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DragonDance's Bio

DragonDance, Formerly know as Steve's Legend, Was one of the original members of the 4th generation PASBL, joining on Nov. 04. He was a Temp Ref, but because of his noobish nature, was flamed alot, and eventually 'quit'. Shortly after that, his computer crashed, letting him forget all about the PASBL. almost a year later, in Dec 05, He got a new computer, and found that Ketsuban had left, and re-joined under the name Porsche 959. About a month later, he found the glory of Time Out, where Hanatori was bragging about beating me in a gym match. Me, being the guy that I am, simply told her that Steve's Legend = Porsche 959, and she goes "OH SHIT!!!" Which has led me to where I am now.</br>






TP: 30.5



The BNJO! Warrirors

Level 3

Kenny Blankenship: Male Rhyhorn (level 3) If you've ever watched the show MXC (thursdays at 9 EST on Spike TV) or 'Most Xtreme elimination Challenge', You will have heard of Kenny. As best friends with Vic Romano, these two are always getting into Flame Wars. Wheter in battle, or when I'm reffing, You can find these two arguing. Kenny is a bit of a perv and an idiot (name a rhyhorn that isn't), but when it comes to battling, he gets right to it. He is also the Leader of my Future Rock Gym squad. Kenny and Vic always stay out of their pokeballs.

Special Attack: Mega Rockie Horn of Doom (rock) At the cost of the real Megahorn, Kenny preforms a Megahorn attack with Rock energy instead of Bug. Everything else is the same as Megahorn. Can be used 3 times per battle.

Hailongwang: Male Feraligatr (level 3) A close friend of Danzi since birth, He Took over the command of the squad due to Danzi's failing Health. His name means Sea Dragon King in Chinese, which is appropriate due to his Dragon-like qualities.

Level 2

Danzi: Male Gyarados Level 2. The former leader of my non-rock squad, Danzi is a very old, but wise Gyarados that is less vicious, but more agile. He passed his Crown to Long due to failing health. I found him on a trip to China in the Ocean. Although reluctant to, we have bonded completly. The bond we share cannot be broken. Sig attack. Element Blast (fire, ice, electric) Danzi forms 3 balls of energy. one of fire, one of ice, and one of lightning (NOT akin to tri-attack) and combines them ( to the size of a pumpkin). He then fires it at the foe as a beam of the energy created. Energy use is equal to a quick-charge hyper beam with damage just a little more than it. charge time for the balls are ~3 seconds. Can be used 3 times per battle.

Kristen: Female Larvitar (level 2) I caught this Larvitar on a NetBattle tour in the Austrailian Outback. She said she was born here and had to eat the sand around her instead of just normal dirt. Doing so, gave her the power to use sand as an attack. Special Attack: Sand Blast (Rock) Using Rock energy as a 'Magnent', Kristen collects the Sand in front of her into a highly concentrated Ball of sand, about the size of a softball. If it hits, it does damage equal to half a QC Shadow Ball. The Ball explodes on contact, sending sand and dust everywhere. There is a 30% chance of the dust getting into to foes eyes, causing temporary blindness. However, because the dust goes everywhere there is a 10% chance of the dust getting into Kristens eyes, causing Blindness. This attack can be used 3 times per battle, only arenas where there is sand. Energy is equal to a QC Shadow ball.

Viper: Male Ekans (level 2) Viper, being one of the origanal members of my squad and not having a sig, is pretty ticked off. So, he has gone into Training by him self to learn a sig of his own. Special Training: Would you like some Poison with that sir? Viper Taught him self to Concentrate his natural poisons to 10% more of a normal Ekans'. So his Poison-Inducing attacks have an added 10% chance of Poisoning, but as a Drawback, cost 10% more energy.

