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Post Battle Discussion

After each battle is concluded, each trainer has the opportunity to make a few more posts, to talk to the other trainer, return their last Pokémon, administer healing items, etc. There should be no more than 3 posts per trainer in this period.

Injuries to Pokémon

(see also: Pokémon Injuries.)

There exists rules in this league to deal with the possibility of physical and psychological damage, potentially permanent damage, including among other things, INSANITY AND DEATH. If a ref believes that the actions of a battle call for possible injury to a Pokémon (or a Signature Move which inflicts such damage was used successfully), then the referee will post in the Pokémon Centre, and a League Official will look at the case. Penalties associated with Pokémon having such injuries will be dealt with on a case by case basis, but the final judgment in any such situation will be made by the League Officials.

These rules are NO LONGER the default however, and will only be used with the consent of both trainers and the referee. Most of the time, you'll be under "slapstick" rules, where injuries will never be more than a 1 battle sit out, and even then, that would be rare.

My Arena was Destroyed!

Quite often, an arena will be totally trashed during the course of a battle. This is perfectly normal. Unless the arena was a special one, such as one of the Gym Arenas, or a special stadium for a tournament, then nothing bad comes from this. However, as anyone who has battled in Archaic's Gossemer Gym will no doubt attest, Gym Arenas and special stadiums DO get destroyed. In this case, that particular arena is out of commission until the end of the next battle started after the destruction of the arena by the "owner" of the Arena. In the case of special arenas for tournaments, they'll be fixed for the next battle, though there might be some "battle scars".