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You have entered the forbidden area of Knightblazer, the ever-elusive Warrior Of Twilight... loading datafiles of Team Knightblazer no Usukairi... compeleted 100%.

Knightblazer has been one of the more elusive players of PASBAL. Starting earlier in the year of 2006, Knightblazer has only recently emerged from his world of inactivcity and has begun battling once more with renewed spirit. The warrior's motto is to fight until the end, with a little help from his ten companions. Knightblazer has perhaps one of the most felxible combat movesets, always altering to suit the foe, though this knight has been down on luck recently... the Knight is currently aiming to be a Dark-type gym leader, and so will try until that dream becomes a reality.

The Twilight Warrior's Squad

A warrior of the darkness who fights for the light, Knightblazer's pokemon are all of the Dark type, their combat patterns never fixed and each with their own story and personality. Although they may not look ordinay, these folks can pack quite a punch when underestimated. Of course, Knightblazer's experince does not allow him to get all the ones he need, but that will change... in time. And following an ancient tradtion, all of the Twilight Pokemon are all males.

Level 1 Pokemon

Thunder [Pikachu]

Thunder's a Pikachu who's easily distracted and likes to watch the clouds in the sky. Although this rodent looks slow and dim-witted, he's actually one of the smartest Pokemon around and can pack quite a punch. However, an accident years ago has caused a disruption with his control of his cheek sacks, making him looked down upon his fellow Pikachu. But Thunder never gives up, and he shall go all the way!

Signature Move: Electric Discharge

Thunder could never control his cheek sacs, and so his electricity always flows out, covering his entire body. If an enemy directly hits Thunder with a physcial attack, it has a 30% chance of being paralyzed. However, Thunder's electrial attacks only deal 1/2 to 2/3 of the orginal damage.

Lucied [Poochyena]

Lucied the Poochyena is a bit serious at times, but otherwise likes to take things easy and hates getting into troublesome situations. He usually bickers with Ifrit over the most strangest and trival of matters, such as which of them is better, how Ifrit sould really get a Signature move, or even if cheese tastes... green. Despite his strange habits (of which include gambolling Twilight or scaring the daylights out of Skywing), Lucied is still a great fighter and a speedy little thing.

Signature Move: Tsukuyomi - Kage Fuusha [Moon Phase - Shadow Windmill]

With this move, Lucied gets a short speed boost and evades an enemy's physcial attack. Quickly moving behind the foe, the Poochyena delivers a spinning kick/punch/headbutt (either one of those three) onto the enemy head on, mainly upon the forehead (if reachable) or the stomach. The damage and energy spent depends on the current phase of the moon.

New Moon: Damage and energy usage equal to a normal Tackle Attack.
Waning Moon: Damage and energy usage equal to a X1.5 version of Tackle.
Half Moon: Damage and energy usage equal to that of an ordinay Rock Smash.
Three Quarters: Damage and energy usage equal to a Brick Break attack.
Full Moon: Damage and energy usage equal to a Karate Chop attack.

All forms also inclue energy needed for a Feint Attack plus half the energy needed for an Agility. Move can only be used thrice in battle and when under sunlight, the attack and energy usage equals to the 'New Moon' state. When not specified about the current moon phase (if applicable) during a match, it is taken to be a Waning Moon phase unless specified.

Ifrit [Houndour]

Brash and rash, Ifrit is just one hot headed fellow who can't seem to think twice before attacking. His rash actions always cause Lucied totease him, and both usually erupt into arguments which cause the rest of the squad some sweatdropping moments. However, the two hounds work splendily well in double battles despite thier heated arguments, which do raise quite a few eyebrows.

Sigless... for now

Artemis [Cubone]

A hunter, the Cubone always exerts a calm demaour that stratles even the most aggressive of foes. Never losing his infinte patience and cool, Artemis is usually swift in his moves, and aggressive when he needs too. He knows where the line is drawn, and never crosses it. His attidute also causes fellow member Overgrowth to have a mild brotherly affection to him, and thus supplies him in Artemis's own move.

Signature Move: Biomerang

The tips of Cubone's Boneberang are coated with Overgrowth's posionpowder, so if an enemy gets hit by Artemis Boneberang, there is a 30% chance that the enemy will get posioned.

Tessadril [Chickolita]

Playful and tricky, this Chickolita always loves to pull pranks onto unsuspecting people, usually causing the whole team into trouble. Artemis usually takes the time to stop him if his pranks ever fall beyond the line, and Overgrowth looks up to the Cubone as a mentor and a fellow brother, and feels a mild affection for him due to the Cubone's sheer calmness and undying loyalty.

