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Level 2

Ivy: Female Ivysaur
Ivy served as the protector of its particular group of Ivysaur in the wilderness. This group had one problem - a herd of Bayleef also wished to be the owners of the same territory. They fought for ages and neither group seemed to have won. Ivy, with the help of her Ivysaur friends, developed a new, more potent, way to use their Poisonpowder move. By concentrating the powder by up to four times, the Ivysaur were able to create a serum which they could dip their vines in before they attacked the Bayleef. This not only secured their ownership of the territory, but gave them their own unique move, Poison Whip.
Special Attack: Poison Whip (Poison)
Ivy uses a form of Vine Whip, but the end of the vines are covered in a poisonous serum which has a 20% chance of poisoning badly (the Toxic effect). In any one battle, Ivy will have enough serum to use the move up to 4 times.

Grove: Male Grovyle
Grove loves spinning around just for good fun. He has always been fascinated with the movement of the leaves on his body as he spins around. This fascination inspired him to create whirlwinds of leaves to watch their movements. As he spun, he released a Razor Leaf into the vortex he created. It wasn’t long before he was able to continually release leaves and create a spiral of spinning leaves.
Special Technique: Leaf Storm (Flying)
Grove creates a Whirlwind type attack which is completely made out of the Razor Leaf leaves. It can damage the opponent dealing damage equal to 1.5x the damage of Razor Leaf and it can also be used as a defensive move blocking some Lightweight Pokémon as well as most of the powder-type attacks like Sandstorm, Sand Attack and the powders (Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, etc.). Due to its nature, it is only 50% as accurate as the Whirlwind attack it was created from.

Level 1

Leafster: Male Chikorita
Leafster is very good at executing his Razor Leaf move. While trying to perfect Razor Leaf, spun his leaf on his head so quickly to try and keep up with the training, that he accidentally lifted himself off the ground. This became a very useful maneuver, thus his signature move, Hover.
Special Defense: Hover (Normal)
Leafster is able to keep itself off the ground for short periods of time by spinning the leaf on its head very quickly. It can avoid such moves as Earthquake and Magnitude as well as other ground-based attacks (e.g. Surf, Tackle, etc.)

Brero: Male Lotad
Brero was a very timid Pokémon, but also an extremely energetic one who didn’t like having to battle. He was so afraid of battling that he developed his own way of warding off opposing Pokémon. He used to play a game with some of his Lotad friends. It had to do with how long a Lotad could stop him/herself from being hit by a Water Gun attack. Brero wanted to win this to show he was strong, so he spent ages perfecting his Water Gun to the extent that he could control the exact length of the jet of water. He then tried moving in a circular motion to create a wall of water around him. With much practice he succeeded.and as long as he stayed in the one spot. Thus he was able to win the game, but at the same time created for himself his signature move.
Special Defense: Water Shield (Water)
Brero lets out a short jet of Water Gun and spins on the spot, using of the lily pad on his head to keep his balance, he creates a continuous wall of water able to keep most physical attacks at bay. The wall is only horizontal, so vertical attacks hit with doubled accuracy.

Spike: Male Cacnea
Spike has lived most of his life in the desert and has developed a rather unique characteristic which only comes from living in the desert. He is able to store large amounts of water inside his body. During his life in the desert, there came a dry season to end all dry seasons. He did not have enough water and every water hole he knew had dried up. He walked for miles and miles until he finally came upon a river into which he basically fell due to his weakness. But, as a result, because he was so parched, his entire body soaked up as much water as it could possibly take. This forced his body to hold much more water than usual which became a permanent change. He now makes sure he has water coursing through at all times so as to avoid becoming that parched ever again.
Special Resistance: Water Retention
Due to the amount of water Spike keeps in his body, Fire attacks do normal damage only and his body is slightly larger than the average size for a Cacnea which makes it only 5% slower than any normal Cacnea.

Speedy: Female Hoppip
Speedy, was always in the need for speed. The only problem was that because she was too light, she had a hard time gaining speed - especially in a high wind. She found though, that in a high wind, her antennae spun around. One day, she tried to make her antennae move around in the opposite direction. She found that if she concentrated hard enough, she could spin her antennae around fast enough to create sort of propeller which stopped her from being moved by the wind. She worked so hard that she found she was able to do it even when she was not in a high wind, which meant that she could increase her speed - something which she so enjoyed that she practised and practised until she could do it effortlessly.
Special Technique: Speed Boost (Normal)
Speedy’s propeller motion allows her to move anywhere with ease and stops her from moving more than a metre in a high wind. It creates such a force, that speed attacks like Quick Attack do 25% more damage than usual and she is able to evade attacks 50% more readily than any normal Hoppip.

