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Trainer Points & Service Points

Two different types of creditable points are awarded to trainers when battles are finished. These are Trainer Points (TP) and Service Points (SP). Knock Outs (KOs) are also awarded, but these cannot be exchanged or traded in any way. SP may also be given out by League Officials (LOs) as a reward for certain achievements/task, such as reffing a Legend Match or winning a tournament. TP, along with KOs, determines a trainer’s standing in the league and their Trainer Level, while SP can be used to purchase goods and services in the ASB.

• To work out how many points battlers get for completing a X-on-X battle, look at the following:
--- If you win the match, you get X KOs and 2X TP.
--- If the match is a draw, both battlers get X KOs and 1.5X TP.
--- If you lose the match, you get X TP.
--- If the match in question is a Gym Battle and the battler that wins is not the Gym Leader or Gym Trainer, they receive 4X TP as well as the prize awarded by the Gym instead of 2X TP.
• Referees earn SP for administering the match instead of KOs or TP.
--- For administrating the match, the referee gets X Service Points.
--- If every round in a match is reffed within 48 hours of the last post by either trainer each round, the referee will receive x2 SP.
--- If every round in a match is reffed within 168 hours (one week) of the last post by either trainer each round, the referee will receive x1.25 SP.
--- If the match in question is a Gym Battle, referees earn x1.25 SP.
===== These bonuses can be cumulative, so a Gym Match will be worth 2.25 SP per Pokémon used on one side if every round is reffed within 48 hours.
===== So, a 3-on-3 battle in which every round is reffed within a week will pay out 3.75 SP, while a 4-on-4 Gym Match where every round is reffed within two days will pay out a whopping 9 SP!
--- If multiple referees are involved with a match, the one who ends the match has total control of SP division.
• If a match is called off early, for example by DQ or as an agreed draw, X is considered equal to KOs inflicted upon the opposing trainer.
--- If a match is simply cancelled, no points are awarded.
• SP may be given to another trainer as a loan, gift or payment.
--- Trainers may give away up to 40 SP per six months.
--- Trainers may be given up to 40 SP per six months.
===== Payments made by LOs in an official capacity are exempted from this restriction, though LOs are subject to the same restrictions as other trainers when acting in a personal capacity.
--- If trainers acquire large debts to other trainers and become unable to pay them all back, steps may be taken to redress the balance and to sanction the offending trainer.
• Trainers can trade in their SP for TP and vice versa.
--- 1 SP can be turned in to 2 TP.
--- 5 TP can be turned in to 1 SP.
--- Trainers may only transfer 75 TP in to 15 SP per six months.

Trainer Levels

As it stands, there are 6 trainer levels. You start at level 1, and increase as your battle skills do. Based on a system using Trainer Points, you get to certain levels as your point totals rise. Possession of a gym badge entitles you to a 5% KO requirement reduction and a 10% TP requirement reduction - this effect is cumulative.

Level Requirements
Level 1: 0 KO & 0 pts
Level 2: 10 KO & 30 pts
Gym Leader Qualification: 20 KO & 60 pts
Level 3: 30 KO & 90 pts
Level 4: 60 KO & 180 pts
Level 5: 100 KO & 300 pts & 1 badge
Level 6: 150 KO & 450 pts & 2 badges, 1 from a Gym