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If you are reading this then you want to learn how to make a signature move for the PASBL. Let me start by giving you an example of a signature move.

Sparkalot: Male Pikachu
Pikachu has been trained in the wilderness to knock berries down trees. He would do this by headbutting the tree, however one day an apple was high in a tree, and he could not reach it. Day after day he would headbutt the tree, till he eventually learned how to add electricity into his headbutts. This did not get him the apple, but he got his own move, Electric Knock.
Special Attack: Electric Knock (Electric)
Sparkalot uses a form of Skull Bash, however his head is covered with electric energy as well. This attack deals damage equal to Skull Bash and a Thunderbolt, however it cannot paralyze the foe. This attack can be done 3 times per battle.

What you just read was a signature move I just created. The first line shows the gender and species of the Pokémon. If you want a nickname, like "Sparkalot" you would put the nickname as show above.

The second part of a signature move contains the biography of the Pokemon. How did it get its signature? Does it have any interesting quirks, or a funny story behind it? Be aware, that a good biography can have an effect on the signature move behind it. The sig I made can probably be approved with less of a bio, due to the fact it is a simple attack. However if you want something better, you would require a move detailed biography. However please keep this within reason. You cannot type a 14 page biography move to allow an attack of 5 instant thunders on your opponent with no energy loss. Also, be aware that Team Rocket experiments are not allowed as passable biographies, as that is quite unoriginal and unlikely.

Moving on, the next part of a signature move shows what type of signature move it is. These come in 5 different forms, Special Attacks, Special Defenses, Special Techniques, Special Resistances, and Special Training.

Special Attacks are moves which attack the opponent directly in some way, or "attack" the arena. Their power can range from a Magikarp's Splash to a Charizard's fiercest Fire Blast.

Special Defenses are moves that improve a Pokémon's ability to withstand or avoid the opponents attacks.

Special Techniques are those that either fulfill a role of both a offensive and defensive move, or moves which improve the stats of a Pokémon beyond their normal range while not harming the opponent.

Special Resistances are sort of like Special Defences with a twist. They are things which are permanent, not having to be "used" in battle to work, and reduce the effectiveness of certain types of moves against the Pokémon.

Special Training is the one most unlike any in the game. Like Special Resistances, they are permanent changes, not moves used in the middle of battle. They allow your Pokémon to be quite unique and different from other Pokémon of its species. This classification includes things such as being allowed to use attacks not normally allowed to it, having different types than normal, having different behaviour than normal, and having wildly different physical characteristics than normal.

Chose which category it falls in, then the next part is the body of the signature. In the case of a Special Attack or Defence, be sure to mention details about how the attack works. Is it fast, is it slow? Can it paralyze, or burn? Be sure to mention how much damage it does in relation to other attacks, like above. However again, try to keep this within reason. Special Resistances require a more detailed biography than some other moves, especially if a weakness is being reduced from double damage to normal. However a resistance similar to a Miltank being now resistant to water, as opposed to taking normal damage, would not require as much of a detailed biography. Summon signatures are not allowed, and neither are any abnormal weapons brought to battle.