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Originally opened during the winter of 2002 by Becca C. She ran the zone for some time but later gave control of it to Azure Dream. Then around May 2003, Azure dream asked the zone be closed while he dealt with personal issues.

During this time, arnold asked that people submit their own version of the Water Zone and take over. Unfortunately no one submitted anything and arnold just decided to give it to Loki. At the time, he was Zone Assistant to the Mountain Zone and he was the only one to ask about the Water Zone.

Loki quickly took enjoyment in the work of updating. He completely revamped the zone and did daily updates for his many adventurer and had a large campaign set up. But, sometime around late May or June of 2003, a large influx of members overwhelmed the one man operation.

Loki hired a Stryker (later on renamed Talon (not to be mistakened with Talon87) to be his zone assistant, but due to personal problems, Styrker could not continue his involvement in Fizzy Bubbles, leaving Loki to fend for himself once again.

Later on Loki hired Trepie (now named Thibideau) to help. Shortly afterwards, Talon returned and the three worked hard to try and finish up the campaign.

Unfortunately, Loki ran into his own personal problems with time and had to leave the completion of the story to Talon and Trepie. But not to shortly after that, Talon had to leave again, which left Trepie alone to finish the story.

He completed the campaign to the best of his abilities at the time and put some closure to the long campaign. The Water Zone was then closed again as Loki worked out his personal time and made plans to reopen the zone.

Later on, he reopened the zone with the help of Ichimatsu and Morgoth in a special campaign story involving Suicune and a band of adventurers (the players) travelling to another dimension to stop some evil force. But history would repeat itself as all three updators had personal problems and time constrants and the campaign was a failure. Loki shut down the project before it would even fully kick off.

Loki kept trying to revive the Water Zone through many reincarnations, but none were able to stay around for very long due to similar problems to all the Water Zones before.

For a very brief moment, Loki allowed Tyr to open his own version of the Water Zone on SPPF, but he was soon called to a tour of duty by the Air Force and left the zone. It closed shortly thereafter.

Eventually, after the Bulbagarden Branch opened, Loki remade a special exclusive Water Zone under the name of Sapphire Island. The story took place on a seclusive island east of Mossdeep and being newly settled by Devon Corp. Loki hired Shinjara to help update.

Unfortunately, the zone met similar problems with a large number of Serebii Branch members coming in to enjoy the zone. Eventually Loki hired more ZAs, including Lonely Wanderer and Skrusti before giving the Zone Ownership to Shinjara who continues to run the zone today.

Zone Owners

  • Becca C- First owner of the Water Zone on UPNetwork's FB around winter '02 to an unknown date around spring of '03. Becca C left no notice of her leaving ownersihp to Azure Dream, so the specific date is unknown.
  • Azure Dream- Owner of the Water Zone after Becca C. until May '03.
  • Loki- Longest owner of the Water Zone in UPN FB's history. Opening and closing the zone several times between August '03 to Septenber '05 when he opened its latest reincarnation, Sapphire Island.
  • Tyr- (SPPF only) Opened Serebii's version of the Water Zone with permission from Loki, but was closed very soon due to Tyr's military career.
  • Shinjara- (BMGF only) Former Zone Assistant and now current owner of Sapphire Island.

Zone Assistants

  • Stryker (who was later renamed Talon)- Part of the first Water Zone opened by Loki.
  • Lonely Cubone- Competed with Stryker for the position of Zone Assistant but ultimately Stryker won. Lonely Cubone would go on to update for the Mountain Zone
  • Trepie (who was later renamed Thibideau)- Also part of the first Water Zone opened by Loki. Soon after its closing, he updated for the Mountain Zone and eventually became the current owner of the Haunted Mansion.
  • Dark Magic- Very briefly during the summer of 2004 he did several updates for Loki's 4th(?) Water Zone. Now he works as a ZA in Fizzytopia on SPPF.
  • Shinjara- The first ZA on Sapphire Island created by Loki on BMGF. Due to her enthusiasm and her ability to continue updating without Loki's pressence, she was given Sapphire Island upon Loki's retirement from updating.
  • Lonely Wanderer- Second ZA to be hired for Sapphire Island and worked under Loki very briefly before the zone was given to Shinjara.
  • Skrusti- Third ZA to be hired for Sapphire Island and worked under Loki very briefly before the zone was given to Shinjara.
  • Torkoal Stu - Fourth ZA to be hired for Sapphire Island and is working under Shinjara. He used to update at Fizzytopia on SPPF.