Zone Assistants

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The "Zone Assistant" Concept

Zone Assistants are basically the little people who help the Zone Owners not get overwhelmed. Their main job is to update the zone they were hired for, but some can be "hired" to help the Zone Owners do things such as come up with new ideas for existing zones and such.

Current List of Zone Assistants

Sapphire Island:

  • Lonely Wanderer
  • Skrusti
  • Torkoal Stu

Cloud Garden:

  • Enchantress
  • Radical Edward
  • Wayne
  • Lilbluecorsola
  • Zami
  • ForeverFlygon

Volcanic Mountain

  • Waterlight
  • Joe
  • MetalGardevoir
  • Sucide
  • Joshua

Haunted Mansion

  • Arc Angel
  • Ushi No Tane
  • Manji
  • Dae~Maker


  • Jerichi
  • John’s Knight
  • Zodiac the Vampire
  • Dark_Magic
  • HakuBlue
  • Eon
  • JonJen
  • Alilatias
  • Teehee
  • Commander Blizzard
  • Another Fan