Eternal Darkness Gym

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Gym Leader: blazeVA

Gym Trainer: rotomotorz

Forest of Souls

Far away from human habitation lies a forest that is so infested with lost souls and demonic forces that it turned the forest into its own miasma. There are many trees in this forest but they have been turned sickly: many of them are dead and that ones that are left alive are much easier to manipulate than healthy trees. The ground is pretty much devoid of life with the exception of small clusters of black flowers, and this means its easy to use all manner of Rock and Ground-type attacks in this arena. There is a lake dead-center in the arena, but it has been polluted with the evil forces at work; any Pokemon that isn't a Ghost-type or an inorganic Pokemon will lose light energy for each round they are in the lake. The biggest change in the forest has been to the air; a miasmic fog fills the arena, and this makes Pokemon who aren't Ghost-types less enthusiastic and quicker to tire out. Battles start out on the bank of the lake, a short distance from the lake with trees on the opposite side about the same distance away.


4v4 to 6v6

Switch = OK

Equiall 4


72 HR DQ

Forest of Souls Arena

Cursed Mask Badge

Attachable Badge A badge in the likeness of of an Egyptian pharaoh's burial mask, this badge serves as a reminder about how the spirits of our world bring curses and bad luck to those unfortunate enough to meet them. Any curse inflicted on the opponent will last about 1.5x times as long as before, and any move that would cure the opponent from a curse, such as Refresh, will have about a 33% reduced chance of working.


Current Toys:

-Redpanda 6v6

-rotomotorz 4v4

Would-Be Pleasures:





Too much to Handle:

No one for now

Unsatisfying Morsels:

No one for now

Boring (DQs):

No one for now