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Welcome to my Wiki page! This will totally be the most sexilicious page on the Wiki. You know, if you ignore the potential Blaze x Kin shipping page.

History: I started out in the ASB during 2011, and I quite frankly sucked massive dick. I had the most crazy idea that I was going to Rock-monotype the League and for a new trainer this will only result in disaster. I pretty much stayed awful for most of my career, even winning the Golden Magikarp award for Worst Battler, until I somehow managed to "git gud" and quickly started to not only win but to make a name for myself. I became the Ghost Gym Trainer for Sneezey, and was able to defend the Gym from all challengers, keeping an undefeated 5/0/0 record (although one match is still in progress), beating some well-known trainers such as Apollo77 and kingothestone. I had a very narrow loss against rival and good friend Kindrindra, nearly beating him as the Dark GT. I am currently the Ghost Gym Leader at the Eternal Darkness Gym.

blazeVA's Match History

Trainer Level 4
Referee Grade B-
KOes 85
TP 226.5
SP 24.25
Wins 29
Losses 14
Draws 3


Squad Number 1
Name Marche
Species Level 4 Male Golem
Typing Rock/Fighting
Hidden Power Flying
Bio Work in Progress
Signature Marche is now a Rock/Fighting type, with all the weaknesses (Water, Grass, Psychic, Fighting, Steel, Ground, Fairy), and resistances (Normal, Bug, Dark, Fire, Rock, Poison). He has learned the moves Bulk Up and Close Combat. He also loses the moves: Focus Punch, Fire Blast, Bulldoze, and Rock Slide.
Squad Number 2
Name Tewi
Species Level 4 Female Lopunny
Typing Normal
Hidden Power Fairy
Bio Work in Progress
Signature Signature Attack: Mochi Hammer

Tewi creates a large hammer made out of Ground energy before slamming it into the opponent, dealing considerable damage for considerable energy. Since this hammer is meant to pound out mochi, it deals 20% more damage to softer opponents, while dealing 20% less damage to harder opponents. Tewi has the energy to use this attack twice.

Squad Number 3
Name Francesco
Species Level 4 Male Beautifly
Typing Bug/Flying
Hidden Power Water
Bio Work in Progress
Signature Signature Training: Super Dancer

Francesco has honed his dancing skills so much, that his dances are almost harmonic with nature. When he does a Quiver Dance, he gets more Special Attack from it, equivalent to a Nasty Plot boost but with a drop in Special Defense, gaining no boost, and it will clear his mind ala Calm Mind.

Squad Number 4
Name Remilia Scarlet
Species Level 4 Female Swoobat
Typing Psychic/Flying
Hidden Power Ground
Bio Work in Progress
Signature Signature Attack: Stored Power unleashed! Gungnir, Odin's Spear! (FGHT)

Remilia creates a black spear with silver trim out of Fighting energy, before firing the spear at an opponent. This spear moves very fast, so if Remilia has a good view of her opponent, this spear will nearly always hit. This spear is not a physical attack and is a construct of energy, meaning Light Screen will stop this attack. The accuracy of this attack is dependent on Remilia's vision, so if it is impaired in some way, it will be less likely to hit. This does considerable damage and costs a considerable amount of Fighting energy to use. Remilia has enough Fighting energy to use this attack twice.

Squad Number 5
Name Necrosis
Species Level 4 Male Venusaur
Typing Grass/Poison
Hidden Power None
Bio Work in Progress
Signature Signature Attack: Necro Plant(GRASS)

Necrosis's Leech Seed is considerably more potent that usual, sticking onto the opponent no matter what and also poisoning them. The seed will automatically return to Necrosis in four rounds. Necrosis having spent of his life learning this move never took the time to learn other moves, namely: Toxic, Synthesis, Growth, Secret Power, and Hidden Power.

Squad Number 6
Name Gagagigo
Species Level 4 Male Feraligatr
Typing Water
Hidden Power Poison
Bio Work in Progress
Signature Signature Training: I will become a Champion of Justice!(FIGHTING)

Gagagigo is considered to familiar with the Fighting type, and learns the moves Low Sweep and Drain Punch. As he never wants to become an evil person, he forgets the moves: Fake Tears, Spite, Rage, Screech, Swagger, Uproar, Shadow Claw, and Toxic. His Crunch is also does XX damage.

Squad Number 7
Name Ravager
Species Level 4 Female Charizard
Typing Fire/Flying
Hidden Power Water
Attached Items Charizardite X
Signature Special Attack: Tenacity (Electric)

Ravager charges Electric energy into both of her fists, before slamming them into the opponent, dealing considerable damage and causing them to be launched away from Ravager, distance depending on the size of the opponent. Ravager will then become fatigued after using this attack, and her stats(excluding accuracy and evasion) will be lowered slightly. These debuffs are considered permanent until she is switched out. This attacks power increases with every debuff and status condition she is inflicted with, a minor increase for each one. This attack will have a higher chance of success under paralysis or confusion. This attack costs major energy and Ravager has enough Electric energy to use this twice.

Squad Number 8
Name Raptor
Species Level 4 Female Sceptile
Typing Grass
Hidden Power Ice
Signature Special Attack: Devastation Crush(ROCK)

Raptor leaps through the air(either through jumping from the ground or from a high place such as a tree) and charges a fist full of Rock energy before slamming it into the opponent, dealing considerable damage. The energy is designed so that it will “crush” the opponent, lowering all of their stats slightly for three rounds. Raptor has the Rock energy to use this move twice per match.

