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Trainer Summary

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Trainer Level Stats

Trainer Level 3
Referee Grade C
Matches Reffed: 30
KO/TP/SP 52/139/19
W/L/D 22/11/1
Of which DQ: W/L/D 3/0/0


{{User:ROFLMAO/Tables| color=purple| border=white| Name=Sir Veryepic| gender=♀| Species=468| Sname=Quagsire| Quote=Pass the Apple Juice, Quacky.| type1=Water| type2=Ground| type1color=aqua| type2color=brown| Level=4| HeightI=4'7"| HeightM=1.4| WeightI=165.3| WeightM=78.0| item=ItemP| Sig=Special Technique:| SigType=[GD]| Bio=Sir Veryepic: Level 3 Male Quagsire Sir Veryepic, true to his name, is very epic. He is extremely intelligent, highly agile and always has his top hat and bow tie on, ready for battle. He spent his childhood kicking *** and taking names as a Wooper, before one day running into a herd of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur. He challenged the Alpha Venusaur to a duel, but of course, LOLTYPESPAM, many Solarbeams rained down on him and he was annihilated. Learning from this humiliation, he undertook a lot of training, weathering Grass-attacks day in and day out until he built up a resistance to them. He eventually redirected a river into the Saur-herd's territory and swam through it with great power before raining bombs down upon his foes, defeating them and ensuring his very epic dominance over the area. SigBody=For this move, the good sir creates multiple bombs of ground and ice type energy in front of him and fires them at the foe. However, these are no regular bombs of energy. These balls have been fitted with homing devices, meaning that they WILL strike the foe, no matter their attempts to evade. The ground-type bombs are identical to a mud bomb and will blind the foe if struck in the eyes, whilst the ice-type bombs have an identical effect to an icy wind, slowing the foe down when they strike. The different typed-bombs can be aimed separately thanks to their homing, but they may only be aimed at one foe. This move causes good ice-type damage, good ground type damage and uses solid energy of each type. Also, even though he is very epic, he has limited ammo, enough to use this technique twice per match.| SigName=|The truly epic have much power.| Mini=File:Http:// border2=black| border3=black| colortext1=black| colortext2=black| HP=Fire|}