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Accessories are a variety of equipments that can't be used in the Weapons, Hat, or Armor slots. Most units start out with one Accessory slot and gain them upon being Limit Broken, up to a maximum of three (3) accessory slots. Accessories include anything from rings to amulets to shoes, and can include even bizarre things like paper clips. There are endgame sidequest accessories designed for use by specific units. Accessories can be obtained through one of five main ways: 1. Purchased through Shops 2. Won as Loot Drops 3. Pick-Up (should this redirect to SC-S? or can I just spoil everything?) 4. Spoils of Fishing 5. Through Character-specific Sidequests


The shop gear is often garbage, but I recommend buying the best cuirass you have access to for use by your main tank

Loot Drops

This has a lot of RNG to it, especially when you're fighting bosses that only spawn once. You may need to spam Luck-boosting skills and let Loki and SC-P attempt to steal it from the boss. Loki's theft powers are infinite, but SC-P's are finite. Prolonging the battle may become dangerous as a result of your determination.


This is a massive spoiler involving a Secret Character.


While fishing on the Raftasaurus or Raftpocalypse, you may find yourself fishing up diamond boots from the waters or from the corpse of a pair of diamond boots. If you're really lucky, they may even be enchanted. Here are the stats for each type of diamond boots, as well as any resistances they may offer.

Diamond Boots: +5 Defense, +4 Speed

Mending Diamond Boots: +5 Defense, +4 Speed, heals a small amount of HP every turn.

Unbreaking Diamond Boots: +5 Defense, +4 Speed, [check what ability it does].

Feather Falling Diamond Boots: +5 Defense, +4 Speed [again check ability, I believe it was Earth resistance but I could be wrong].

Soul Speed Diamond Boots: +5 Defense, +12 Speed

Thorns Diamond Boots: +8 Attack, +5 Defense, +4 Speed

Protection Diamond Boots: +5, +4, [check ability].

Fire Protection Diamond Boots: +5 Defense, +4 Speed, Fire Resistance

Depth Strider Diamond Boots: +5 Defense, +8 Speed

Frost Walker Diamond Boots: +5 Defense, +4 Speed, Ice Resistance