Squad Number 9
Name Diagusto Pheonix
Species Level 4 Male Blaziken
Typing Fire/Fighting
Hidden Power Dark
Signature Signature Technique: Blessings of Gusto

Once per match, Pheonix can transfer a considerable amount of energy from one pool of type energy to replenish another teammate's type energy. This can be an active or inactive teammate. The type energy does not have to be from the same pools in order for this attack to work, however, the type energy pools(both of them) have to have between one and three offensive moves. This costs a major amount of energy to transfer the considerable amount amount of type energy(these do not stack, it won't cost major + considerable). This will only give the teammate type energy, and will not add any "total energy." The energy restored will not exceed the maximum amount of type energy the target can hold.

Squad Number 10
Name Rosa
Species Level 4 Female Meganium
Typing Grass
Hidden Power Rock
Signature Signature Technique: Effect Form(NRM)

Rose concentrates on focusing her inner self, before light blue orbs of energy circle around and go inside of her. This will heal her for a considerable amount of health, but it will also give a physical and special defense boost, as the energy will create a buffer about 2 feet away from her that reduces the power of moves that enters it. This boost is between a Harden and an Iron Defense in power, and lasts for three rounds. This move costs a major amount of energy.

Squad Number 11
Name Amazoness
Species Level 4 Female Samurott
Typing Water
Hidden Power Ground
Signature Signature Attack: Amazoness Archers!(WATER)

Amazoness creates many arrows out of water energy, shooting them at the opponent. These arrows will strike the opponent, dealing moderate Water damage in total. When hit with these arrows, Pokemon will act like Taunt was just used, being only able to attack. This will only take effect the turn the opponent is hit by the arrows. After the arrows hit the opponent, they sink into the ground, and will rise up and strike the next Pokemon that comes up, similar to Stealth Rock. This attack costs significant energy to use.

Squad Number 12
Name Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Species Level 4 Male Zweilous
Typing Dragon/Ice
Hidden Power Fairy
Signature Typechange: Dragon, Born of the Ice (ICE)

Trishula is now a Dragon/Ice type, with all the weaknesses (Dragon, Fighting, Steel, Rock) and resistances (Water, Grass, Electric) that the typing has. In addition to this, Trishula learns the moves Ice Beam and Blizzard, being one of ice and all. Trishula never learned the moves Superpower, Crunch, Draco Meteor, or Outrage, preferring its own Ice type moves to deal serious damage. As an Ice dragon, Trishula has no Fire energy what so ever.

Squad Number 13
Name Traptrix Atrax
Species Level 4 Female Galvantula
Typing Bug/Electric
Hidden Power Water
Signature Signature Attack: Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare

Atrax creates a current of bug energy which swirls around her target in a manner similar in appearance to a miniature bug-type fire spin. The attack does only light damage, and it lasts for only a moment, not trapping the opponent, but it's true abilities lie in utilizing the support of Atrax's teammates- When this attack is used, every Stealth Rock-like move in play around the opponent's field will strike the opponent as if they just just switched in, however, they are only 3/4 as powerful as normal. This move costs significant energy to use and can only be used once per Pokemon.

Squad Number 14
Name Traptrix Myrmeleo
Species Level 5 Female Flygon
Typing Dragon/Ground
Hidden Power Steel
Signature Special Attack: Traptrix Sand Traps! (GD)

Myrmeleo is known for her powerful sand traps, and this sig reflects that. For major Ground energy, Myrmeleo creates several small spheres of Ground energy before spitting them around the arena. On sand and other soft-soiled arenas, these spheres will go into the ground, while on hard arenas these spheres will just lay on the surface. They don't do anything to the opponent that is out, but when a new Pokemon comes in, these spheres activate like Sand Tomb; on softer arenas this will trap them in a sand tomb while on harder arenas they will create a small sandstorm around the opponent, preventing switching.

Squad Number 15
Name Traptrix Nepenthes
Species Level 4 Female Victreebel
Typing Grass/Poison
Hidden Power Water
Signature Special Attack: Nepenthes's Secret Poison Traps(POI)

Nephenthes scatters an array of poisons around herself, the toxins immediately sinking into the surface of the arena. Much like Stealth Rock, these poisons lurk within the arena, biding their time. However, unlike Stealth Rock, these toxins will not take effect when an opponent switches in, but, it will take effect when an opponent's stats are altered. This attack is about as strong as Thundershock, but with a twist. If the opponent uses a boosting move like Swords Dance or Nasty Plot, this attack will activate and deal damage as if the move was boosted by Swords Dance. If the opponent uses a move like Harden or Amnesia, the attack will deal damage as if the opponent had their defense lowered by the same amount. If the opponent uses a boosting move that doesn't affect the attack or defense stats, it will only deal moderate damage. If the boost is a secondary effect, such as with Charge Beam, this move will still work as normal. This move costs significant energy to use, and cannot be Rapid Spinned away. However, a powerful Water attack (i.e. anything stronger than Water Gun) will wash away this attack completely when ordered to.

Squad Number 16
Name Carmina
Species Level 5 Female Mismagius
Typing Ghost
Hidden Power Fighting
Signature Special Technique: Spellbook of Secrets (Normal)

Carmina's Spellbook of Secrets allows her to, once per battle, learn one move from one of her squadmates, of my choosing, for the next two rounds. She can use this technique in both singles and doubles and can use it to learn a move from any squadmate, KOed or otherwise. Common sense applies on moves she can use. This technique uses good energy.

