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Level 2

Gardet: Male Bayleef
Gardet was the leader of his group Bayleef. This honour was forced on him when the previous elder moved on. He was forced to restrain and protect the younger Bayleef and Chikorita, clear paths for the elderly Meganium and hold enemies at bay. It wasn’t long before all of the required tasks were needed at the same time. As a direct result of this burden, Gardet learnt to use all of his vines so he could do many of these tasks at once. Over a period of time, he learnt to master the use of his vines.
Special Training: Super Vines
Gardet is able to use up to 10 vines at one time. Due to his need, the vines grew stronger faster and are 2x as strong as normal Bayleef-type vines which allows Gardet to hold his own weight on two vines as well as completing other attacks. The additional vines used result in additional energy comsumption.

Buro: Male Ledian
Buro was born and raised in an area of the globe where electrical activity is higher than usual. This resulted in electrical storms at least once a day. It was impossible not to get hit when flying around. This resulted in generations of evolution to allow for the electrical storms to occur and not cause too much damage to the Ledyba and Ledian. The combined result resulted in Buro’s signature ability.
Special Resistance: Electrical Resistance
To allow for safe flying, Buro has a sixth sense about where lightning (or any other form of electricity) may occur and can sometimes avoid being hit (about 40% of the time, he is hit).

Level 1

Metrelli: Genderless Beldum
Metrelli belongs to a remote group of Beldum who live right next door to a volcano. This particular group has lived there for centuries and, as a result, have evolved to have a completely red colouring. For as long as they have lived there, they have also defended the Magmar who live in the volcano against the poachers who wished the capture them. Their ability to turn any water attack into vapour when it hit, their armour eventually drove the humans away.
Special Resistance: Red-hot Armour
Metrelli’s armour has actually increased dramatically in temperature giving its red-hot colouring. Due mainly to keeping the armour hot, his health level is 15% lower than that of a normal Beldum, but any Fire-type attacks deal a normal 1x damage, not the usual 2x.

Merxid: Male Bagon
Merxid was born and raised in one of the coldest places possible for Dragons to live. He lived in the highest part of the highest of mountains. This habitat forced the Dragons to either cope with the cold or develop a resistance to deal with it. When Merxid was young, he would play a game with his friends where snow was thrown at the others to see who could stand it and who couldn’t. As a result this snow stayed on their heads, turning quickly into ice and then fused with the Dragons, so that it could never be melted. This is Merxid’s signature.
Special Training: Ice Helmet
This Ice that covers Merxid’s head cannot be melted as it has fused with his biology - his body now keeps it so cold, that it cannot melt. As a result, his health is 15% lower than that of a normal Bagon. This useful helmet provides two things for Merxid - it gives him a resistance to Ice-type attacks (they only deal the normal 1x damage, not the usual 2x) and it gives an Ice-type to any physical attack which he uses his head for.

Zizu: Female Zubat
Zizu, has lived with the other Zubat, Golbat and Crobat for the entirety of her life. This group holds Supersonic competitions about twice a year to see who can withstand the move for the longest. Zizu wanted to win so bad that she used her Supersonic to guard her mind from the opposing Supersonic - it worked. Not only that, but she also found that this shield was able to ward off all Psychic-type attacks that attacked the mind as well. Thus her signature move.
Special Defense: Supersonic Shield
Zizu uses her Supersonic as a shield around her head and mind. This creates a barrier that is impassable for sound-based moves as well as all Psychic-type attacks that attack the mind. She can use this move twice per battle and it only last the round its used.

Barsc: Male Houndour
Barsc was the leader of his pack of Houndour when some meddlesome Houndoom wanted to take over their cave. Barsc, knowing their imminent defeat if they confronted the Houndoom, had the pack train similar to the way Ash trained his Pokémon before the battle with Brawly at the Dewford Gym for the Knuckle Badge. This ‘wave-training’ allowed the Houndour to use their already amazing agility as a way of escaping most if not all of the attacks from the Houndoom - Barsc won the fight and gained a signature ability.
Special Training: Evasive Maneuvers
Barsc waits until the very last second before the attack hits, to move out of the way quickly. He does this by using his ears and his training to know exactly when the opponent will hit, then moving away just beforehand. This ability allows him to evade all attacks 66% of the time.

Sollot: Male Geodude
Sollot was always fascinated by the rocks he lived around and loved to pull them out of the ground. The ones he pulled out were always large enough to be used as a shield, thus his signature move, Rock Barrier.
Special Defense: Rock Barrier
Sollot, pulls a rock from the ground that weighs about 2.5x his own body weight. He then uses this rock to defend himself against any attack. The attack deals no damage to him and the rock may break as a result. If the rock doesn’t break, he can use it again to block another attack so it deals him no damage, but when used for the second time, the rock will break, no matter what. Sollot needs to be in Rock based arena to use this move and can only use it once per battle.

Lysile: Female Spheal
Lysile was born with not enough fat on her body to stay warm in her environment. This being the case, she continuously rolled around for the entirety of her life to keep herself warm. Over many, many years, she learnt to move while doing other things because she had to do so to survive. This unique ability is her signature.
Special Training: Continuous Movement
Lysile moves continuously while battling on the field. While she is moving, she is also able to execute all moves perfectly. This movement also allows her to evade all other attacks 20% more readily than a normal Spheal.

Karo: Female Meditite
Karo was always intrigued by the ghost Pokémon. So much so, that she learnt every ghosts’ general mind patterns. This ability allowed her access to their minds where most other Pokémon (especially Psychic ones) are denied access. With this ability, she was able to make them show themselves at all time, to allow her to hit them with her attacks. I named this ability Truesight.
Special Technique: Truesight
Karo locks on to the mind pattern of the defending ghost Pokémon and delivers an extremely accurate Disable followed by an immediate Foresight. This combination forces the defending ghost to stay in its solid form for about 2-3 turns. This move is considered a two-move combo and can only be used once per match.

Elim: Male Pikachu
Elim loves thunder and lightning and will choose to be in such a storm when others choose not to be. He became so in tune with this weather effect, that he was able to call it whenever he wanted, thus his Signature Move, Electric Storm
Special Attack: Electric Storm
Elim uses and electric version of Rain Dance which causes the weather to form an electric storm. This storm has the effect of Rain Dance for Electric-type Pokémon, but does not bring any rain. Also, the lightning in the storm has a 5% chance of hitting either Pokémon and dealing damage equivalent to Thunder.

Blirsk: Male Aipom
Blirsk was a roving Aipom and during his life came across a group of Tyrogue, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop. He was so intrigued by their way of battling that he decided to learn it too. He began to love fighting with the others so much so that he learnt all of the Fighting-type moves available to learn. With this training, he met me and I took him on.
Special Training: Normal/Fighting
Blirsk gained, due to his training with the Tyrogue, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop, the Fighting type as an addition to his Normal type.

Spoll: Female Duskull
Spoll lived with a group of Duskull and Dusclops who were sick of the fact that not many of their own breed of attacks (i.e. Ghost-type attacks) were able to deal a significant ammount of damage. She and the others decided to change that and worked on an attack which would be much more powerful, thus her Signiture Move...
Special Attack: Ghost Ray
This is a beam attack, similar in looks to Psybeam, but deals Ghost damage equivalent to 1.5x the damage of Crunch.