Cutie: Female Exeggcute
Cutie by nature was always an odd Exeggcute. She never did many of the normal things that an Exeggcute would do. For one, she didn’t enjoy having all of the six parts of her so close together. Each egg needed its own personal space. How far could each egg be from the other for them to still function as a group? She worked every day, coaching each egg into moving a little further away from the others - but not too far as to completely remove them from the group. Thus, after months and months of training each egg could make each of the normal Exeggcute attacks by themselves as long as they were close to the other eggs. This way, they could be separated and function as an Exeggcute. They ended up learning to work together while being (at maximum radius) 1.5 metres from each other.
Special Training: Confidence
Cutie has so much Confidence in itself that it is able to still function as an Exeggcute when each egg is separated from the other. The maximum distance the eggs can be separated is 1.5 metres (i.e. each egg can only be, at maximum, 1.5 metres from all the other five eggs). Each egg is capable of making an attack by itself, but it may only do so if the other five aren’t making a different attack. Due to her Confidence, if en egg makes an attack by itself, is does 1/3 of the normal attack damage - so if all six eggs execute the attack without a hitch, the defending Pokémon will take 2x the normal attack damage. Also, if Cutie is able to surround the defending Pokémon with her six eggs, the attack become twice as accurate. Spore attacks like Poisonpowder are also twice as potent because each egg is producing more than its normal quota of pollen for the attack.

Pory: Female Shroomish
Whenever Pory became poisoned or confused, etc. during a battle, she was always distressed. We had grown up together from when she was was very little, but her previous master had always scolded her when she ‘let herself’ become poisoned or confused, etc. She hated this so much, that she decided to try to make herself immune from the status changes. Being a Shroomish, she could use any of the pollen status affecting moves herself. So, after some time and practice, she was able to use all of the pollen attacks at the same time. Due to this training, she did develop a certain resistance to each of the pollens’ effects, so that she could almost never be affected by any status affecting attack. By doing so, she created for herself, her signature move, Stats Spore.
Special Technique: Stats Spore
Pory uses all of the pollen attacks in one go. In this way, each of the attacks are less potent than usual, but they can still effect the defending Pokémon when used - i.e. the defending Pokémon can receive any status ailment from the attack (at the ref’s discretion). It also gives her an added resistance to her natural resistance, from the training, when used such that any status affecting attack will only have a 0% chance of affecting her. (Her normal resistance is that any status affecting attack will have a 5% chance of affecting her.) Pory can only use this move once per battle.

Secto: Male Paras
Secto always loves to play with its Pokémon friends. One day, Pory fell from a tree and landed on Secto’s back. This action created a cloud of dust which we worked out came from Secto. We found that the dust came from the mushrooms on its back. This dust was found to harmful, so by accident, Pory had stumbled upon Secto’s signature move, Mushroom Mist.
Special Attack: Mushroom Mist (Bug)
Secto rubs the two mushrooms on its back to create a mist which deals damage equal to 1.5x the damage of a Silver Powder attack as well as extending Secto’s Effect Spore ability - i.e. the attack has a 10% chance of affecting the defending Pokémon with either sleep, poison or paralysis.

Vino: Male Tangela
Vino is an extremely old Tangela. It has been living in an extremely remote place in the woods - so remote that it couldn’t be reached by most of the other Pokémon who live in the woods. During its younger days, it helped wood cutters bring down trees with its vines - thus its vines became very strong and tough. But, over the years, its master passed away and it became wild again, retreating to its remote part of the woods using its vines, it could get there. When we met, Vino, had lost its vigour for helping the foresters and chose to try to stop their work. It would put the trees back where they belonged (in their upright position) after they had been chopped down. This was possible because, over the years, Vino grew its vines so its could reach up to the tops of the trees.
Special Training: Vine Protection
Due to its age and its purposeful growing of its vines, Vino now has a body which is twice as large as any normal Tangela. This results in reducing the damage done by physical attacks by up to 3/4 of its strength (it may only deal 1/4 of the original damage) and twice as much stability as any normal Tangela - it can stop the Thrash attacks of six Tauros without moving backwards. Pollen type attacks have half as much a chance of affecting than usual and it is also possible, due to its strength in its vines, to use the Rollout and Earthquake attacks. Attacks that would usually be ‘not very effective’ deal 1/3 of the normal damage. The downside to its oversized body is that any attacks which would be ‘super effective’ deal 3x the normal damage rather than 2x.

Visi: Female Roselia
Visi was born a bit different from the other Roselia - she had all the looks of a normal Roselia except that her petal colouring was slightly different. Instead of a blue rose, it was black. Because of this, she was exiled from the Roselia she lived with. This made her very angry and annoyed. She decided to do something about it - she channeled all her anger into the black rose and found that it created an attack. Thus her signature move, Black Petals.
Special Attack: Black Petals (Dark)
Visi pours her anger, her dark energy into her black rose which, in turn, spins around releasing black petals full of Dark energy. Due to its nature (i.e. petals), it has an accuracy of 80%, but its attack power is equivalent to that of Crunch.

Deter: Male Oddish
Deter was not raised by the Oddish he was born with, but rather, he was abandoned and then raised by the Bellossom who also inhabited the area. This caused a few changes in Deter - the most noticeable of which was his dancing. He grew to love the Bellossom who brought him up and as a sign of respect to them, he learnt and participated in all of their dances. This gave him his signature ability.
Special Training: Dancing
Deter dances constantly while battling in the same motion as a Bellossom. This enables him to evade physical attacks 25% more readily than a normal Oddish as well as looking way more graceful!