Signature Move: Leaf Hover

A move usable twice per battle, Overgowth can spin the leaf blade until he floats, and so can evade ground based attacks (ie. Fissure, Earthquake, Tackle Etc.), and lasts for three rounds.

Jagger [Carvanha]

The newest addition to the team, Jagger has a temper that can match Ifrit's. A rash creature, Jagger does things without thinking twice, and is always credited to follow on impluse, usually turning out right fortunately. However, he also devlops a rivalry with Ifrit, and the two bocker even more then the Houndour and Poochyena. Currently, he and Ifrit and competing to create their own Signature move first.

Sigless... for now

Skywing [Pidgey]

Skywing is the younger of the two bird brothers. Usually quiet and shy, the bird is the targer of many bullies, in which his brother Twilight usually protects him from. Skywing generally gets also with the other teamates rather well, but he perfers to stay by his elder brother side, and Leon, if his brother is in a battle. He is trying to make his Signature move to show his brother that he can fight too.

Sigless... for now

Twilight [Murkrow]

The elder of the two feather brothers, Twilight is fiercely protective of Skywing, and will beat up anybody who dares to harm him. He is also known as the infamous Usukairi no Fushichou, otherwise translated to Phoenix of Twilight. Once a robber, Knightblazer struck a deal with him in his abilities and thus joined the crew along with his brother.

Sigless... for now

Titanium [Aron]

Titanium is an all rounder good guy, getting along with everyone in the crew and always helping anyone in times of need. With a fiery and unbreakable will, the Aron never gives up in any battle. Over the loss of one of his friends, Oversprout the Squirtle, the Aron made a Signature Move to remember him by.

Signature Move: Iron Spin

Titanium is able to use a move simliar to Rapid Spin, where he spins and if this move is done in a sandy stadium, it will create a mini Sandstorm that only lasts for a turn. He also can attack the opponent while spinning. Power and Energy cost equal to Rapid Spin, and usable twice per battle.

Shade [Gastly]

A real prankster of his age, Shade loves to use his ghostly powers to frighten people, and always gets a kick outta it. His tricks are always frowned by the ever serious Jagger, but usually Loki joins on for the fun of it. Born from the toxins of an abandoned chemcial plant, Shade is always surrounded by posionous gases which do cause quite a bit of worry.

Signature Move: Gaidoku Deguchi [Poison Leak]

The gas that Shade is surrounded with is actually poison gas, so any opponent who deals a direct physcial towards Shade (or the other way round) has a 30% chance of being Posioned. However, Shade's Sp. Def stat drop by 15% and cannot use Safeguard, Protect or any other form of defensive moves as the gas would erode it. His chances of getting poisoned also drops by 10% due to his natrual build up against the poison surrounding him

Level 2 Pokemon

Loki [Combusken]

Named after the Norse god of mischief, Loki lives up to this name immensely well. The Combusken is always for the mood for mischief and laughter, usually going with Shade to pull pranks on unsuspecting victims. The duo love to work together in anything, and espicially for Double Battles, where they can have a ball of a time in the arena without any restrictions. Loki also goes well with his easy going twin, Leon, with both having a favor towards the move Sky Uppercut.

Signature Move: Hitokage Appakatto [Salamander Uppercut]

A fiery variation of Sky Uppercut, Loki lets a round of flame engulf his arm before peforming the said attack onto the enemy. Damage equals to a Sky Uppercut plus 1/2 of Flame Wheel, and energy cost equals to Sky Uppercut and one Flame Wheel. Foe has a 10% chance of being burned if hit. Move is usable thrice per round.

Leon [Grovyle]

The twin brother of Loki, Leon is like Artemis - calm, cool, and never letting his anger get the best of him. Usually seen with a twig resting in between is mouth like a cigeratte, the Grovyle knows when to be serious, or just have a good time seeing the clouds with Thunder. He also goes with Loki and Shade on their few misadventures, just to keep a close eye on them. hough he dosen't show it, Leon respects Lucied due to his great spirit, which inspires the Grovyle to strive for the top.

Signature Move: Reppuu no Dageki [Strike of the Gale]

Usable thrice per battle, the Reppuu no Dageki is Leon's version of Sky Uppercut and perfected with a variation of Lucied's Signature Move, the Grovyle dodges any medium to close range attacks and rushes right up to the for and peforms an uppercut with his Leaf Blade in play. Damage equals to 3/4 of Sky Uppercut and 1/2 of Leaf Blade, and energy usage equals to Quick Attack and Agility as well as a Sky Uppercut and Leaf Blade combined.

Knightblazer's Current Stats

Level 1 Trainer
14 Traniner Points
1 Knockouts
1 Win/ 4 Losses/ 0 Draws

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