Fighting Gym

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You walk into a building, and long, dimly lit hallway awaits you. You wonder what kind of a Fighting Gym is in a place like this. You slowly walk down the hallway and finally reach a door at the end of the long corridor. You push open the door, which groans as if resisting your opening it. You now stand in a pitch black room, and can feel the still air around you. Suddenly a large spotlight shines down on you, the powerful beam nearly blinding you. "Ladies and gentlemen," a voice from above booms, "the challenger to the Fighting Gym!" The lights come on all around you to reveal a massive crowd, erupting into cheers at the mention of you. You can finally get a look at the battlegrounds now, and find an enormous fighting ring covered by a cage. You slowly make your way to the cage, and take your position outside it. The announcer's golden voice soon sounds once more. "And now, the current reigning Fighting Champion, the one and only Apollo!!!" You look on the other side of the arena to see a teenage boy strutting towards you; the crowd's ovation seems grow three times as loud upon seeing him. He is wearing nothing but athletic shorts and a towel around his neck, making his toned body clearly visible. You stop and stare, momentarily stunned by his presence. He approaches you and extends his hand. "Hey there, you ready to rumble? I've been training for this a long time..."

The Cage of Discipline

The Fighting Gym Arena is a rather large octagonal fighting ring, with a giant cage trapping the combatants inside. The cage cannot be passed through by ghosts, slipped through by small or fluid Pokémon, broken out of by attacks, or escaped through any other means other than return to a Poké Ball. The cage is about 20 feet high, as to not allow much room for flight. The ring is surrounded by a vast sea of onlookers, who number in the thousands. The roar of the crowd is borderline deafening, and makes it harder for Psychic types to concentrate, weakening their Psychic attacks. Psychic types who are part Fighting are not affected by this. Sound attacks are also partly drowned out by the noise. Red spotlights shine down on the arena, permanently inducing the effects of Foresight. The arena is in a highly urbanized area, making Fairy types that aren't part Fighting uncomfortable. The arena is indoors, so attacks involving the sun, moon, weather, etc will fail.

Battle Rules:

4 v 4 to 6 v 6
Equiall 3
72 Hour DQ
Switch = Gym

Spirit Badge

Attachable Badge
This badge represents the discipline and training necessary to triumph over Apollo in combat. The burning heart symbolizes the passion with which a trainer must battle.
Badge Effect: Fighting Spirit
The wearer of this badge is exhilarated by the thrill of the fight and recovers mild energy every other time he or she deals damage with a physical attack. The wearer also receives a slight boost to physical attack and defense, as if permanently under the effects of Bulk Up.