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"That twelve-year old types worse than a Rapidash on crack." - June 6th, 2006 at 8:30 PM

Dream Breaker, though generally referred to by most as DB, has been a member of the PASBL since his registration at SPP forums during the summer of '04. He thoroughly enjoys the memorable [read: odd] personalities he has met during his time here despite the cyber barrier barring actual confrontation. DB changes his squad way too much and sometimes wishes that an LO would perma-ban him from the sigless submission thread [kidding, heh], but recently decided he's going to try his best to keep from radically altering his newest crew.

DB's Goals

- Give everything he's got agaisnt Mozz in his current gym challenge. [Ongoing]
- Evolve Yuki and Pan into a Froslass and Vaporeon, respectively. [Within the next two months]
- Attain the water gym. [September '08]
- Reach TL 3. [By '09]

Current Matches

DB vs. [OriginalNickname] - Ref: Sneasel12
DB vs. Skrusti - Ref: bird1111
DB vs. Shadowshocker - Ref: Sneasel12
DB vs. Mozz - Ref: Qball

Pokebowl Match-ups:
Round 1 - vs. Torkoal Stu [Win]
Round 2 - vs. SM

Qball vs. ShadowDino
Jeri vs. S12
bird1111 vs. squirtleking

PASBL Record

Level Two Trainer & B Grade Referee

KO’s – 18 / TP’s – 60 / SP’s – 4.5



Level 2

Yuki-onna: Female Snorunt [Level 2]
Generally reserved and quiet, Yuki, as she likes to be called, is the “silent but deadly” member of the group because of her stealth, grace, and precision on the battlefield and her taciturn and apathetic nature off of it. Fortunately, she’s not a complete loner and has forged a rather odd friendship with Terciel. In fact, he’s recently become her main mode of transportation, Yuki even going so far as to create an icy saddle to use while riding around. In return, she makes ice surfaces whenever Terciel feels like sliding or falling on his hard-nose face. Lately she’s been seen practicing some sort of move with Terciel, who often comes back from such sessions with Yuki covered in ice and sometimes on the verge of hypothermia…

Pantalaimon: Male Eevee [Level 2]
Affectionately referred to as Pan, he’s probably the closest to being the spoiled one of the team. He gets most of the things he wants, whines, complains, picks fights, and occasionally rebels. That’s not to say he can’t be a complete sweetheart sometimes, and that said, only falling asleep in my backpack (probably due to the action being completed several times during his egghood.) He also looks up to Hedge, despite being one level higher than him in terms of experience and can often be found chasing after him and unexpectedly tackling him. Recently, he’s even taken to sleeping near him instead of inside my backpack. He must be growing up.
Special Training: Fleetfoot [Normal]
After watching Hedge’s balance and speed while moving across rough terrain or even just sprinting across fields, Pan has mimicked his running and moving behaviors in the same manner to improve his own poise and agility. His overall speed is up 10% and has an equal 10% raise in balance, meaning that he’ll trip less and be able to recover quicker from attacks that cause him to stumble or knock him down. However, Pan hasn’t quite adapted to going so quickly and making sudden stops, so while using techniques such as Quick Attack and Agility, there’s a higher chance that upon stopping he’ll fall for some decent recoil damage.

Cyril: Genderless Staryu [Level 2]
The moment I caught Cyril, he – yes he – is more of a masculine Staryu. That’s not to say he’s completely a male, as his species is still considered genderless, but has that manly instinct…whatever that is. He’s extremely pompous and arrogant and prides himself on his battling skills. However, whenever someone actually challenges him to a fight he finds some reason to decline. Despite being a huge obnoxious chicken, his wit allows the team to have a good laugh every once in a while; that is, unless that sharp tongue is taunting them.

Astarael: Male Gyarados [Level 2]
Astarael, for a Gyarados, is actually pretty mild due to the medication he’s been prescribed for his life-long case of acid reflux. His father, being a Charizard, was particularly hotheaded, a quality that unfortunately only got passed down to Astarael’s digestive system. This quality didn’t completely go to no use, as he is able to use it effectively in battle, however it’s a burden each day he’s conscious (which is not nearly as often as you’d think).

Sameth: Male Ponyta [Level 2]

Belgaer: Male Azumarill [Level 2]

Terciel: Male Rhyhorn [Level 2]

Serafina: Female Skitty [Level 2]

Level 1

Altair: Male Machop [Level 1]

Raeth: Male Treecko [Level 1]

Hedge: Male Absol [Level 1]

Sayre: Female Paras [Level 1]

Halia: Female Goldeen [Level 1]

Nehima: Female Pichu [Level 1]

Ignitus: Male Numel [Level 1]

Aeolus: Male Butterfree [Level 1]

Ilyana: Female Slowpoke [Level 1]