Squad Number 17
Name Adreus
Species Level 4 Male Bouffalant
Typing Normal
Hidden Power Fairy
Signature Special Attack: Fires of Armageddon!

Once per round, Adreus can burst into black flames that give off no light. These flames have a special property that allows his physical attacks to deal an extra 20% damage to Dark, Ghost, and Fighting types, and they allow him to hit Ethereal or Gaseous ghosts for full damage. He can be ordered to use this technique by saying "Armageddon [insert physical move here]." This increases the energy needed for the attack by 25%, and it has no effect on his special moves. He loses the moves: Pursuit, Payback, Revenge, Rock Smash, and Superpower.

Squad Number 18
Name Celestia
Species Level 4 Female Gothitelle
Typing Psychic
Hidden Power Fairy
Signature Signature Attack: Loaded Dice, SHSL Gambler's Final Attack! (PSY)

Celes creates two dice out of psychic energy before rolling them on the ground. Once they stop, a beam of psychic energy shoots out of each die and hits the opponent. The power of this attack normally is the sum of the two dice, so it can range from light power to high power. However, if Celestia rolls two sixes, this attack's power shoots up to the equivalent of two Thunderbolts. This attack will deal neutral damage to Dark types and cannot be affected by Torment, as it is far too random for that. This attack uses considerable energy.

Squad Number 19
Name Susdy
Species Level 4 Female Sudowoodo
Typing Rock
Hidden Power Rock
Squad Number 20
Name Yog-Sothoth
Species Level 4 Male Spiritomb
Typing Ghost/Dark
Hidden Power Fairy
Signature Signature Technique: Outer Cosmos Ethereality

Yog-Soholth has a far great control of his spirit and state than other Spiritomb to, and this allows him to also make his keystone become ethereal. For each round he does this, Yog-Soholth needs to use a mild amount of energy to keep his keystone from going solid again. This can be ordered on and off and only counts as a move going on.

Squad Number 21
Name Durundal
Species Level 4 Male Doublade
Typing Steel/Ghost
Hidden Power Fairy
Signature Signature Training: Dragon-killing Sword

All of Durundal’s attacks do an extra 20% damage to Dragon types but for an extra 20% energy, and will ignore any resistances that a Dragon might have. For example, if Durundal used Iron Head on a Kingdra, it will do neutral damage instead of resisted damage. But, in return, all of Durundal’s attacks will deal 20% less damage to Rock and Fairy types, and will not deal SE damage to them.

Squad Number 22
Name Zabuza
Species Level 4 Male Greninja
Typing Water/Dark
Hidden Power Fairy
Signature Special Training: Hidden Mist Jutsu

Once per battle, if the arena is covered in some sort of mist or smoke, such as Haze or Smokescreen, Zabuza can turn invisible for the next two rounds. While he is invisible, he can use Water or Dark attacks without having to reveal himself, but any other energy attack will pull him out of his invisible state. If Zabuza is taken out of the mist, for example by moving out of it or having it blown away by a move like Defog or Whirlwind(just as examples), Zabuza will come out of his invisible state. Due to his natural ability to fight in mist, he will be able to easily see through any sort of mist or smoke and is not hampered sight-wise.

Squad Number 23
Name Zazie
Species Level 4 Female Banette
Typing Ghost
Hidden Power Bug
Signature Special Technique: Cthulu flhagen (Ghost)

Using a considerable amount of Ghost energy, Hades creates a translucent demon that looks something like a twisted starfish that leaps at the opponent and clings onto them. For the next five rounds, any time the opponent uses a special attack, there is a 50% chance that the demon will leach out one-third of its power, reducing the damage of the attack, and give that energy back to Hades as typeless energy. The demon does not affect the opponent in any other way. Hades cannot go invisible while this sig is active. Hades loses the moves Toxic, Shadow Claw, and Ominous Wind.

Squad Number 24
Name Junko Enoshima
Species Level 4 Female Super High School Level Sized Gourgeist
Typing Grass/Ghost
Hidden Power Fairy
Signature Signature Training: OH SUCH BEAUTIFUL DESPAIR!

Junko is so full of despair that all of her ghostly attacks are filled with it, so when she uses any Ghost type move, there is a 20% chance of the opponent flinching from the massive amount of despair they feel afterwards, but all of her Ghost type moves cost an extra 10% energy.

Squad Number 25
Name Jack
Species Level 4 Female Bisharp
Typing Dark/Steel
Hidden Power Psychic
Signature Signature Technique: Mist of the Darkened Metropolis

Jack creates a mist that covers the arena, the mist coming out of her many spikes and blades and using moderate Water energy. This mist isn’t too thick, but it will impair the sight of all Pokemon except for Jack, who has perfect sight in the mist, as well as any fog or smoke. This mist is a physical representation of her bloodlust, so it is near impossible to blow away. While this mist is active, if Jack fights a female opponent, all of her attacks will deal an extra 15% damage. This mist will last for three rounds, and can only be used twice a battle, as that is all her prana can create.

Squad Number 26
Name Tenryuu
Species Level 4 Female Pangoro
Typing Dark/Fighting
Hidden Power Fighting
Squad Number 27
Name Utsuho
Species Level 4 Female Honchkrow
Typing Fire/Flying
Hidden Power Ground
Signature Signature Training, Type Change: Temple of Yata-Garasu

Utsuho is now a Fire/Flying type, with all the weaknesses (4x Rock, Water, Ground, Electric) and resistances (4x Grass, 4x Bug, Fairy, Fighting) of that typing. In addition, because becoming a temple for a Sun Crow changed her so much, she only has the same amount of Dark energy as other fire types. Her connection to the sun means that she fights less enthusiastically and gets more tired if the sun is not out, but especially when its raining or its nighttime. She learns the moves Flamethrower and Flame Charge because some variety isn't too much to ask for.

