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PASBL Biography

Hanatori, who joined this branch of the PASBL in May of 2002, has made a name for herself with her skill. Only a few months after joining the UPN PASBL, she reached Level 2, and even more quickly than that, became The Mozz's Gym Trainer for the Hikaru Gym. Early in 2003, she fought The Mozz in a Gym Scenario match that gave her an opportunity to become the Flying-type Gym Leader. The match ended in a draw, and Mozz chose to allow her to become the Flying Gym Leader. Now, Hanatori is the leader of the Dual Wing Gym; her record isn't particularly good, but she plans on improving on that very soon.

In addition, her Jumpluffs, Hanatori and Hanako, are among the most famous Pokemon in the PASBL, gaining names for themselves due to their snide remarks and random antics.

Oh, and Hanatori has a sprite comic, which has gained lots of nifty accolades from PASBLers, past and present.

[/selling herself in third person]


Dual Wing Gym Squad

Hanatori: Female Jumpluff (Level 4)

Hanatori is my namesake, and, to put it one way, one of the more annoying creatures you'll meet. She literally is the epitome of randomness, and will insult anybody who so much as drops his or her guard within seconds. She's at my side during each battle with her dear brother Hanako, which is surprisingly easy to endure, despite owning two Jumpluffs that double as insult comics. Hanatori is a pale blue color, and she wears an orange headband as part of her family, the Hana family.

Special Attack: Cycle Beam (Flying)

Hanatori uses a moderately high amount of Flying energy to create a cyclone-shaped beam of Flying energy that is fired at the opponent for damage equal to Flamethrower. This attack can only be used three times per battle.

Hanako: Male Jumpluff (Level 4)

Hanako is the previously long-lost older brother of Hanatori, the Jumpluff mentioned above. The "comedy Hoppips," as I previously called them, have made quite the names for themselves in the PASBL with their relentless verbal assaults. Hanako has had stranger experiences than his sister - he's been dipped into certain odd liquids (which gave him the ability to turn into a bouncing ball, though he lost the ability to do this a while back), he's gone through Skiploom puberty, and he's stalked the infamous Rats and Wobby numerous times. Hanako is a lime green color, and he also wears an orange headband, as a member of the Hana family.

No signature move

Chou Chou: Female Butterfree (Level 4)

Chou Chou loves blood. There's no other way of saying it. She will stop at nothing to collect jars of human and Pokemon blood, and I really do mean nothing. Often accompanied by her comrade, Masamushi the Scyther, she watches Masamushi kill the target, then uses her telekinesis to scoop the red stuff into a jar. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Chou Chou is a pale shade of pink, with blue wings to boot.

Special Attack: Beam Machine Gun (Flying/Bug)

Chou Chou releases a very large stream of small Flying and Bug energy balls. Every ball of energy deals very low damage, but damage can add up, usually equal to two Swift attacks. This attack uses energy equal to two Swift attacks (one Swift for each type), and can be used twice per battle.

Masamushi: Male Scyther (Level 4)

Masamushi, a long-time friend of Chou Chou, is certainly one of the most sadistic Scythers you'll ever meet. Forced to kill Pokemon in the most bloody ways possible during his earlier days, it's no wonder that Masamushi is as bloodlusting as he is. He lives to shed blood, and he actually does a fairly good job of it, as afraid as I am to admit it. Masamushi lusts after former squad member Mushiko, the Scyther-turned-Ninjask, and is a pale blue color as opposed to green.

No signature move

Bela: Female Golbat (Level 4)

Bela, the female Golbat, was once Lugosi, the male Zubat. Regardless of gender, she enjoyed reading racy romance novels that she stole from Sasori. We once thought that Bela was a rampaging drunk - in a way, that was true, but she did not consume alcohol. She drank blood - lots of it. As it turns out, the blood has an intoxicating effect on her. It also turned her red. Bela's full of surprises, isn't she?

Special Attack: Straight Throw (Poison)

In this slight variation of Sludge Bomb, Bela fires a relatively large ball of poisonous sludge at the opponent. The ball explodes on contact, doing damage equivalent to a normal Sludge Bomb. This attack uses the same amount of energy as Sludge Bomb, and can be used twice per battle.

Ohashi: Female Xatu (Level 4)

Ohashi is the most intelligent Pokemon that I've ever seen, with an IQ that could compete with those of the smartest Alakazams. She's also a mad, raving scientist, so she fits in quite nicely with my squad, even with her unusually sizeable brain. Ohashi has come up with many inventions, such as the Voice Changer, the Game Traveler, and, most infamously, Wacky Backy. She's also quite the asset on the battlefield, as well. Ohashi is a grey color, with the exception of the red feathers on the back of her head.

