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This is the page for Deh74, who has been a member of UPN and the PASBL since March, 2013. Deh74 is almost always referred to as just Deh, because referring to somebody using numbers is weird and robot-like.


Deh is a TL2 trainer and is considered to be subpar because of his seeming inability to remain active enough to finish matches, but it is agreed that he would have some potential if he were to remain active for prolonged periods of time. Deh was formerly a C+ referee until the ref regrading in the autumn of 2014 stripped him of his ref grade because of his inactivity, which means that he is not currently allowed to ref any matches unless he takes the ref test again. Deh's record consists of 4 victories and 8 defeats as of December 2014. He has also participated in the past 2 Grand Melees ran by Kuno and took 6th place in the first Grand Melee and 3rd place in the second.

In the past, Deh has expressed interest in eventually becoming the Grass type Gym Leader, a position which he is unlikely to attain for the forseeable future as the Grass Gym is currently led by Sneezey. His interest in the Grass Gym was what started the trend where someone would post "NO I WANT THE GRASS GYM" whenever the subject of Gyms would come up in Time Out.

In December 2013 Deh was a recepient of an ASBO for TO Villain alongside SwampertForever because of their spamming of the TO thread.