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For Jonouchi's FB Profile, see Jonouchi (FB)


Jonouchi's PASBL Data

Jonouchi has joined SPPf since November of 2004 and has joined the PASBL sometime in January of 2006. His first win was against "Blaziken13Fire," who was also new at the time. He's planning to become a Steel Gym Leader and one day become a powerful trainer. His strategy is secret but it involves conserving energy. He later joined UPN around March and hasn't been in too many battles. He's currently a B ranked ref. His stats and teams are listed below:

Current Stats

Wins: 10

DQ wins: 2

Losses: 2

Draws: 0

TP: 48

KOs: 23

SP: 20

Badges obtained: None

Ref Grade: B

Level: 2

Current Matches


Jonouchi vs. FireStormCharizard

Jonouchi vs. Shadowshocker

Jonouchi vs. ALTOCHARIZARD55, Take 2


Jonouchi vs. Dragon11

Jonouchi's Crew (Level 1)


Tsume: Male Zangoose (LVL 1) No sig Move


Kameshi: Female Anorith (LVL 1) No sig move


Tori: Genderless Baltoy (LVL 1) No sig move


Shiai-Rei: Genderless Shedinja (LVL 1) No sig move


Nosestache: Male Nosepass (LVL 1) No sig move

Jonouchi's Crew (Level 2)


Pika: Male Pikachu (LVL 2) No sig move


Fushi: Male Ivysaur (LVL 2) No sig move


Raikei: Genderless Magnemite (LVL 2) No sig move


Kage: Female Shuppet (LVL 2)

Bio: Kage always loved to hide in the shadows. She pops out from those shadows to scare people. She even scared me a couple of times. Always pulling pranks and scaring my friends. One day, I discovered that she got so used to being in the shadows, she was able to take that shadow with her, in the form of a Shield. She uses it not only as a prank, but to defend herself from enemies.

Sig: Shadow Armor (Special Defense) (Dark)

Description: After hiding in the shadows, Kage has mastered this Dark type move. With her ability, she can surround herself fully with a ball of darkness and negate any Psychic and Dark attack used against her. This uses the energy of Protect and can be used once per battle.


Shiai: Male Ninjask (LVL 2) No sig move


Nido: Male Nidorino (LVL 2) No sig move


Suto: Male Scyther (LVL 2) No sig move


Kii: Female Eevee (LVL 2) No sig move


Sabaku: Female Sandshrew (LVL 2) No sig move


Kaio: Male Marshtomp (Level 2) No sig move

Jonouchi's Crew (Level 3)


Shinkou: Genderless Metang (LVL 3) No sig move


Jonouchi has placed in various tournaments where he competed for many good prizes, this section is for wins and his current position in ongoing tournaments:

Mini Tourney 1 (Pokemon under 2ft.):

Best 8


Currently in Round 2

Will update when needed

--Jonouchi 23:27, 5 January 2008 (UTC)