Special Defense: Mirror Body (Psychic)

Ohashi uses a good amount of Psychic energy (equal to Barrier) to create several Psychic energy copies of herself, which fly around Ohashi and create a dome of protection around her for the round. The clones deal no damage upon contact with other Pokemon, but when met with an energy attack, they reflect the attack towards the opponent, at the same amount of strength as the attack was when it was used. Physical attacks will get past the barrier with no difficulty whatsoever, but they will not break the barrier. This attack must be the only attack ordered for Ohashi during the round, and can only be used once per battle.

Asher: Male Charizard (Level 5)

Asher. my first Pokemon, has honed his skills over the years, becoming the strongest member of the Dual Wing Gym Squad.

Special Attack: Fire Ball (Fire)

Using a good amount of Fire energy, Asher engulfs himself in flames. Pokemon touching the flame will take light damage, with a 10% chance of being burned. The flames wear off after five turns. This attack can only be used twice per battle.

Koutetsutori: Female Skarmory (Level 4)

When Koutetsutori - Koutekkotori at the time - returned, somehow more intelligent than before and demanding that her name be changed, I thought that something was seriously wrong with her. As it turns out, her grand journey really was as wondrous as she made it out to be, and she did meet her objective: to release herself from the old claims that she was the prodigal moron of the squad. With the exception of her feathers, virtually all of Koutetsutori's body is a greyed red color.

No signature move

Chirutarisu: Female Altaria (Level 4)

Chirutarisu is still zooming around the Dual Wing Gym, running into things and knocking out any existing animate objects that cross her path. Nothing to see here.

Special Attack: Lightning Coo (Dragon)

While in midair, Chirutarisu charges a good amount of Dragon energy and releases it directly downward in the shape of a lightning bolt, dealing high damage to any Pokemon that come into contact with the bolt. This attack can only be used three times per battle.

Konchuu: Female Masquerain (Level 4)

Konchuu is the new girl in the squad, which is quite intimidating for a monster that was, at first, a puny Surskit to giants like Charizard, Blastoise, and Gyarados. She was amazed to see that one of her fellow bugs, Tentoumushi, was just as intimidated as she was, despite being fully evolved and (somewhat) able to defend himself. I guess this was appealing to timid little Konchuu, who seems to pal around with Tentoumushi every time I see her.

No signature move

Gyaradosu: Female Gyarados (Level 4)

You'd think that having a huge movepool would make you one of the primary defenders of a Gym. Alas, Gyaradosu is a glaring exception to this rule. In her two battles in the Dual Wing Gym, she has given me... well, two resounding failures. To this day, she trains incredibly hard, hoping to redeem herself in battle. She's resillient, I guess.

Special Attack: Ultragiant Swing (Normal)

Gyaradosu surrounds her tail with a good amount of Normal energy and pounds the opponent with her tail for high damage. This attack can only be used twice per battle.

Kashoku: Female Togetic (Level 4)

Kashoku - formerly Blimp - originally came to this squad when she was a Togepi, and always seemed to be fond of Kitsune, who was a Vulpix at the time. However, we'd only see her around Kitsune, and we eventually found out why - she had a crush on him. We don't know if she still has the crush, but, then again, we really don't have much information on her at all.

Special Attack: Gazer Spiral (Flying)

Kashoku launches herself upward towards an opponent, spinning around at high speeds. Concentrating a good amount of Flying energy into her feet, she kicks the opponent with both feet for light damage, but follows by releasing the energy in the form of a powerful Whirlwind with several bits of Flying energy in it, which picks the opponent up and deals high damage. The attack can only be performed on an opponent in midair, and can only be used once per battle.

Sasori: Female Gligar (Level 4)

Sasori likes to sing (poorly) and read Zettai-Hentai with Kyuu-Tales and Bela. Anything to get over the "loss" - "loss" being meant loosely - of her One True Love (C), Kimarhi, Dream Breaker's former Houndour, I suppose.

Special Attack: Stand Mike (--)

Sasori's terrible voice becomes extremely useful in this technique. Sasori screeches loudly and quickly, only for about one half of a second. The noise is so terrible, however, that the opponent's concentration is almost completely lost in that one half of a second, leading to one of three effects: the opponent may become Confused (80% chance), the opponent will forget the next attack ordered (15% chance), or the opponent will forget the rest of the orders for the round (5% chance). This attack can not be ordered as the first attack, can not be ordered when I am attacking first, and can only be used once per battle.

