Heroes of UPN

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The Heroes of UPN! BEWARE SPOILERS. No. Seriously.
All characters are listed within their specific section in the order Kuno decided to list them in the game.

Chapter 1 Heroes
Name Element
Kuno Light
Stlbk Fire
Marion Ette Water
Hanatori Wind
Chapter 2 Heroes
Name Element
Muyo Thunder
Blastoise Ice
Loki Earth
Chapter 3 Heroes
Name Element
Arnold Dark
Chapter 3 Secret Characters
Name Element
ABL Phoenix
Light & Fire
Yuki Arctic
Water & Ice
Daisy Storm
Thunder & Wind
Copythe Gravity
Earth & Dark
Chapter 4 Secret Characters
Name Element
Jerichi Rainbow
Light, Fire, Thunder, & Wind
BBB Dark Void
Water, Ice, Earth, & Dark,
Chapter 6 Secret Characters
Name Element
Morg Chaos
Fun Facts
There are currently 8 stable element combinations that are not in use by any characters, though they would not be as stable as those of the existing characters.

These combinations are Light/Thunder, Light/Wind, Fire/Thunder, Fire/Wind, Water/Earth, Water/Dark, Ice/Earth, and Ice/Dark.