Lynn: Female Geodude (level 2) Lynn is a very awesome Geodude. Awesome in the fact that she is in love with, none other than Kuno! Yes, its true, ┬žaleen has everything Kuno. At one Point, she even wished she was a Fighting Type so she could be on his squad. When I found her, she told me ALL about Kuno, and herself and wanting to be a fighting type. So I took her into the TaeKwon Do school I go to to train. Being just a rock with arms, it took awile, but she eventully learned the Basic Punches, Knifehands, and Blocks. But when it came to the advanced stuff, she couldn't do it, as she can't kick. So our Master just taught her how how to use what she had. And did she ever punch. On her first time, she broke through 5 boards in our breaking session, and won most of her sparring matches. She eventually went through the ranks and became a Black Belt. When she did, she got a special Power. Type Change: Black Belt (Rock/ Fighting) When she became a Black Belt, lynn Became a Rock/ Fighting Type, gaining all Weaknesses and Resistences of it. Her Fighting type moves take the damage and energy of what a normal Fighting type would.

Yokozuna: Male Makuhita (level 2) If you didnt no alredy Yokozuna was a 660 pound Wrestler for the WWE who had a MASSIVE *** and thighs and was a 2 time WWE champ. well, this Makuhita. looks just like him. because of all that *** fat, Yokozuna has gained an extra 50 pounds and is a lot slower but has more power in his attacks (slugma slow anyone?). Sig attack: Samoan Drop (fighting). If the foe is 50 pounds more than Yokozuna or less, he puts it on his shoulders then falls back first causing damage and energy loss equal to body slam. may also cause Paralisis(10% chance) can be used once per match.

Yuna: Female Scyther (level2) I have always wanted a Scyther on my squad. Ever since my return to the PASBL last December, I just had this emptyness inside me. Then I found Yuna. When I found her, she had a blue cape from her hips that looked just like Yuna's from Final Fantasy X-2. I knew that I had to capture her. I sent out Red-Eyes, my Charmander, and called on his sig move. Yuna dodged it with ease. I kept on fighting, but she kept on dodging. When I was about to give up, she forfieted, and said that I had Talent. That amazed me, since I was always missing. But none the less, I had caught her. Yuna weres a Blue and white cape just like the real Yuna. No sig yet

AOL: Genderless Porygon (level 2) Sig Defence: AOL SPAM Blocker (normal). This is an move that is equal to Reflect Wall. It Blocks any beam attack save fully charged Hyper Beam. AOL then sends the wall at the foe for damage and energy equal to Ember. The wall it self is equal energy to reflect. Can be used 2 times per battle and is a 2-move combo

Vic Romano: Male Houndour (level 2) If you've ever watched the show MXC (thursdays at 9 EST on Spike TV) or 'Most Xtreme elimination Challenge', You will have heard of Vic. As best friends with Kenny Blankenship, these two are always getting into Flame Wars. Wheter in battle, or when I'm reffing, You can find these two arguing. Vic is much less of a perv than Kenny, and is alot more Smarter, but always gets harrassed by him. None the less, these two always have, and always will be best friends. Kenny and Vic always stay out of their Pokeballs. No sig.

Red-Eyes: Shiney Black Male Charmeleon (level 2) The Counterpart to Blue-Eyes. I found this by Chance after Obtaining Blue-Eyes from Kaiba. Me, wanting another Yu-Gi-Oh! attack in the PASBL, summoned my Red-Eyes Black Dragon, to teach him it's attack. When he finally got it. (after almost a month), I entered him in the PASBL to decimate opponents. Special Attack: Inferno Fire Blast. (Fire) This is a Fire Type version of Shadow Ball. Only Theres no "Ghostly" Wind. The ball is a very dark red. There is a QC version. Everything, including Charge time, Damage, and Energy is equal to Shadow Ball. This can be used 3 times a battle. It is charged in his mouth for Referee reference.

Level 1

Brute: Male Tauros (level 1)

No sig

Jenna: Female Heracross (level 1)

no sig

Passy: Female Nosepass (level 1)

no Sig

Miz: Genderless Solrock (level 1)

no sig

Contact info

MSN: [email protected] Or find me on NetBattle under the name DragonDance