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Info Level Up Moves Other Moves
Piloswine Tackle Rock Slide
Odor Sleuth Mud Shot
Horn Attack Icicle Spear
Powder Snow Substitute
Endure Fissure
Species Mamoswine Take Down Water Pulse
Level 85 Fury Attack
Gender Male Mist
Hold Item King's Rock Blizzard
Nature Bold Amnesia
Toughness 30 Ancientpower
Mud Sport
Ice Shard
Ice Fang
Scary Face
Mamoswine was ZoraJolteon's starter Pokémon, chosen mainly because Zora didn't really want to be unoriginal and start with a Wooper, but Mamoswine was similar and had a good moveset. As well as being a powerhouse, with a wide range of powerful attacks, Mamoswine has also used his exceptional sense of smell on numerous occasions to allow Zora to progress on his adventures. He also has the bonus of being very huggly. Since evolving, Zora needs to find a new image now. He no longer looks like this.
Info Level Up Moves Other Moves
Slowqueen Confusion Surf
Tackle Whirlpool
Growl Dig
Curse Dive
Yawn Flash
Species Slowking Water Gun Future Sight
Level 72 Disable Dream Eater
Gender Female Headbutt Fury Cutter
Hold Item Nevermeltice Swagger Icy Wind
Nature Calm Psychic Fissure
Smartness 20 Psych Up Me First
Hidden Power
Slack Off
Nasty Plot
Zen Headbutt
Rain Dance
As the only member of Zora's team capable of telepathy, Slowqueen feels the need to tell all of you a little about herself. {That's right. I'm here, and I'm the best. I didn't just become a monarch for no reason you know. As a water type, for a long time I was useful as a Surfer, ferrying Zora around different locations, or utilising my ability to Dig. Now that Tropius turned up, I'm no longer needed for Surfing, but my telekinetic powers still make me the best. That, and I live in a pretty blue Great Ball. Of course, it used to be a haunted washing machine in the basement of Kuno's Mansion, but I prefer not to talk about that.}
Info Level Up Moves Other Moves
Tropius Gust Fly
Leer Flash
Growth Leech Seed
Razor Leaf Nature Power
Stomp Swords Dance
Species Tropius Sweet Scent Mud-Slap
Level 62 Whirlwind Mimic
Gender Male Magical Leaf Fury Cutter
Hold Item Miracle Seed Body Slam Sky Attack
Nature Brave Solarbeam
Coolness 40 Synthesis
Air Slash
Leaf Storm
Captured in the Cloud Garden's Rainbow Road, just shortly before Arnold introduced the "No saying what you want to find" policy *coughHasuboocough*, Tropius has always been one of Zora's firm favorites from the 3rd Generation of Pokémon. Tropius has many merits, his ability to fly his trainer around, his ability to increase his size, and his ability to be the only long time team member I caught to supply some much needed testosterone. Tropius is equipped with a Miracle Seed as a hold item, and resides inside a powder green Friend Ball.
Wooper F
Info Level Up Moves Other Moves
Wooper Water Gun Surf
Tail Whip Whirlpool
Slam Waterfall
Mud Shot Ancientpower
Amnesia Stockpile
Species Wooper Yawn Swallow
Level 52 Earthquake Spit Up
Gender Female Rain Dance Mimic
Hold Item Hard Stone Earthquake Dynamicpunch
Nature Naive Ice Punch
Cuteness 100 Sludge Bomb
One of only two Pokémon Zora did not capture himself, Wooper F was adopted from Ichimatsu after he caught her in the Space Zone. Having a lifelong passion for these water fish, and having reluctantly turned down the chance to own one previously, Zora snapped her up. Due to some sort of twisted merge, Wooper F from FB and Wooper F from PASBL are now the same Pokémon, which proves to be, erm, interesting.
Info Level Up Moves Other Moves
Myria Absorb Cut
Growth Spikes
Poison Sting Synthesis
Stun Spore Double-Edge
Mega Drain Swords Dance
Species Roselia Leech Seed Cotton Spore
Level 61 Magical Leaf Sludge Bomb
Gender Male Grasswhistle Extrasensory
Hold Item None Giga Drain Leaf Storm
Nature Mild Sweet Scent
Beauty 100 Ingrain
Petal Dance
Toxic Spikes
Roselia bears the nickname Myria. Like the rest of Zora's feminine Male Pokémon, most notably Sak from his PASBL team, Myria is heterosexual, camp, and proud of it. One day after working on some fake cards, Zora suddenly decided to put Myria into his team and left him in daycare. Maybe this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Myria loves autumn fashions, and wears orange leaves, complete with colour drained blooms.
Info Level Up Moves Other Moves
Vulpix Ember Hypnosis
Tail Whip Mimic
Roar Spite
Quick Attack Disable
Will-O-Wisp Howl
Species Vulpix Confuse Ray Flail
Level 50 Imprison Psychic
Gender Female Flamethrower Energy Ball
Hold Item Fire Stone Safeguard
Fire Spin
The third oldest member of Zora's team, although unfortunantly also one of the lowest leveled, Vulpix was rescued by Zora from death trapped in the dark basement of a Factory in the dockyards of the original Water Zone. Vulpix's primary roles on Zora's team are giving light with her fiery breath, and hindering the enemy with a wide range of special conditions. Zora currently owns a Fire Stone, but as with Pineco, remains undecided as to whether now is the best time for evolution.
Info Level Up Moves Other Moves
Pineco Tackle Counter
Protect Rock Slide
Selfdestruct Pin Missile
Take Down Sand Tomb
Rapid Spin Dig
Species Pineco Bide Flamethrower
Level 75 Explosion
Gender Female Spikes
Hold Item None Double-Edge
Zora's first catch, obtained in the the dense forests of the original Mountain Zone, Pineco proved herself a useful compainion with her instant perfection of the Protect technique. Her Selfdestruct learnt a mere three levels later has easily been the most useful move Zora has ever wielded, although unfortunately it is responsible for Pineco being at a very low level for her age. Pineco is now at the level for Evolution, and eagerly awaits the time when the power of steel will be necessary for Zora during his adventures.
Info Level Up Moves Other Moves
Baltoy Confusion Substitute
Harden Psychic
Rapid Spin
Species Baltoy Rock Tomb
Level 56 Selfdestruct
Gender Genderless Ancientpower
Hold Item None Sandstorm
Cosmic Power
The second of Zora's adopted Pokémon, Baltoy was gained from the member whose name Zora can't remember but was along the lines of Icy Tyranitar if he remembers correctly, after a long period of harassing everyone who would listen in an attempt to obtain one. Spending a long amount of time in the PC, Baltoy was eventually added to Zora's squad once Myria approached the feared level 50 mark.
Info Level Up Moves Other Moves
Rotom Trick
Thunder Wave
Confuse Ray
Species Rotom Uproar
Level 33 Double Team
Gender Genderless Shock Wave
Hold Item None Omnious Wind
Rotom hasn't done much yet. It kind of hovers around and bees mute and failing at Mudkip riding.
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