Squad Number 28
Name Ragsmuena
Species Level 4 Female Dusclops
Typing Ghost
Hidden Power Fairy
Signature Signature Attack: Fear Touch

Coating her hand in a considerable amount of Ghost energy, Ragsmuena swings her hand like a scythe, causing a cresent shaped band of energy to fire from her. This band of energy will strike the opponent and remind them of the thing that they most fear, causing them to become petrified in fear. It will suffer diminishing returns if it is used more than once on the same target, although its less severe than other fear based attacks. This will work equally on all Pokemon, ignoring any and all SC factors. This attack can be used twice per Pokemon and deals solid Ghost damage.

Squad Number 29
Name The Pain
Species Level 4 Golurk
Typing Ground/Ghost
Hidden Power Fire
Signature Signature Attack: Pain Pain Go Away!

Golett creates a hand out of Ghost energy, which zooms forwards and then grabs the opponent. Then, The Pain can either cause the opponent to be launched into the air and away from him, or be pulled towards him. This attack is relatively quick, possibly interrupting attacks to Ref’s discretion, and doesn’t deal damage, though fall damage may occur if they are pushed away. This uses good energy and can be used twice per opponent.

Squad Number 30
Name Murasa
Species Level 4 Female Jellicent
Typing Water/Ghost
Hidden Power Ground
Signature Signature Attack: Capsize “Sinking Anchor”

Using considerable Ghost energy, Murasa concentrates on the opponent, before suddenly a ghostly anchor appears around the opponent’s neck, causing their soul to be bound to this plane, but it doesn’t affect them physically. This anchor will prevent the opponent from switching out by any means, and any Ghost affected by this sig will be forced into the solid state. This sig does decent damage.

Squad Number 31
Name Yuyuko
Species Level 4 Female Trevenant
Typing Grass/Ghost
Hidden Power Grass
Attached Items Harvester's Token
Signature Signature Technique: Queen of the Netherworld

Yuyuko's own abilities and the influence of the Akayashi cherry tree allows Yuyuko to easily prey on the weak. Whenever the opponent is statused, they will begin to lose some of their energy and that energy will instead transfer to Yuyuko. If the opponent is inflicted by a physical status, like Toxic or Burn, they will lose a light amount of energy per round, but, if affected by an ethereal or mental status like Curse or Confusion, they will instead lose a moderate amount of energy per round. These will not stack with each other.

Squad Number 32
Name Lunasa
Species Level 4 Female Drifblim
Typing Ghost/Flying
Hidden Power Ghost
Signature Signature Attack: Ghostly Performance

Lunasa rubs her strings together like a violin, causing a small tune to come out before suddenly ghostly specters of her teammates appear out of mist and begin to do a performance with Lunasa as the lead. The combination of weird energy waves and sound causes the opponent to take a light amount of Steel damage for each not KOed team member including Lunasa, for a light amount of Steel energy, doing at minimum a light amount of damage and at maximum a major amount of damage. Since this attack seems highly random and the music is highly disorienting, this attack has a 30% chance of confusion to the opponent. Lunasa has enough Steel energy to use this attack once at full power and one time at half power.

Squad Number 33
Name Elsa Maria
Species Level 4 Female Sableye
Typing Dark/Ghost
Hidden Power Dark
Signature Signature Technique: Hounds of the Shadow Labyrinth

Elsa pumps her energy into the shadows, causing them to leap at the opponent in a shape that looks like a bunch of hounds. These "hounds" will grab and bind the opponent in place for a brief time before disappearing. For the next five rounds, all Dark-type Pokemon will lose their resistance to Ghost and all other Pokemon will take more damage to Ghost-type attacks, similar to Trick-or-Treat. This move costs significant energy.

Squad Number 34
Name Tsumiki
Species Level 4 Female Audino
Typing Normal
Hidden Power Normal
Attached Item Audinite
Bio Bio: Tsumiki was hatched in a Pokemon Center breeding room like many an Audino before her. Her task, her life that was set out in front of her was to be an assistant nurse to Nurse Joy at a Pokemon Center somewhere in Unova. But in a shocking turn of events, it turns out that Tsumiki never went to a Pokemon Center in Unova; instead, she was sent to Kalos to help the Nurse Joys over in Shalour City, as their Wigglytuff were coming down with an unexplained sickness. She was quickly send over via airplane, and when she came into Shalour City, she met the person she was likely to spend the rest of her life with. Tsumiki and her Nurse Joy became the best of friends, and even though Tsumiki was very shy around people she loved being able to cure and help her patients, since in her mind it made her useful and people seemed to like her afterwards. This went on for a couple of years before the Great Catastrophe hit the Kalos region. The Carbink were becoming violent, insane, and soon the world will find out the real reason why this happened, although during the time no one knew what the issue could have been. Tsumiki and her Nurse Joy were busy trying to heal wounded patients inside of the Shalour Refugee camp when a group of about ten Carbink ambushed the camp. In an attempt to keep her patients safe, Nurse Joy and Tsumiki tried to fight them off, but were unsuccessful in doing so. Nurse Joy was murdered before Tsumiki's eyes, while Tsumiki herself had managed to take a wound from that battle. Little did she know that she would be the Typhoid Mary of the Lswarm virus, changed by it but never dominated from it, and she was left alone and presumed dead by the other Carbink. From there she tried day after day after day to heal her trainer and beloved companion, even going as far as trying to stitch together her beloved companions body parts back together and trying to perform surgery to take out the jagged pieces of diamond in her chest. But no matter how much energy she poured into her companion, no matter how hard she tried to bring her back to life, Tsumiki learned one of the most devastating lessons anyone has to: The dead stay dead, and no amount of wishing will ever bring them back.

