Dual Wing Sky

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Dual Wing Sky (Outdoor Arena)

This arena is really about as simple as it gets; it's a cloud in the sky. Roughly 50' in diameter, this big-arse cloud will be the home to all battles in this Gym. The weather itself is hot (85-90 F), sunny and very dry (more or less an auto-Sunny Day); to keep the heat from becoming uncomfortable, a light wind with the occasional breeze blows at all times. As with a regular Sunny Day, electric attacks become less accurate from longer distances, as do Ice attacks. Weather attacks (except Sandstorm from Pokemon that can generate sand themselves, like Tyranitar) will not have much effect this high up. Additionally, the cloudy ground will keep attacks that require rocks in the arena, such as Rock Slide and Rock Tomb, from working.

Should a Pokemon fall off the cloud and have no means of getting back up, a team of Noctowl, Pidgeot, and Swellow will be able to save it. They're quite skilled at what they do and can save even the biggest, heaviest Pokemon with no real problem, which is certainly preferable to your Pokemon falling to its death. There will be no penalty for falling off the cloud or forcing a 'mon off the cloud, though refs may give you sharp reprimands for fightin' dirty. And no, you can't attack them. Save your typespam for my Pokemon, please.

Winners will receive the Dual Wing Badge.

Battle Rules:

4 on 4
Double Team
72 Hour DQ
Equi-all (Level 5)

Dual Wing Badge

Global Badge
This badge is awarded to those who defeat Hanatori in a Gym Battle, symbolizing the ability to overcome the diverse threats posed by Flying-type Pokemon. The badge itself resembles Dragonair's wings placed side by side, with a Pokeball peeking out from the middle.
Badge Effect: Spam Filter
When bringing this badge into battle, choose one of your Pokemon and eliminate one of its type weaknesses, making a double weakness a normal weakness and a normal weakness neutral. The weakness being reduced must be declared when the badge is brought into battle with your squad. This effect stays on the same Pokemon for the entire battle--even after the chosen Pokemon is KO'ed, the effect can not be shifted to another Pokemon.