Draconia, Land of the Mighty

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Draconia, Land of the Mighty (Outdoors)

Upon stepping in to this arena, you realize that for once in your pathetic life that you are just a small drop in the big pond. This Dragon Gym is not only the place where you hope to obtain a badge, but where you also attempt to show that you are more than just another trainer. The mighty Dragon Pokemon that await you are mere moments away, but the anxiety you feel from the impending match is more than enough to quench your desire for battle. Should you succeed in overcoming me in battle, you will receive the Guardian Knight Badge, which shows your mighty mightiness in protecting those you care for with your might.

The arena will be in the shape of giant circle. It is composed of two inner circles. The center of the arena is a large circle (40 feet in diameter) that is composed of grass with rocks and dirt underneath. The center is surrounded by thin layer of impenetrable steel, which protects the foundation from the second circle. The outer circle surrounds the first, and it is essentially a pool of very hot water (think very hot, hot springs) which surrounds the grass portion. This water will be extremely uncomfortable to any Ice type Pokemon, causing minor damage for every second that the Ice Pokemon is in the water. It extends 20 feet deep and 20 feet out to the edge of the arena. The edge of the arena is a 20 feet high wall of steel, adorned with beautiful etchings of the great Dragon Pokemon of the Gym Leader. The first circle is 2 feet higher than the second circle.

The arena itself is always considered to be under bright sunlight, with the effects of a Sunny Day permanently in play. Arena effects, such as Rain Dance, Sandstorm, Hail or more Sunny Days will have no effect in this environment.

All super effective moves will be under the 1.5x damage, rather than the 2x damage rule.

Battle Rules:

3 vs 3
Equilevel 5
48 Hour DQ (excluding weekends)
GL (Switch = KO), Challenger (Switch = OK)