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                PSABL RECORD
               8tp 1ko 0 sp
              PSABL SQUAD OF DUEM

Flame: male charmander /lvl 1

sig: Flame met his mentor on one of my travels as a trainer. it happened to be a salamance. Charmander watched him battle another trainer. he wanted to be just like him. one day when I was battling another trainer, charmander was surrounded by a greenish aura. he then let loose an unknown attack to others

Dragonflame: Flame is engulfed by a greenish aura and then lets out a Flamethrower with a Dragonbreath wrapped around it. It can paralyze or burn the enemy with a 15% chance for each. It has the power of both of the attacks combined plus 1 tenth of that. It uses the same amount of energy as 2 flamethrowers. It can only be used twice per battle.

Aqua/male squirtle, lvl 1 no sig

Psy, Male Kadabra, Lvl 2

Psy likes to teleport. Alot. He has used this with dark energy to do some weird stuff. He finally learned to control the dark energy into an attack with teleport.

Dark Transmission/ Special Attack (Dark)

Psy Gathers dark energy in his fists, then teleports directly behind the opponent. Psy then punches them 4 times ( each doing damage equal to 1/2 a confusion) and once more (doing damage equal to a confusion). The last punch (and only that one) will send them flying. This attack stops any attack that is either charging (like hyper beam) or repeatedly firing (spike cannon) from finishing, since it catches them off gaurd. This uses energy equal to a teleport and 3.5 confusions. This can be used twice per battle.

Sparky/male pikachu, lvl 1 no sig

Drake/male bagon, lvl 1 no sig

Speedy/male treeko, lvl 1 no sig

Aero/male taillow, lvl 1 no sig

Bark, Male Houndour, Lvl 1

I met bark A week ago. He was fighting off a group of Jynx. They were beating him up until I showed up.He then used a flamethrower with dark and fire energy and sent them flying

Black Blaze

Bark charges up Dark and fire energy for a second or two and releases a stream of dark red flames which deal damage equal to two flamethrowers and using energy equivelent to 2 flamethrowers. It has a 10% chance of burning the opponent. This attack deals dark and fire damage (obviously). This attack can only be used once per battle

Haunt/ male Gastly, lvl 1 no sig

Streak/ male Larvatar, lvl 1 no sig

Grace, Female Ralts, Lvl 1 No sig

Now that all the formal crap is done, the truth. I am currently a PSABLer and a C+ ref.Also a frequent TO poster. Somehow, I am in an insane amount of battles that my opponent is more experienced. Although most are not frequently updated. I am also a frequent exhibition match challenger.