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Welcome to UPNpedia,

the free encyclopedia which really needs more stuff worthy of becoming featured content.
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Did you know...

From UPNpedia's newest articles:
  • ...that there's an RPG game about this Pokemon website called The Regamening?
  • ...that Suteki's Aipom is both Normal/Fighting type?
  • ...that Piloswine was ZoraJolteon's starter in Fizzy Bubbles?
  • ...that the first UPN message board was created on the 19th of June, 1999?
  • ...Kuno is awesome?
  • ...Saying DVD to a woman in Japan is the equivalent of asking her to take her clothes off?

In the news

Lady Kuno

Fizzy Bubblers don't forget to...

  • Drop off your Pokémon at the PokéSpa
  • Submit your score to the Arcade (before 7:30AM).

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