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Time Out Hero 2014

Standin' in the sun, with my head held high.

Wouldn't make a squad, wasn't gonna try.

Had one great idea, to bring you to your knees.

I made a whole new name, spoofed some new IPs.

I made some posts, blew you all away

Put stars in your eyes, and the very next day

You started really guessing, you were so unsure

Who this asshole was, but you knew for sure

That one Stealthy, what a hunk of a man

Didn't take long, to understand

That one Stealthy, head held so high

Didn't need a squad, had no need to try

And I kept postin'

Ain't never gonna stop

Gonna keep on rockin'

And now I've made it to the top

Cause I'm a TIME OUT HERO, what a in god your eyes


That one Stealthy, TIME OUT HERO, such a god in your eyes

TIME OUT HERO, and I'll bring the hype tonight

I am fucking awesome.