Ally Switch (PS)

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11-19-2014, 03:37 AM by Jerichi

Ally Switch (PS) -- Using good energy, the user uses its intense Psychic abilities to literally swap places with a partner, teleporting in their place and putting them where they just were. Because this requires a consensual mental connection, only partners can swap places with the user.


Psycho Shift (PS) -- The user consumes a heavy amount of energy to isolate the part of its brain that is affected by a mental status (Confusion, attraction, taunted, tormented, etc.) and transplants it to the same area of their opponents mind, causing the opponent to become confused or infatuated or what have you. When used during confusion, this attack has at least an 85% chance of success, despite the level of confusion. This attack has no effect on physical conditions, like poison, paralysis, burn, or freeze.