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BIO Firewater, or myself, I've apparently been here since September 2006. At any rate, I'm the worst TL5 trainer or higher in the league. I started off small, taking a year or so to get to TL2, due to massive ref shortages. however, I have now risen to the lofty perch of TL5 in 5 years. I have many aspirations, wanting to be at some point the Water, Psychic, and now currently Fire Gym Leader. I've had some shit luck, as water gym I failed once, then all of my competition left, then lost psychic, then failed at water again... at any rate, need to not be so depressing. I'm also a B grade ref, and though I catch a lot of shit for how I ref and I do expect to be demoted, I don't think I'm that bad of a ref, battler or person, I'm rather average. I have a hatred for ZoraJolteon, but for the most part I like everyone here. I also plan to start a "don't hate the Lotad family club" at some point in time.

Record (as of 5/27/2011)

45-37-7, 291.5 TP, 125 KO, 4 SP.

Team FW evel 6's

Duskinoir (Male) Lv.6 No Sig Charizard (Male) Lv.6 No Sig Level 5's

Metagross Special Operations Permanent Headcrushing Implemented Experiment, or, simply for ease of use, SOPHIE. (Genderless) Lv. 5 Signature Move: Liquid Steel (Steel)

Metang simply creates an orb of well, melted steel with the limited energy he owns of fire, grass and other heat based energies. He can either quick charge it, with energy and damage equalling to a Quick Charge Shadow Ball, or Full Charge it, with energy/damage equal to a Fire Blast. What this move does is once it impacts, it explodes, and the molten steel splatters onto the area, burning whatever it touches, then hardens, reducing speed. While the melted steel, is well, extremely hot melted steel, the attack only has about a 15% chance of burning the opponet, unless it hits in a vital area

  • Hothead* Magmortar (Male) Lv.5

Signature Training: Psychicness is cool.(Psychic)

Magmortar Now has an increase in Psychic familiarity, with levels of Psychic energy and abilities equal to a water type's ability with Ice attacks. However, this has cost him the ability to use Karate Chop, Faint Attack, Mega Kick, Thief, Focus Punch, Overheat and Submission. On the bright side, he can now use Calm Mind, Psyshock, Psybeam and Future Sight

  • Loco* Ludicolo (Male) Lv.5

Signature Training- Quick Draw!

Due to his massive training, Loco is able to fire any projectile attacks (Ice Beam, Water Gun, Hyper Beam, Razor Leaf, ect) 25% faster than normal, as well as any physical punching attack (Mega Punch, Fire Punch, Mach Punch, ect.) with the same boost. However, this increases the energy consumed by these attacks by 2 tackle's worth. He also has learned how to use Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave, but gives up his Nature Power, Cut, Mist, Double Team and Fury Swipes attacks, feeling that scratching, or trying to hide was for sissies.

  • Compass* Bronzong Lv 5 (Genderless)

Signature Training: Overcharge Rather than the electricity inhibiting his body killing him, or inhibiting his natural way of life, Compass found out that he actually use Thunderbolt and Discharge.

Ridiculous Sig: Compass.... Where, it's everywhere....

Compass simply uses energy akin to a Full Charge Hyper Beam and a Psychic to form this move. Simply put, four idenical clones are formed to him, one in each cardinal direction. when these clones are not attacking, or doing something else to or for Compass, they made a Shield akin to a combined Reflect and Light Screen which is seperate from Bronzor's energy. Meanwhile, Bronzor can still attack ( his attacks go through, opponet's attacks bounce off) and stat boost while in this field, and if nessecary, can use them to attack instead, which costs an additional confusion's worth of energy on that attack. If Bronzor is put to sleep or otherwise is incapacitated, these "clones" take all attacks, and will prevent any damage from occuring to Compass, meaning that they send out waves of energy in order to disrupt any dream altering or otherwise attacks if Bronzor is Asleep, Paralyzed, Frozen or cannot move on his own. Each clone has the energy and Health of one Full Hyper Beam plus a Psychic each, and their energy is taken at the rate of a Tackle a turn to keep the barrier up. They can also give Bronzor an energy boost, by giving half of their remaining energy/health to restore a Psychic's worth of energy/health back to Bronzor. However, it costs two moves to order the four things to give Bronzor any energy back. This can only be done once in the entire battle (once for energy, once for health, or once for both). When this move is ordered, it cannot be blocked unless it is by an attack of Blast Burn damage or higher, or if Bronzor is KOed from energy use or health as he performs it.

