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01/02/2015 07:47 PM by Jerichi.

Reversal (FT) -- The user waits for its foe to use a damaging move, charging Fighting energy in its limb. As the foe begins to execute the move, the user quickly approaches and uses its weight and the energy charged to turn the move around on the user, reversing its energy and any momentum to deal damage equal to that of the damage done by the move. The success of this move is dependant on a wide variety of factors, including exhaustion, overall energy, size of the user and foe, etc., the most important of which being the Reversed move's power. Higher-damage moves like Focus Punch are very difficult to counter, while moves like Pound will be countered every time. Some moves, particularly wind-, electricity- or other similarly pure-energy moves may not be Reversable at all, while compact energy forms, such as Energy Ball, may be counterable if used close enough or in the right context. Energy use is at least that of the move Reversed, though often it will be more than that, potentially being x1.5 the move's power if the Reversal was particularly stressful.


Reversal (FT) -- If used in desperation when the user is at a disadvantage (not necessarily health-wise), the power of Reversal goes up a great deal. If successful, the brunt of whatever attack the opponent used is reversed in such a way that the original attacker suffers far worse than the Reversal-using victim. Reversal can either be ordered as a way to use the momentum of the attacker against itself (such as throwing a Pokémon as it runs towards you, catching a punch or kick, or redirecting the momentum of a Body Slam) OR a Flail-like attack. Accuracy varies depending on the situation, as a Pikachu cannot Reversal while being under a Snorlax. Damage is highly variable, ranging anywhere from a moderate hit if the attack is easily Reversed, to heavy if there is a great deal of force applied. Reversal is usually very tiring, and it is not always possible to counterattack, since not all attacks lend themselves to being reversed.