As she came to terms with this, as well as seeing the mangled corpse of her companion and what she had done to it, the realization of it all broke Tsumiki's mind. The first night, she spent the entire time giggling to herself. What many people wouldn't understand is why the Carbink hadn't heard this and killed her off. The reason for this was that she was infected with the very virus that the Carbink were, and while she bore no real connection to them, they for some reason had no intention of killing her. She wandered around Unova, trying to find something. What is was she didn't know, but she knew that if she found it, it would make her happy again. It was during this time that she had a passing encounter with a Pumpkaboo named Junko, who told her that the best way to deal with despair was to spread it around to other people and make the world despair with you. Tsumiki became infatuated with Junko, taking to heart what she said and moving along to another Pokemon Center. She had somehow walked nearly all the way to Santalune City, and then she found the answer she was looking for. She was admitted to the Pokemon Center because of the wound on her stomach. Having not paid any attention to herself, the wound was massively infected and spewing black pus. This was of course because it was infected with the Lswarm virus, which had already tainted her mind with madness. While in the Pokemon Center, once she was feeling better, she took Junko's words and put them into action; savagely murdering every patient in the Center, saying that she was going to save them from their suffering and that they needed to understand the ultimate despair. Her preferred method of killing was through bloodletting, as it allowed her victims to suffer, but as it became more likely that she would be caught, she turned to overdosing her "patients" on drugs through injection. She escaped the city easily, somehow being able to avoid most detection, and continued her reign of terror around Kalos. It was during this time that her wishes became curses on the world; the once holy Wish move had turned into her Fallen Wish, and it was this draining technique that she used to subdue her victims before killing them. When the evacuation was ordered of Kalos, she hopped onto one of the evac ships and sailed to the Sinnoh region, where she was responsible for the murder of over forty Pokemon in various Pokemon Centers. Authorities searched everywhere for her, but they were unable to track her by any means. The Lswarm virus had given her a sort of morbid intelligence, somehow taught her the best methods on how to kill.

I had been traveling around the Sinnoh region at the time, with several of my companions: Tewi, Yog-Sothoth, Lunasa, Carmina, Ragsmuena, Ochu, and Utsuho. At the time, the six Pokemon restriction had been lifted in case of an emergency with the Carbink of Kalos. While traveling, Ragsmuena had become ill from a mysterious illness and we had stopped into the Pastoria Pokemon Center to make sure that she was okay. It was late in the night and when we went in, nobody was around. We tried reception, but there wasn't a Nurse Joy or a Chansey around to check on us. Ragsmuena started to look better, and she told us that she could feel souls being spilled here. She went into the waiting room where we found the dead body of a Chansey, whose stomach had been viciously sliced apart. Running further ahead to where the blood trail was going, we heard the sound of an insane giggling, and Ragsmuena turned around and glared in the direction of the giggling. Tsumiki came out then, in a white nurse's uniform covered in blood, giggling all the while. Ragsmuena passed out from her illness (although she recovered the next day, revealing it was because she had a lack of life essence which she god from Tsumiki's murder victims) and before I could send out a Pokemon, the Dusk Ball containing Yog-Sothoth opened up. Tsumiki attacked Yog-Sothoth, but it was literally useless: her scalpels and her syringes passed through him like they didn't exist, and she couldn't land a hit on myself or Ragsmuena either, as Yog-Sothoth used his Psychic attacks to redirect them towards her. Finally, as she tired out, Yog-Sothoth finished her off with a Hyper Beam, and I captured her.

Yog-Sothoth took the Pokeball from me then, and did some kind of curse or a hex on it. I wasn't sure exactly what he did, but when I released Tsumiki back out, she didn't seem to have an idea what had happened to her. She was perfectly fine: disgusted at the slaughter in front of her and yet completely unaware that she was the one who did it. She tried to heal several of the murder victims before Yog lead her away from them, and she was entrusted to me. She was an amicable and shy cleric for my team, making sure they were always at tip-top shape. Carmina, having analyzed Tsumiki closely, revealed to me that Yog-Sothoth had made a temporary rewrite of her memories: he repressed the memory of her companion dying and wrote a new memory of her being traded to me as part of the evacuation process. While I didn't like the methods he used, it was clear that he had done an amazing deed. The only thing clashing in her memory was the wound she had bee inflicted with during the battle: she didn't know where it came from and Yog made no attempts to make an explanation for it. Every time she would look at it, she would space out and come back shortly later. So to stop this, she wore a nurse's outfit constantly. When I caught Junko in Kalos, along with Durundal and Heliotrope, Junko ended up being a trigger for Tsumiki's memories, causing her to become twisted and murderous once again. At this, Yog-Sothoth sealed her Pokeball with the same magic that he sealed Durundal and Heliotrope, making Tsumiki one of the Wicked Three. From here, Tsumiki along with her two comrades were only used in the most dire of situations, and study of her scar revealed many secrets about the Lswarm virus and the origins of Kalos's crisis.