  • Master Chief* Typlosion- Male Lv.5

Signature Move: Firebomb

Typlosion simply wants to burn things and people, but using Flame Wheel wasn't powerful enough, he hated hurting himself with Flare Blitz, and he couldn't get his whole body into a Fire Fang or Punch. So he decided on a move to where he could use his bulk to his advantage, and was still able to burn things. In his Firebomb, Typlosion enflames himself, such as in a Flare Blitz or Flame Wheel, before he leaps into the air, body slamming his opponet. This attack has a 25% chance of Burning the opponet, and a 10% chance of Paralysis. meanwhile this attack does damage equal to a Body Slam, and energy useage is the same (equal to a body slam). He forgets his actual Body Slam attack to learn this move.

  • Wave* Blastoise (Male) Lv.5

Pretty much, Wave has eaten a lot of mud and dirt, but the fact was that he trained and trained until he managed to get a solid amount of ground energy, more than that of his own species. As a result, he was able to learn Mud Bomb, and double his natural Ground energy reserves. The issue was that within this training, he's forgotten and/or is unable to use Zap Cannon, or Giga Impact.

  • Fissure* Bastodion-Male Lv.5

Signature Move: Skyscraper Crush (Steel)

Signature Ability: tough as a Skyscraper:

When the skyscraper fell on him, it was lucky that he hadn't died. Still, having millions of tons of steel and glass and stone and other materials falling on you isn't good. However, after his full recovery, Fissure realizes that he really was a tough SOB- and really didn't care less about Physical damage anymore- or at least Fighting and Ground moves.

in other words: in the case of Fighting moves, which do 400% damage, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, ect do the full 400% damage. Meanwhile, Focus Punch, Brick Break, Rock Smash,ect. Physical Fighting moves would only do 200% damage, likewise for the physical Ground moves, like Earthquake and Earth Power would be under this boost, while projectile based ground moves would not.

he also refuses to use Fissure or Earthquake however and is more suceptible to emotion changing attacks. this was caused from being under the rubble for so long that he was emotionally injured during this time, and as a result he is more susceptible to fear inducing, confusion and attraction moves. He also moves 50% slower than other Bastodion, and it takes him slightly longer to comprehend orders.

  • Pollen* Male Butterfree Lv.5

Signature Move: Sneeze (Bug)

Pollen simply sneezes on his target in about a 10 yard range. The move does Bug typed damage equal to a Silver Wind and uses energy equal to a Silver Wind plus a Gust, but the problem is that it is embedded with various spores and pollens. These spores and pollens are of various plants and things, and as such it has a 40% Chance of inflicting either Sleep, Poison or Paralysis to the target. The only problems are that any Steel Type is immune, as is anything that does not have a plainly seen mouth/face with nose, face, eyes, ect. (Nosepass,Voltorb, ect). The closer he is, the stronger the effect to the opponet. Pollen has forgotten how to use Sweet Scent and Poison Powder in exchange.

  • Twist* Male Furret Lv.5

Special Training: Bodybuilder

Twist is much stronger than the average Furret. For losing 25% of his natural Speed and Agility, he gains a 25% boost in strength. also his Special attacks only work at 75% power, while his Physical attacks work at 125% power. He also has learned Hammer Arm and cannot use Quick Attack, or any Hyper Beam over a Quick Charge.

  • Frost* Frostlass (Female) Lv.5

Sig: Shards of Fury (Ice/Ghost)

Basically, using slight amounts of Ice and Ghost energy, equal to about a Bubblebeam, Shard creates a barrage of needlelike shards. The problem for the opponet is that while they are similar to Poison Sting in appearance, they create sharp cuts and dig into the skin causing discomfort and pain after the attack ends. In Realistic, these shards can easily pierce most pokemon, and cause severe damage if they hit into the right areas (eyes, nose, mouth, ect). the collective damage of the entire stream of shards deal damage equal to a Bubblebeam as well. However, pokemon with tougher skin (Rock, Steel Types, pokemon with shells, ect) take less to little damage, unless an exposed part is hit.

