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Pn464.gif Scunner
Hidden Power: Ground
(2.4 m)
623.5 lb
(282.8 kg)
Scunner. The name enough strikes fear into friend and foe alike, the roaring catastrophe that is his existence bringing nothing but destruction to this around him. Once, he would be defeated easily, the trivial matter seeing him fall to even the most demure of foes. No longer. Aeons of hatred and rage have malformed his body, his determination to become stronger resulting in him locking himself away in the deepest recesses of the Earth. There, he happened upon the most devastating of foes. Roars which threatened to destroy the very core, intense rage which looked to consume Scunner himself. Groudon.

At first, it was all Scunner could do to escape with his life. Battered and bruised, his hardened hide having proven no match for the almighty Legendary Pokemon, he instead turned to becoming more accustomed to his surroundings. They, above all else, had resulted in his downfall. Constantly training amongst the molten rocks of the Earth, he began to understand. Develop an appreciation for the shifting tectonics. Where once his easily shattered persona stood, now emerged a fearsome entity. One which could match Groudon himself blow for blow. One which managed to subdue the rampant continent builder, and escape to the surface once again. Emerged once more, Scunner began to wage war. His fiery hatred burned strong, his simple minded determination bringing wreck and ruin to everything which dared come across him. All but one. Faced against the odds, the monstrous behemoth was confronted by a young trainer, unknown to but a mere few. An epic clash unfolded, wherein the trainer came to a shocking realisation. Scunner was more feral, more aggressive, more calculated than every other of his species. But he was also fundamentally different, in ways nobody could have expected.

Signature Training: Category V
Scunner is now considered to be a pure Ground type, with all the resistances and weaknesses associated with it. His Rock- type reserves have dropped to the standard familiarity of other Ground- type Pokemon, and will require an extra Light amount of typeless energy to perform. As a Rhyperior, his hide, while no less thick, is no longer quite as resistant, and Super Effective attacks will deal standard damage to him. Scunner is also no longer able to create rocks from his hands as a Rhyperior.
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