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Joined the league in 2002 and quickly climbed to the top 10 trainers before the league slowed down for a bit, Now is back to try and climb back to the top even quicker and master water pokemon faster then ever before

Omega: Male Blastoise lv 4 no sig

Shadow: Male Houndoom lv 3 no sig

cloud: Female Shelgon lv 3 no sig

Zion: Male Kadabra lv 3

Loyalty: female Ivysaur lv 3 no sig

Slick Male manectric lv 3 no sig

psyche: Female Xatu lv 3 no sig

Steel: Male skarmory lv 3 no sig

Cliff: Male Hitmonchan lv 3 no sig

Ultima: male Dragonair lv 3 no sig

Triden: Male Feraligatr lv 3 no sig

Titan: Male Charizard lv 4 no sig as of yet

Ace: Female Absol lv 3 no sig

Male Magikarp no sig

female psyduck lv 1 no sig

Male mudkip lv1 no sig

Female feebas lv 1 no sig

Male kabuto lv 1 no sig

no sig