Signature Signature Technique: Fallen Nurse Tsumiki

Tsumiki can through harnessing her inner despair create a twisted, sinister of the move Wish. At the order of a "Fallen" Wish, Tsumiki will curse her opponent and cause them to feel tired and worn out instead of feeling perked up and peppy. Similar to a normal Wish, Tsumiki's "Fallen" Wish will cause the opponent to lose a good amount of energy one to two rounds later. This technique costs good energy to use.

Squad Number 35
Name Nue
Species Level 4 Female Zoroark
Typing Dark
Hidden Power Dark
Bio Bio: In the Unova region, the Zoroark line are quite rare and the packs of Zoroark are very well guarded, so as it has been, no one has a real idea on the social order of the line. When I was traveling in the Lostlorn Forest, I saw that something was wrong in the forest, but was unable to precisely identify what is was. At the time, Tsumiki was with me and she had her memory repressed, and she said that she was able to feel that there was someone hurt nearby, as she was able to hear their labored breathing. Looking around, Tsumiki and I were unable to find the source of the breathing, when I decided to try something out. Taking out one of my Pokeballs, I sent out Parsee, who I asked to find where there might be distressed emotions. Concentrating slightly, she pointed to a bush. As we came close to it, all of a sudden, a Dark Pulse shot out of the bush and struck Parsee, ticking her off as she launched a Moonblast at the bush. However, when the Moonblast struck the bush, it was revealed that the bush was actually a Zorua, and a heavily injured one at that. Parsee apologized for her outrage, but Tsumiki and I were more concerned about the well-being of the Zorua in front of us. As we approached it, the Zorua being to growl and hiss at us, but Tsumiki calmed the Zorua down by healing it with a Heal Pulse. Realizing we only meant to help it, the Zorua calmed down and began to speak with us. After healing it back to health, the Zorua, named Nue, joined our team without a battle, believing that she should be able to learn a lot by traveling in the world of humans.

The Zoroark social order is strictly matriarchal; packs of Zoroark are ruled by the women of the packs instead of the men. Each pack actually has their own biological differences which separates them from other packs; some of them are as intelligent if not more intelligent than humans, others are no more intelligent than a common wolf. Some Zoroark are unable to change their own appearance, but are amazingly adept at manipulating the minds of others. Nue is a herd that is at the tip top of the hierarchy; they are amazingly intelligent, with the ability to speak a myriad of human tongues as well as being able to integrate into human society. They also have the ability to change the appearance of their attacks, and that's what makes them the apex of Zoroark. Of course, the shocking thing was that a person that seems completely human could be a Zoroark. That was terrifying.

Signature Signature Technique: Ancient Youkai Deception

For a light amount of extra energy, Nue can, once per round, make one of her attacks look like another attack in her movepool. For example, she can make her Flamethrower seem to her opponent as a Focus Blast. Since this works by making the opponent believe the attack is one rather than the other, it will work less often against foes with a higher mental resistance, and repeated use of this technique will cause the opponent to slowly see through her ability.

Squad Number 36
Name Ochu
Species Level 4 Male Tangrowth
Typing Grass
Hidden Power Grass

The Ochu is a sub-set of Tangela that was discovered to be found in the aquatic forests around Mt. Gulg. These forests are very hot because of the tropical climate along with the very close volcano, and because of the massive river system, much of the forest is actually partially submerged and so the plant life had to adapt to that. Victreebel learned to swing through the trees as nimble as monkeys, Vileplume developed lily pad like floatation devices so they could float down rivers and pollinate in new areas. For the Tangela, they became quite different. Their many vines soon disappeared and were replaced with two solitary vines, one of which that contained a poisonous sac, and the other that contained an eye. They gained the ability to move in the water as well as the land, and their mouths became large and deformed.

Occasionally, some Tangela are born just like normal Tangela. These Tangela retain the fierce instincts of the Ochu as well as their special pollen. The heat and humidity of the submerged forests means that traditional pollen doesn't travel well through the air, meaning that the Ochu had to create their own special pollen. It's heavier, has a fireproof coating, and moves slower in winds. This has had a positive impact, especially considering that the common dangers to Tangela are Fire and Flying types.


I didn't find my Tangela at Mt. Gulg, who scientists have found near impossible to find, but my Tangela is a pretty close ringer for these Pokemon. When I found it, it instantly attacked me, and although I have Ravager with me, the battle was a lot more difficult that I had figured it was. I was near unable to stop its Sleep Powder attack. Ravager's Flamethrower was completely ineffective at burning the spores, and its Whirlwind attack barely blew them away while they put my Charizard to sleep. I had to change my battle plan, and soon used the furious powers of Ice to chill the beast and finally capture it, adding its sticky, heavy pollen to my arsenal.

Signature Signature Training: Ochu Pollen

Due to the incredibly moist conditions where the Ochu live and the close living conditions that Ochu shared with them, he has adapted the Ochu's incredibly thick poisonous pollen. Due to this, his Poisonpowder attack will now inflict Toxic poisoning instead of normal poisoning, and all of his powders are very difficult to both blow away or burn off. However, because they are heavier, they also moves slower than most powder attacks and can be possibly be dodged.

Squad Number 37
Name Mami
Species Level 2 Female Clauncher
Typing Water
Hidden Power Water
Bio It was all a blur to the Clauncher that had decided to cross the road when she was hit by a speeding car trying to avoid her. The Clauncher never did realize the magnitude of its simple endeavor would cause on the world's timeline, but at the time, it would only focused on survival. Surely an ambulance would come and rescue her. It happened sometimes, she had saw, when other Pokemon were seriously injured. This time, there would be something for her. She did not see the flash of white move behind her, the wishgiver giving a wish to a young girl who was also on the brink of death. What she did see was a bright golden light, and then everything went blank.

