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Lee-san joined the PASBL in June 2006. On July 16th he applied to be a referee as well to contribute to the league.


Trainer Level 1

2 KOs

9 TPs

2 Wins - 0 Draws - 1 Losses



Lee-san versus TerminatorTotodile

Lee-san versus bird1111

Awaiting a Referee


Lee-san versus Joshua

Lee-san versus masterwannabe

Lee-san versus Willow's Tara


Level 2 Pokemon

Tycho, Male Grovyle Level 2

Bio: Lee met Tycho on his journey through Petalburg Woods where the Pokemon was being harrased by the other local Pokemon. It has been all alone for a long time in those woods, fighting constantly, but never gave up.After joining Lee's team, it has kept its guts. Signature Ability: Fighting Spirit Tycho doesn't like giving up and fights till the very end, spirits high. As a result, when he's below average health, his attacks do 1.2x more damage. Tycho loves fighting and his freedom and can't be withdrawn from a battle.

Ike, Level 2 Male Pidgeotto Bio: When I first saw this Pidgeotto, it was injured; it had a broken wing. Of course I could've caught it easily, but I decided to mend it back to health. Afterwards, I released it again into the wilderness. Later that day, when resting, a vicious wild Charmelen sneaked up behind me and attacked me with a Flamethrower. Thinking I was done for, I waited for the flames to hit me, but they didn't. Opening my eyes, I noticed stong gusts of wind whirling before me. Looking up, I saw the one responsible for them: the Pidgeotto from earlier. After chasing the Charmeleon away, Pidgeotto agreed to join my Squad. Signature Move: Wind Wall Ike creates a stationary wall of strong gusts of wind in front of it, energy usage is slightly less than a Reflect. The attack stops smaller projectile attacks like Pin Missile and weaker beam attacks like Water Gun and Icy Wind. Heavy projectile attacks like Rock Throw (if rocks bigger than a Geodude are used) and strong beam attacks like Fire Blast and Hyper Beam are not stopped.Medium-strong beam attacks like Flamethrower and Ice Beam are able to be stopped, depending on the power of the attack.(a full-powered Flamethrower fired by a strong Charizard probably won't be stopped, while a Flamethrower by a Charmander probably will be stopped.) Also, the attack can be used to stop a physical attack from a Pokemon rushing into it. However, only small and/or light Pokemon are stopped, stronger and heavier ones aren't bothered by Wind Wall. Lasts for 1 round, usable 2 times per battle.

Level 1 Pokemon

Luke, Male Corphish Lvl 1 Bio: Lee didn't catch Luke while fishing, but instead several hundred miles away from any bigger body of water. This Corphish didn't enjoy living in the sea much, so it started travelling on the land, building up more physical strength instead of improving his abilities involving water. Signature Ability: Force Luke has been living on the land for quite some time and neglected his water abilities. As a result, his [Water] attacks deal slightly less damage while his [Normal] attacks deal slightly more damage.

Level 1 Genderless Staryu no Signature Move

Level 1 Male Gastly no Signature Move

Ali, Level 1 Male Geodude Bio: I first met Ali not on a mountain like you might expect, but in a fitness center! There, he has been training for a long time under a Nockchan and his trainer, who was also the owner of the fitness center . Ali always wanted to go out on adventures, but his trainer couldn't leave his fitness center alone. So, he agreed to give Ali to me if I could beat him in a Fighting Pokemon battle. My Machop lost against his Nockchan though. Seeing this, Ali secretly trained with Machop and taught him a thing or two about fighting. In our rematch, Machop won and Ali joined my team. Signature Ability: Rocking Strength! After training for years, Ali build up extreme physical strength. His physical attacks do 1.2x more damage. On the downside, he forgot how to use Curse, Explosion, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Selfdestruct, Toxic and Substitute.

Level 1 Male Pikachu no Signature Move

Level 1 Male Growlithe no Signature Move

Level 1 Female Snorunt no Signature Move

Cassius, Level 1 Male Machop Bio: At first, he was a normal, not really strong Machop. He didn't like fighting all that much, mostly because he rarely won a battle. However, his self esteem was restored after training with Ali (see above). He started working on his skills and techniques and now wants to become the best Fighting Pokemon ever. He still trains with Ali occasionally. Since Ali is an expert in punches, Cassius started to focus on kicks. Signature Ability: 1-2-3-Kick! At the expense of Mega Punch,Dynamicpunch, Cross Chop and Karate Chop, Cassius learned how to use Jump Kick and Hi Jump Kick. (hope it's fine now)

Isaac, Level 1 Male Bulbasaur Bio: I caught Isaac in a forest full of grass Pokemon, where he has been living in a colony of Bulbasaurs for years. He was always proud of his vines, impressing me with the many things he could do with them and which helped him survive in the forest. Suggesting he could use his skills with his vines in battle too, together we developed a new move combo. Signature Move: Vine Rampage Counts as a 2-move-combo. Usable 2 times per battle. Energy usage is similiar to a half-charged Solar Beam. Deals good physical damage. Isaac uses one his vines to grab his opponent. Afterwards, he uses one of his vines to repeatedly slap his opponent, and finally, he grabs his opponent with both vines and smashes them into the ground.

Level 1 Male Nidoran no Signature Move