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Deoxys joined UPN in June 2003.


Deoxys first joined Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden Forums in 1999 under the name xXGiovanniXx primarily to partake in Fizzy Bubbles. During this time, Deoxys was also an anonymous browser on Universal Pokemon Network, a fansite under Jaxel's control. Later, he remade his account on BMGf under the name Lil' Murkrow and stayed with the site until it temporarily shut down. Around this time, Jaxel's UPN also shut down.

In 2003, after searching Google, Deoxys found UPN in a new incarnation and joined, once again primarily for Fizzy Bubbles. Over the years, Deoxys also went by other names, such as Video Game Master (VGM) and Holy Guitarist. Presently he has reverted to Deoxys and also goes by Hiero.

Between 2008 and 2011, Deoxys dated and lived with another member of the site he met through Fizzy Bubbles and had known since joining in 2003.