When she woke up the next morning, she was back at her pond, but she felt that she was dramatically different. In fact, for once, she seemed to have anything more than a rudimentary awareness of self. She had a personality, she had likes, she had dislikes. It was odd, it was almost like that bright light had given her a personality of her own. Except it really wasn't her own, that light had instead implanted the personality of the person it was being used on onto her. She took up her new name, and learned that when she fired attacks out of her claw, something magical happened, although she never made any attempt to expand on that. She gradually drifted away from where she lived in an attempt to fight the evil in the world. She came upon myself and Ragsmuena, and tried to fight the Dusknoir, but she easily overpowered the Clauncher. From this, we learned that whenever Mami would fire attacks from her claw, they would leave little flowers along the arena that would stick around, although none of them did much on their own. With a little training and some strategic advice from my Beautifly, we learned that she could turn her attacks into a sort of slow entry hazard, and it made her battling prowless much stronger than before.

Signature Signature Technique: Flower Binding Power

Whenever Mami uses an attack that comes from here claw, some of the energy from that attack will secret itself into the arena and form a small flowers, which in general forms itself in front of Mami. These flowers will shoot out a small red string which binds itself around the opponent. When an opponent switches in, the flowers will open up again and shoot a string out at the opponent, binding around them. Each flower will release one string, so if there are eight flowers, eight strings will shoot out. These strings are somewhat easy to break, and once they are broken, the strings will not reattach themselves to the same opponent until they switch back in. If six strings are attached to the opponent, the sig will slow the opponent down somewhat and make it harder to break the strings. If nine strings are attached to the opponent, the strings will completely immobilize the opponent, and make it so it is impossible to switch out. The strings themselves can still be broken however by moves like Rapid Spin, Strength, Safeguard or similar moves. Once the strings are broken, the opponent is free again and will be able to switch. The flowers themselves are not removable from the field. The energy costs of all of Mami's claw moves are increased by 10%.

Squad Number 38
Name Soviet
Species Level 1 Male Rufflet
Typing Normal/Flying
Hidden Power Normal
Bio This file contains classified information about Operation Turncoat. If your security clearance is not S-rank, stop reading this file.

Some time ago, Russian soldiers invaded American soil and stole several Rufflet eggs from local breeders. Braviary have since replaced the bald eagle as the country's bird, so it was unknown how the Russian soldiers got into the breeder's farms, since they would have a high level of security to prevent such a matter. But they managed to do it, and it was revealed some time later that these Rufflet were being raised indoctrinated with Soviet propaganda, and then they would be released back into the United States using their appearance to easily spread Soviet thinking. All turncoated Rufflet were henceforth captured soon after release and given to trainers for reindoctrination of American ideals.

End of file.

I'm not exactly sure where I found Soviet, or why, or when really, but I woke up one morning and found a Pokeball that wasn't mine stuck in my pack. When I went around and asked if anyone knew where this Pokeball came from, but no one seemed to have a clue, and no one claimed any ownership to the Pokeball, so I too it with me. After finding out it was a Rufflet, with a rather interesting politics agenda, I began to train it, using many of its favorite Soviet Russia quips as a sort of training guide. After a lot of intense training, including one brash encounter with my Charizard, Blaster, Soviet learned that he could manipulate his type energies quite well, something to do with nuclear physics he picked up at Chernoybl or something.

Signature Signature Training: In Soviet Russia!

As such, when Soviet is sent into battle and before being given orders, the referee will roll an RNG, posting the results, showing which of the following traits he has for the battle in question, all of which boost one type pool for the sacrifice of another and have an equal chance of activating. Once activated, that type pool can't be boosted in any way (e.g. via Mozz Badge). -In Soviet Russia, rocks smash you!: Soviet's Rock energy is doubled while he loses his Ghost energy. -In Soviet Russia, your ear bites Mike Tyson!: Soviet's Fighting energy is doubled while he loses his Steel energy. -In Soviet Russia, the Sun nukes you!: Soviet's Fire energy is doubled while he loses his Bug energy.

Squad Number 39
Name Iku Nagae
Species Level 1 Female Tynamo
Typing Electric
Hidden Power Electric
Bio The legacy of the oarfish in the heavens is one that would take too long to properly recite; after all, only a very select few know of all the disasters that Iku had predicted and had come to prevent in time, from wars to earthquakes to famines to tsunammis, and a list of them would just be too long. Let us talk about the story, however, of the oarfish that had decided to live amongst normal human beings in the modern era, to more properly understand the world in which we lived in.

It was my first trip to the Unova Region, and although I had heard about the region several times from other trainers and had even read a couple websites about it, I still felt giddy about the possibilities that would lie before me. Maybe I would capture a fierce Druddigon, a dragon of powerful origins who I had heard very good things about, or the powerful automaton Golurk, whose massive size made him a difficult opponent to face. Like the other times I went into a region unexplored (with the exception of Kalos, which at the time was just beginning to succumb to the Catastrophe), I went nearly completely fresh, only bringing Marche, my Golem, with me. It was a chance to get to know the new Pokemon of the region better, and to allow my other team members to have a break from the exploring and the battling that always happened. While on the plane to Unova, which would land me in Mistralton City, I looked down and saw a pack of Swanna flying gracefully through the air. It was going to be a fun experience, and I was ready for the ride.

