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Page currently outdated. Editing it to be up to date is on my list of things to do, but is somewhat low on it.

bird1111's PASBL Squad

Level 2 Pokemon

Ekans (F): Level 2

No Signature Move

Female Duskull: Level 2

No Sig Move

Whacker: Cubone (M): Level 2

Bio: Whacker has a short temper and hates idiots, and when someone acts like one, he whacks them with his bone, thus his nickname, this has no effect on his battling though

No Signature Move

Female Lileep: Level 2

No Sig Move

Male Houndour: Level 2

No Sig Move

Male Elekid: Level 2

No Sig Move

Male Remoraid: Level 2

No Sig Move

Medidite (M): Level 2

No Sig Move

Male Natu: Level 2
Bio: Natu, for some reason, is obsessed with huge beams, and is mad about the fact that he only knows one attack that's a large beam, so he trained for a long time to try to learn Hyper Beam, but ended up creating a new attack in the process. He also is a wiseass, and tends to comment on battles when I'm reffing
Signature Move: Sky Beam (Flying): Natu charges up a large beam of Flying energy for about five to seven seconds and releases it. This beam is about the same size as a half charged Hyper Beam, and looks similar, only its gray, not white. This beam does the same amount of damage as Drill Peck, only it won't pierce, and uses slightly more energy than Drill Peck

Hanakege: Female Skiploom Level 2

Bio: The latest member of the Hana family, she was born to an previously unown sister of the three Hana's currently to the league, thus making her a niece to them. Like all Hana's, she has an orange headband.

No Signature Move

Male Delibird: Level 2

No Signature Move

Female Glingar: Level 2

No Signature Move

Male Fearow Level 1

Level 3 Pokemon

Skia: Male Pidgeotto: Level 3

Skia: Male Pidgeotto: Level 3 Bio: Pidgeotto, is the leader of my squad; he is also obsessed with his beak, and really wanted to learn Drill Peck, and was always talking about how awsome a move it was and how it was the best pecking move, until I gave him the idea to quit bragging so much about how good he thought it is and actually try to learn it and see just how good it is, and he managed to convince my Spearow into teaching him Drill Peck with him, he managed to learn it

Special Training: Drill Peck: For reasons stated in the Bio, Pidgeotto has managed to learn Drill Peck

Female Dragonair: Level 3

No Sig Move

bird1111's PASBL Bio

bird1111 joined the PASBL November 30, 2004; though his squad was approved two days later. Not long after, he joined the NCT Tourernment and lost in the first round to ForeverFlygon. His first loss was sometime not too long after that match, to ZoraJolteon, a 1 vs. 1 in which Zora dominated bird1111 the whole way. His first win was sometime June or July 2005, in which he beat Master of Chaos, partly because of a bad reffing, partly because of a Forsight, and partly because of a bad move by his opponent. In June 2005, he joined the MYST, a 40 people, 5 round robin tournermant that would be followed by the top 16 in a single elimination tournerment. He first got beat badly by Yami Ron, then he beat Wayne by a DQ, then he lost a close match against MetalYoshi17. In November 2005, bird1111 became a B- ref, and slowly but surely took several matches, including a NCT round 3 match between ForeverFlygon and Char, a MYST round 3 match between Joey and Jon Jen, and a MYST Round 3 match between JAF and Dream Breaker. In March 2006, the refferee evaluations came around, but since he hadn't been reffing all that well, he was demoted to a C+ ranking. bird1111 can't remember his result against Shiny Magneton in Round 4, or the makeup round of the MYST. He to ShadowDino in the first round of the UToUD. bird1111 hit level 2 March 14th 2006, but he did not have a fully level 2 squad until September 14, 2006; a full 6 months later. He went in and out of parcipitating for a while, coming back fully mid December 2007, and appears to be somewhat back to his old self, but isn't reffing way too many matches at once anymore.

bird1111's PASBL Statistics

7 Wins, 2 Losses, 1 Draws

50 TP, 41.5 SP, 15 KO's

C+ ref; retired

Trainer Level 2