Ichiyou: Male Tropius (Level 4)

Ichiyou is the babysitter of the squad - quite a scary job, if I do say so myself. I discovered her when Hanatori and Hanako came back to the Dual Wing Gym on one particularly stormy day, with an egg that, coincidentally enough, contained Chirutarisu. Ichiyou was the Pokemon looking after the egg, so he followed the Jumpluff Duo back to the gym. Ultimately, I kept Chirutarisu, so Ichiyou stayed as well.

No signature move

Tentoumushi: Male Ledian (Level 4)

Tentoumushi is extremely meek and cowardly, preferring hiding behind a large, sturdy, blunt object to battling. This nebbishy Ledian, however, doesn't mind defending what little pride he has, in the event that he gets called into battle. He can usually defend himself quite well... if he doesn't have a glaring type weakness against the opponent. Unfortunately, that happens a lot.

No signature move

Anasazi: Male Aerodactyl (Level 1)

Anasazi has become a staple of my Gym squad, despite his drab, dull-as-dirt personality and his deadpan, unenthusiastic voice. He really is the most boring Aerodactyl to fly above the earth.

No signature move

Kagerou: Female Yanma (Level 1)

Kagerou is evil. Seriously. She does nothing but spy on other squad members and get them into trouble. If this squad had an antagonist, Kagerou would certainly fit the profile.

Special Technique: Megaphone (--)

Kagerou screeches loudly, dealing light damage and disorienting any Pokemon that hear the attack, with a 25% chance of confusing that Pokemon. This attack can only be used twice per battle.

Other Pokemon

Kappy: Male Blastoise (Level 5)

Kappy is one of the members of Hanatori's odd inner circle (the others are Hanako, Chou Chou, Masamushi, and Kitsune), and, as with his fellow members, he holds insanity very close to his heart. His specialty is gathering various novelty items and using them to aid the group in whatever mischief that happens to be taking place. Kappy's shell is purple.

Special Attack: Turtle Snowball Tosser (Ice)

Kappy shoots a large number of small balls of Ice energy at the opponent from his cannons. Each ball does very little damage, and the attack's accuracy is very low. Usually, about one fourth of the balls hit, dealing damage equal to Tackle, but up to one-third of the balls can hit, dealing damage equal to Body Slam. Energy usage is equal to Barrage. This attack can only be used three times per battle.

Kitsune: Male Ninetales (Level 4)

Kitsune is insane... in the sense that he's completely sane. His dry, cynical wit is completely different from that of the rest of the squad, as he sits on the sidelines of Time Out with Murphy, Murgatroyd's Misdreavus, and makes snide comments about the oddballs at Time Out.

Special Defense: Hide Defense (--)

Kitsune clings to a sturdy object, attempting to lessen his presence signficantly and blend in with his surroundings. At the same time, he braces himself, increasing his awareness of his surroundings and allowing him to dodge the next attack much more easily (though the attack does not guarantee a dodge). This attack can only be used twice per battle.

Ganymede: Male Clefable (Level 4)

Ganymede was spawned by a feminist Clefable, who, when on the verge of death, performed a sex-change operation on Ganymede... and never finished it. Unfortunately, Ganymede now possesses a healthy amount of feminist power, with his raging female hormones and PMSing self keeping the squad very amused.

Special Attack: Rising Break (Normal)

Ganymede uppercuts the opponent, with his fist engulted in Normal energy, for moderately high damage.

Masshiroryuu: Male Dragonair (Level 4)

Masshiroryuu is arrogant to a fault, as his head is as large as his movepool. Unfortunately, he should take note that when I used to own him, he lost most of his battles, as my skill with a Pokemon, in some cases, is inversely proportional to the size of that Pokemon's movepool. See "Gyaradosu" for proof of this. Masshiroryuu is a snowy white color.

Special Attack: Wave Beam (Water/Electric)

Masshiroryuu charges a ball of Water and Electric energy for five seconds, and fires the ball at the opponent for high damage. This attack uses a high amount of energy (moderate Electric energy and moderate Water energy) and can only be used twice per battle.

Tochukaso: Male Parasect (Level 4)

Tochukaso was a former member of my Fizzy Bubbles team, and he was yet another nebbishy bug on my squad. Well, "was" is the operative word, as, unlike Konchuu and Tentoumushi, Tochukaso has become quite spunky and feisty in his downtime over in Fizzy Bubbles.

Special Technique: Desk Mike (--)

Tochukaso screeches loudly, disorienting any Pokemon that hear the attack, with a 70% chance of confusing that Pokemon. This attack can only be used three times per battle.