Land's End Gym

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The Tiger's Maw

Challengers to the Ground Gym shall have to brave the unknown and set foot within the dangerous confines of The Tiger's Maw. Concealed within the ancient deserts of Agrabah sits the Cave of Wonders, and the huge tiger-faced effigy stands as the battlefield for the challenge. The innards of the cave itself are spacious, but disrepair has seen it filled with loosely packed sand, stretching a good 35 feet deep. The cave ceiling rests a mere 15 feet above the surface of the sand, leaving little room for flying Pokemon to climb height. Despite the loose nature of the sand, Ground- type energy travels more readily here, allowing moves such as Bulldoze and Earthquake to function perfectly. Scattered within the sand itself are numerous rocks which are available for manipulation, and many of these break the surface of the sand. The diameter of the mostly circular arena stands at 100 feet. Overlooking the sands stand the trainer boxes, the Gym Leader situated in the north opposite the entrance to the cave, where the challenger will stand.

Conditions within the cave reflect those of the outside desert. The air is incredibly dry and arid, the extreme temperatures seeming comfortable to the native Ground and Rock types, but causing those unused to such temperatures to become uncomfortable. The sheer lack of moisture will make even Grass types uncomfortable, and the lack of sunlight will cause moves such as Solarbeam and Synthesis to become impossible. However, Grass types which also have a secondary Ground typing will be much more accustomed to the dry air, and will not suffer this discomfort. Water- and Ice- types will likewise feel uncomfortable in the extreme conditions, and attacks of these type will suffer a drop in power because of the heated air. Although the entrance to the cave closes as soon as trainers step within the maw of the sentient construct, the innards are illuminated entirely by eerie torches scattered around the perimeter.

Battle Rules:

4v4 to 6v6
Equilevel 5
48 HR DQ
Switch = Gym

Terra Firma Badge

The Terra Firma Badge is presented to those fearless enough to conquer the Land's End Gym. Signified in the three pillars of it's design are the unshaken hearts of those reigning victorious.
Badge Effect: Stalwart Heart
The Pokemon attached with this badge will find themselves much more tenacious in battle than other Pokemon. When they reach the midpoint of health, they will be granted a 15% boost to both their offences and defences, subject to standard boosting stipulations. Additionally, they will become more enthusiastic in battle when they are trailing in health, granted all the boosts of enthusiasm.