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BallLovestatus.png Fetra
Hidden Power [Flying]
Normal Flying
(1.3 m)
88.2 lb
(40.0 kg)
Fetra's days as a space Clefairy are far behind her. Nowadays, the insanity of the TO has set in on her. When she's not belting out songs in horrible Japanese, she's often skipping around, declaring everything to be dainty. In fact, she's obsessed with daintiness. All she ever talks about is dainty, it seems. It's all the rage. She's often subject to the side effects of Wacky Backy, however. Sometimes, she snaps out of her (mostly drug induced) daintiness to put Koi and Quark in their places, but never at the right time, and always when its needed least. Dainty.
Signature Move
Dainty Cyclone (Various)
Fetra's obsession with daintiness has gone so far for her to come up with an attack which, in her own high words, "is the epitome of daintiness." First, she starts by creating various petal-shaped masses of energy from any energy type to which she has access, which float around her. Next, she starts to spin and flap her wings. This sends the petals flying, surprisingly, right towards her foe. Each petal does light damage. Overall, the attack does about the damage of half a Hyper Beam, and has a 20% chance of causing confusion. Even with Fetra's intense daintiness, she still can't help but to get somewhat dizzy after she uses the attack, and must recover for about 5 seconds after the attack. The attack can only be used twice a battle, because anymore usages wouldn't be very "dainty". God. I don't think I've ever typed the word "dainty" that many times.
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