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1 W // 0 L // 0 D

1 KOs // 2 TP // 0 SP

Level 1 Pokemon

Croc: Level 1 Male Totodile
Croc is the fastest swimmer I have ever seen throughout my travels through the regions. If he gets in the water, it's practically game over for its opponent. Found in the Great Marsh, Croc can't wait until he evolves.
Special Training: Water Rush (Water)
Croc is such a speedy little Totodile, he can even run across water; pools, ponds, lakes, and rivers. He must be running at a high speed which he can only keep up for around a minute (which should be plenty of time to scamper across it. He cannot stop or he risks falling through, and he must be at least at half health to pull it off.

Rubble: Level 1 Female Gible
As I was biking my way through Wayward Cave, making my way past boulders and the occasional Geodude or Zubat, I noticed a struggling Gible stuck between two rocks. I managed to get her free, and she showed me the way through the tunnel out of gratitude. She decided to stay with me to avoid any more 'accidents', and it has since then been a permanent member of my team.
Special Attack: Stone Breath (Rock/ Dragon)
Rubble can tap into her Dragon abilities and combine them with Rock powers. She shoots a beam of energy and adds to it the power of an AncientPower attack. This will deal damage equivalent to a Dragonbreath, and uses 1.5x the energy of an AncientPower. Can only be used once per battle.

Swift: Level 1 Male Growlithe
A fiery little Pokemon, Swift was found abandoned in the streets, left to feed off of the scraps he might find as he scampered around the huge city of Saffron. Since then, he has had an unusual affection for battling and always fights to the best of his abilities.
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Rain: Level 1 Female Togepi
After a harsh battle, I had to quickly rush my wounded Pokemon to the nearest Pokemon Centre. Because I carried the fainted Pokemon in my arms, I had to set it down and rest awhile. Just then, a little Togepi rushed out of the forest. She jumped up and down worriedly and then hurried back into the forest. Returning with a handful of herbs, she set to work, healing up my injured Pokemon. As she finished up, she laid her hand on my Pokemon's forehead. Her palm began to glow with a bright, pink light, and suddenly my Pokemon was conscious again! As I thanked her and turned to leave, she squealed in delight and began to follow me. She's been my friend (and doctor) ever since.
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Levitite: Level 1 Male Meditite
Always quiet, always watching, always waiting. That has been his motto from the beginning, since he was born. From the time he started battling, his skills of evasion have been perfected to the degree in which he barely ever takes much damage. From Reflects to Light Screens, Levitite has all the defensive moves down, in addition to his unique technique.
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Phantom: Level 1 Male Gastly
I found this little Ghost Pokemon in my Kanto journeys. I was wandering around in Lavender Town, looking for a good battle, and I found this lonely Gastly floating around, lost. I took him in, and since then, he has become more and more powerful.
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Cotton: Level 1 Female Swablu
Cotton enjoys blowing freely in the wind, without a care about where she may end up. It's not uncommon for me to end up chasing her for miles before finally catching up and returning her to her Pokeball. However, she can be quite a fierce competitor in a battle.
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Digg: Level 1 Male Swinub
This little guy loves digging and exploring underground. Found in the frozen forest outside of Snowpoint City, Digg has since journeyed far and found his love for the underground tunnels. He has to be kept at a cool temperature, though, as he has a sensitivity to extreme heat.
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Symil: Level 1 Female Scyther
Ever since she was young, Symil has always been the shyer one of her family. She is accustomed to hiding for hours, living on nothing but little insects and trickles of rainwater. She has even gone as far as to use Substitute without being ordered to; I’ve often had to closely examine her to make sure she wasn’t a Substitute clone!
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Hercules: Level 1 Male Elekid
Hercules is one of my stronger Pokemon in terms of physical strength and endurance. He is always energetic and sometimes a little overconfident in his abilities. For most of his life, he lived in the Kanto Power Plant, honing his electrical abilities. It is also there that he developed his signature move.
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Prickle: Level 1 Male Cacnea
Prickle is an enthusiastic soul, to say the least. He tries to excel at everything he does, and he does a lot. His favorite activity is shooting bird Pokemon like Pidgey and Starly out of the sky with his Pin Missile attack.
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Level 2 Pokemon

Zilfer: Level 2 Shiny Male Metang
I encountered Zilfer in the Eterna Forest, late at night. I needed to get into Eterna City to register for the Sinnoh League Champions’ Tournament and tonight was the last night to register. However, I was terribly lost, and I couldn’t find my way. Just when I was about to give in and rest for the night, giving up my opportunity to compete in the tournament, a sparkling Metang appeared, who silently lead me to the outskirts of the city. After I thanked him and was about to leave, he tugged on my arm. I asked him if he wanted to come with me and battle in the tournament, and he nodded. Zilfer has come a long way since then, and has become a leader in my party.
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