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After a long journey into the outer reaches of space, you come across a massive neon doorway. The emerald hues momentarily entrance you as the gates leak open, yet inside, there is seemingly nothing but a dark void. With no clue what to expect, you step through, only to find yourself in what seems to be another dimension. The floor, the ceiling, and the walls all seem to contain nothing behind them besides many different colored streaks, all contributing to the strange illumination of the room. Without warning, you feel the ground tremor before you hear the loud bang of a cannon from the other side of the room. Pixels crumble to the ground, leaving a gaping, circular shape in the way. From inside, a teen hops out, soon followed by a fleet of Psychic typed Pokemon, all wielding various types of firearms. Without warning, the pixels on the floor in front of you rise upwards to form a railing, and you look down as the ones beneath you whisk you up, providing a balcony. On the other side, the teen is on an identical platform, now accompanied only by a Gardevoir, and a Luxury Ball in hand.

"Stunning place, huh? Let's make that trip worth it by having a great battle, yeah? But sadly, I'm gonna have to send you packing empty-handed. Anyways, here are the rules for how our battle's gonna work. I'd follow them, or your shuttle's compass might just lead you off path on the way home."

The Whoa Zone

It's a crazy place in outer space. Formerly used to house a Pure Heart, a specific room in the Whoa Zone has been modified by myself to be used as the location for Psychic Gym battles. The room is fairly big, and large enough to allow for a fair amount of space. The ceiling lies about 20 feet above the ground, and it's made of the same material as the floor. Covering the walls, floor, and ceiling is a strange pattern of green pixel lines, among a few other hues. This covering prevents Ghost types from phasing into the pixels beneath. Speaking of these pixels, they make up the ground beneath the inner layering of the room. They've been programmed to emit a strange glow that casts a permanent Miracle Eye effect on the arena, making Dark types uncomfortable and vulnerable to Psychic type attacks. In addition, it makes Bug types uncomfortable by straining their eyes, and the brightly lit arena discomfort ghosts, causing their passive state changes to be delayed. Other than the strange glow, these pixels are entirely blank slates, meaning they can be formed into different materials necessary for moves at a moment's notice. This allows the use of Surf, normal Rock Slide, Grass Knot, Rock Climb, and other such maneuvers that rely on the environment to function normally to be used by the Psychic types who can manipulate it. When not being used, they remain underground similar to a clay arena, allowing non-Ghost types to Dig underneath it while supporting moves like Earthquake and friends. The final use of the pixels is manipulation by telekinesis. They can be used to create a platform, wall, hill, etc. by Pokemon familiar with the Psychic typing and capable of telekinesis. In general, a small structure will cost a Solid amount of energy to generate, while a larger one will cost Major energy. Structures made in this way will usually topple after two rounds untouched, but they can be destroyed by an attack of around Solid damage, or one that is particularly forceful.

Battle Rules:

4 v 4 to 6 v 6
Equiall 4
72 Hour DQ
Switch = Gym

Pure Badge

Challengers receive this three dimensional heart-shaped badge for defeating Sparkbeat in The Whoa Zone. The badge is completely transparent, but shows a multitude of various colors depending on the angle one observes it from. Hard yet beautiful, it represents the beauty of an iron, brilliant mind. Just as one can see right through the badge, it allows the wielder to do the same against their opponents.
Global Badge
Badge Effect: Mental Block
At the start of the battle, once both battlers have posted their squads, the wielder of this badge may select three moves. If the opponent squads second, the banned moves will be selected before they release their first Pokemon. No Pokemon on the opponent's team will be able to use these moves in battle, but only moves which are also known by the wielder's Pokemon may be selected.