When we landed in Mistralton City, my first stop was the Pokemon Center, to check up on the Pokemon that I had captured and make sure that everyone was doing okay. After making sure everything was fine, I turned around and saw a woman with blue hair walk into the Pokemon center, looking very stressed out. As I was the only one there at the time (since, unknown to me, many of the local trainers had been comissioned to helping with the evacuation of Kalos) and the woman approached me. "Excuse me, I need some help. I need to see if I can get to someone in charge, there is a grave danger approaching Mistralton City." I looked at the woman, trying to think about how I was going to reply to her (while not trying to awe at how beautiful she was), and just thought that the best thing to do would be to tell the truth. "I'm sorry, I'm not from around here. In fact I just flew in a little while ago from Jubilife City. But I'll try to help you as much as I can." The woman nodded at me, before taking a Pokeball and handing it to me. "This one wants to be with you. Her name is Iku. Now, quickly, we must go back to the airport." Without another word, I took the Pokeball and ran back to the airport. When the woman requested to see the person in charge, she was rudely declined and I stepped in. "Even if its nothing, this would be something to look into." After flashing him my Johto Champion license, they reluctantly moved aside.

"The Johto Champion?" I nodded, not having time to explain that I was not an active Champion at that point, but we went up to the control tower. Upon opening the door and meeting with the person in charge, the woman began to tell him that the plane arriving from Santalune must not be allowed to land here; there was danger lurking on board. This was rebutted with that there had not been any sign of danger nor any distress calls from the plane, and they would not budge; the plane full of refugees needed to land. An argument ensued, and the plane flew into the airport, requesting permission to land. At this point, the woman grabbed me and told me that we needed to get down there and try to stop this. Not having a clue about what was going on, I agreed, and we were at the airstrip when the plane landed. People began to stream out, and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary...until the screams started. The woman grabbed a Pokeball, throwing it to release and Eelektross, and I did the same, throwing out my Golem, and we both boarded the plane. That was my first encounter with the Carbink, and I won't forget it. Although it was tough, we defeated all the Carbink on board and managed to save the lives of many innocent people, and possibly the Unova region. After that, I never did see the woman again, although the Pokeball she gave me is still in my possession.

Like she had said, the Pokemon's name was Iku, and she was a Tynamo. After some research, I discovered that Iku was also the name of the woman who had given the Pokeball, and figured that the coincindence was too great to ignore. Iku accompianed me throguh my travels of the Unova region, and through some training, she learned a powerful technique after seeing the powerful Drill Run technique from my Escavalier. She was able to focus her eletrical energies into a drill-like construct, and even remotely control it, giving her a new offensive option that would prove to be very powerful in a variety of situations.

Signature Dragon's Thundering Drill

Iku spins around in mid-air, all the while crackling with energy, before she shoots out a drill-like construct made of electricity, which flies towards the opponent. This attack is somewhat like Aura Sphere, able to home onto the opponent, albiet it is somewhat slow and is not impossible to dodge. The construct is also very sturdy, allowing it to break Light Screen as well as push through most energy attacks, similar to Iron Head. This attack does considerable Electric damage for considerable energy.

Squad Number 40
Name Traptrix Dionaea
Species Level 1 Female Carnivine
Typing Grass
Hidden Power Grass
Squad Number 41
Name Yuuka
Species Level 1 Female Sunkern
Typing Grass
Hidden Power Grass
Squad Number 42
Name Chachamaru
Species Level 1 Porygon
Typing Normal
Hidden Power Normal
Squad Number 43
Name Elizaleyn
Species Level 2 Female Shedinja
Typing Bug/Ground
Hidden Power Bug
Bio Bio: In a world of angels and reapers, its quite hard to find quality help that's good for smashing your opponent into itty bitty pieces...or rather making your opponents suddenly want to serve you and your every need. This was Elizaleyn, an angel with the ability to sing. This singing of course was actually a concentrated magic attack aimed at the mind, which takes all agency and free will *pants* away from the opponent and makes them completely *pants* and totally *pants* obediant to Elizaleyn. *passes out*

Alright I came back too. An angel's duty is to protect the many realms to make sure that society does not get too much out of hand and that the innovation we create does not come to destroy us. Actually that kinda makes her sound like a reaper, which is pretty damn cool. Anyways, when she sees fit to it Elizaleyn and the other angels of Mishanel will destroy a civilization if it becomes too advanced and threatens the world with destruction. This is of course completely and totally justified. Hold on, she wants me to bake her cookies.

Alright I'm back from the cookies. Anwyays, I'm not sure how I met Elizaleyn in all honestly. All I remember is hearing the most beautiful singing and all of a sudden I had a Shedinja and completely wanted to serve its every need. Including something about wanting to learn Imprison from my Dusknoir but making it so that she could use it for her own benefit. She doesn't like it when people are actually able to damage angels after all. Come to think of it, why am I here and not doing something for her? I should see if she needs something.

Signature Signature Technique: Seal

Using considerable Ghost energy, Elizaleyn taps into her ability to mentally screw with opponents and causes them to suffer from a massive mental block. Upon choosing one type, the opponent will be unable to use any moves of that type for the next five rounds. However, to do this, Elizaleyn needs to purify herself of one of her types as well for five rounds, not allowing her to use any moves of that type as well. This also counts as a curse, making it heal-able by Refresh. The typing sealed must have at least one offensive move.