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An Australian girl with a penchant for Digimon, Leto signed up at the UPNetwork forums in the earliest days of August 1999. Her popularity coupled with her timezone location made her an instant candidate for moderator when Jaxel laid off his original mods. Major emphasis on the popularity factor; the timezone bit was just icing on an enormous and tasty cake.

Leto posted regularly from August 1999 through the end of 2001. She signed up at Kuno's forums but only sporadically posted. She has not been seen since 2004. Despite this, new members to the UPNetwork community will often see her name come up in posts written by some of the current staff of UPNetwork's forums.

Leto is well known for or remembered as:

  • being Australian
  • using ^_^ a LOT
  • being very nice to everyone
  • loving cats, especially her own two cats
  • being hit on by a lot of UPNetwork members
  • being a devout Christian
  • mailing Australian biscuits called Tim Tams to several members of the UPN Refuge
  • her avatar of the lead character in Digimon 2

When the UPNetwork used to have a daily member count of over 1000, it was common practice to hold the UPNetwork Awards every now and then. Leto would always win certain awards, including Nicest Member. It was not uncommon knowledge that many UPNetwork girl members were envious of Leto's "popularity". Despite this, Leto maintained friendships with just about anybody who wanted to try, including many of these very same girls. She was simply that well-loved.