Holy Name Craze

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During one short period of time when Kuno's Board was hacked by an unknown Palestinian supporter around July of 2004.

After getting the forums fixed, Kuno had renamed himself from Headmaster Kuno to his current name, Holy Emperor.

Lindsay made some criticisms in an AIM chatroom about it. Kuno then made some sort of a bet with Lindsay and she lost. As a result, Lindsay's name was changed to Holy Empress.

Everyone made various jokes about the two. damicatz saw the duo Holy admins and went along with the craze. He changed his name to "Holy Computer Hacker", Mozz's name to "Holy Server Admin", and Loki's name to "Holy Pervert Loki." Mozz eventually changed his own name to "Holy Child Molestor". Several others also joined in on the craze, including CPioli's name change to The Holy CPioli.

The joke kept spreading as many other members wanted a 'holy' name change. Various members (mostly staff) got the name changes and had fun for about a week with then names.

After Lindsay's time was up, most of the names were changed, either to their originals or to some other name.

This was probably one of the only jokes that damicatz help spread.