  • Mantis* Scizor (Male) Lv.5

Signature Training: Blacksmithing

After that incident, Mantis seemed to be accepting of the heat his body had now absorbed. He nor noone else could explain it, but apparently he was permanently heated. With this heat came the realization that he only took some of the damage he used to take from fire attacks (namely 300% rather than 400%), and he actually burned most things that touched him physically, but it only occured some of the time (20%). However, for some downsides, he takes 50% more damage from water and ground attacks, and he is unable to use Mimic, Rain Dance, Metal Claw or Detect.

Medicham *Pure* Male Lv.5

Signature Training: I was the chosen one! (Psychic)

However strange it was, Pure now takes 150% damage from Ghost typed moves rather than 200%, however because of this, he has forgotten how to use Poison Jab and Guard Swap, perhaps in some results from the beating he took from all of those ghostly attacks

"ToRememberMyFailures" (TRMF) Octillery (Male) Lv.5 No Sig

Marowak (Male) Lv.5

Signature Move: Mudbone (Ground)

Cubone sends some ground energy into the ground, and uses it to form a shape similar to the bone he holds in his hand. However, this bone is made out of pure ground energy. He throws it, similarly to a Bonemerang, which is where the two moves are different. instead of returning to the user (Cubone) the Mudbone splatters upon contact, blinding the target if it hits them in the face, and the mud hardens quickly, potentially slowing the target down somewhat. The move does damage equal to a Bonemerang, and energy use of a Bonemerang.

  • Spindry* Wash Form Rotom (Genderless) Lv.5

Signature Move: I'm a Water Type Dammit!

The fact was that with its type change, Spindry realized that it had more potential, or at least an ability to use more Water attacks. as a result he can now use Water Pulse, Bubblebeam, and Scald. also Ice Beam. This costs him a lot though... kinda like all of his Fire Attacks, Sucker Punch, Spite, Ominous Wind, Pain Split, Electro Ball, Uproar, Substitute and Discharge

Claydol Lv.5

Sig Ability: Mudballs

Claydol loved to juggle, but seeing as it had to use Psychic powers, it got bored. It also got bored of needing the ground to use ground attacks. So what does it do? it learns Mud Bomb for kicks. Claydol can now use Mud Bomb and Mud Shot because it just should be able to.

Muk (Male) Lv.5 No Sig [B]

Lv.5 Starmie Sigless

Hariyama(Male) Lv.5 Sigless

Arcanine (Male) Lv.5 Sigless

Magcargo (Male) Lv.5 Sigless

Lv.5 Camerupt (Male) *Dormant* No Sig

Lv.5 Infernape (Male) Sigless

Lv.5 Houndoom (Female) *Spirit* Signature Move: Solidarity, Solar Power, what's the difference?

Sprit has a uncanny benefit, namely that she has additional grass energy for one, she's familiar with it as water's are to ice. She's now learned how to use Energy Ball, Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed and Leech Seed. At the same point, i've found that she is not that intimidating, What this means is... Well, she's forgotten a lot of things that she would consider nonsporting- such as... Smog, Taunt, Punishment, Double Team, Substitute, Snarl, Beat Up, Torment, Sucker Punch, Roar, Swagger, Faint Attack and Thief. also Overheat and Inferno. and Crunch.

Lv.5 (Male) Volcarona Sigless

Lv.5 Heat Form Rotom Sig Move: Hot Cross Buns.

Rotom is part fire, so he learned more fire moves, notably Flamethrower, Flame Charge, Lava Plume, Fire Blast and Heat Wave. He's also learned Scald. He can't however use Thunder, Volt Change, Night Shade, Water Moves, Sucker Punch, Signal Beam, Double Team, Pain Split or Fully Charge a Shadow Ball, he still has plenty of Ghost energy, just that he never can get a Shadow Ball fully charged, or Overheat. (I'm guessing Rotom's get Ghost energy like waters get ice, right?)

Lv.5 Chandelure(Female) Sigless

Not Lv 5's

Porygon2 Lv.4 Sigless

Armaldo (Male) Lv.4 Sigless

Raticate (Male) Lv. 3 Sigless

Lv.1 (Male) Scraggy Sigless

Lv.1 (Male) Drillbur Sigless

Lv.1 Joltik (Male) Sigless

Lv.1 Lilipup (Male) Sigless

Oshawott Lv.1 (Male) Sigless

Archen Lv.1 (Male) Sigless

Golett Lv.1 (Male) Sigless

Solosis Lv.1 (Female) Sigless

  • Briars* Lv.1 Male Ferroseed