them. No one said anything about the badge, though, and it seems that prolonged exposure to the nasty sides of Poison has turned the badge septically sinister...
Badge Effect: Insult to Injury
If the holder's opponent's Pokemon is under at least one status, the holder's Pokemon does 15% more damage to the statused Pokemon.