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ForeverFlygon, aka FF, or effeff is a member of FB since 11-20-2004, and has never since taken a leave. He joined the UPNetwork FB on the 11-28-2004, just in time for the Cloud Garden Winter Adventure. He began updating in early March 2005, in the Glacier Islands (The GI), his first set of updates were posted on 03-12-2005, at 4:05 PM GMT, for hiis group which at first contained 4 updatees, which would later become more than 10. He continued updating as the Glacier Islands became a part of Fizzytopia (FT). Shiny_Magneton managed to on 07-18-2005 draft FF for the Cloud Garden's (CG) brand new opening, with S_M as the new ZO. But FF continued to update the FT a little while longer, until when he in early august transferred tp UPN and the Cloud Garden. 08-08-2005 he posted his first set of updates there, his group then containing 6 updatess, which would grow even though some became inactive.

Outside of FB and his cyber-life, FF is a 14 year old boy born in Grums, Sweden, his day of birth being 10-18-1991, meaning he turns 15 this year. His real name is Joel, and although he doesn't know how many of FB know that, only one or two people use it when talking to him. Having lived on 9 addresses, he is used to moving from friends, although with FB hosted on servers connecting the world, he has now got friends in many different countries, and although a major part of FB has never met even one of its other members, they share something hindering most people from leaving (but inevitable not everyone). With his parents being divorced, FF lives with his (blind)mum and brother and pets in a town with about 50,000 inhabitants approximately 70 kilometers north of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, during weekdays, and almost every second weekend travels 200 kilometers to his dad, who after some moving around, now lives in Grums where FF grew up. Thanks to this travelling, his updates often come to be delayed and come irregularly, as the time he has to update often is on the weekends, and updating when with his dad is quite impossible.

Character Bio

Fizzy Bubbles Squad

Free | Flygon [M] | Level: 100 | Beauty Points: x10 | Pokéball | Item: None  0 |-------------------¤| 100

Level-up Moves: Bite, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb, Crunch, Dragonbreath, Dig, Sandstorm, Hyper Beam

EM Skills:

MT Skills: Rock Slide, Double-Edge, Fire Punch, Quick Attack

TM and HM's: Fly, Ice Punch, Hidden Power[Fire]

Being Feera's starter pokémon, Free has accompanied him through every one of their journeys. He is not only the original squad member, but also perhaps the strongest, due to rigorous training against countless foes. A true friend and skillful battler, Free is also an agile flyer, and eager to show off his skills. Since evolution his personality has changed, from being very shy as a Trapinch, to a little less bashful as a Vibrava, and now an eager battler, wanting to prove his strength. He can attack foes far away with his ranged attacks, such as Hyper Beam, Dragonbreath and Hidden Power(Fire), and he can battle enemies up close with punches such as Fire or Ice Punch, or maybe even Crunch down on them.

Styx | Sneasel [M] | Level: 31 | Beauty Points: x04 | Ghostball | Item: None  0 |-----¤--------------| 100

Level-up Moves: Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Quick Attack, Screech, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, (35)Agility,(43) Icy Wind, (50)Slash, (57)Beat Up, (64)Metal Claw

EM Skills:

MT Skills: Crush Claw, Counter, Swagger, Psych Up

TM's / HM's: Surf, Cut, Strength, Torment, Taunt, Nightmare, Ice Barrier, Tri-Attack

Styx, the oh so filled to the brim with battle lust-Sneasel was given to Feera by Nick, a close friend, who already had a Sneasel and felt that their rivalry was too much. Although separated, Styx and his twin Nyx keep honing their skills, in hopes of beating the other the next time they meet. And even though they are rivals, the two brother Sneasels can unite to beat a much stronger foe, as was proven in the Cloud Garden, when they battled Suicune, Regice, Articuno and Icy Rayquaza. Lately Styx has been seen alot together with Fujiko, the Scyther, and Feera is supecting the two have developed a master-trainee form of relationship. The two have alot of common, therein their battle styles; both very agile(not to say stealthy), with attack capable of doing great damage when used at the right moment.

Taddles | Lotad [F] | Level: 50 | Beauty Points: x06 | Pokéball | Item: None  0 |---------¤----------| 100

Level-up Moves: Astonish, Growl, Absorb, Nature Power, Mist, Rain Dance, Mega Drain

EM Skills:

MT Skills:

TM's / HM's: Surf

Taddles was given her name by Edward, a good friend of Feera, who fell for the name the second he heard it. Since the Lotad didn't mind, he began calling her Taddles, just like his friend Ed did. Taddles has a very quiet temper and is very shy, a treat she gained thanks to being frozen out of the family and community, for having a different colour as an infant. When Feera first accounted her, he was fascinated by her look, and decided to make her a part of the team, after seeing her horrible conditions. Since joining the squad, Taddles has grown alot, and can often be seen happy, together with most members of the squad. She would neever hurt a living soul; she is almost afraid of battling, unless she is threatened. Her favourite move to use then is Nature Power, which changes according to the surroundings, and more importantly, Taddles' mood.

Fínwè | Girafarig [F] | Level: 50 | Beauty Points: x04 | Psychicball | Item: None  0 |---------¤----------| 100

Level-up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Astonish, Confusion, Stomp, Odor Sleuth, Agility, Baton Pass, Psybeam, Crunch

EM Skills:

MT Skills:

TM's / HM's: Flash, Rock Smash

Fínwè was the first Shiny on Feeras team, traded to him (for the small fee of 3 Candies) from Nick(once again), who hatched her from an egg. Feera suspect she holds a small crush on him, but maybe she is just a bit too overprotective. For overprotective she is; if something or someone threatens to hurt her friends she will attack it with no mercy. Her rear head, or tail, has developed a sense that enables her to feel wether or not people mean to harm her or not. Call it a sixth sense if you wish, it has aided Feera many times. Considered the mother figure of the team, she takes care of the newer pokémon of the team, and is a friend of everyone, even Styx respects her.

Mikozou | Barboach [M] | Level 25 | Beauty Points: x10 | Pokéball | Item: None  0 |----¤---------------| 100

Level-up Moves: Mud-Slap, Mud Sport, Water Gun, Magnitude, Amnesia

EM Skills:

MT Skills: Thrash, Spark, Double-Edge

TM's / HM's: Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool

Mikozou is perhaps one of the better swimmers of the team, his agile moves underwater can only be matched by those of Norika. Although normally quiet and gentle, he is not the one to refuse a battle once in a while, to keep up his skills. He is a friend of everybody on the team, and can often be seen swimming together with Taddles. His love for soaking things hasn't gone Feera by, in fact, it has annoyed him, to a laugh for Miko a lot of times. Annoying his enemies has become one of his strategies in battle, which not always works to his advantage, though he is learning from expirence. His electrical skills have come to surprise many foes.

Nookie | Noctowl [M] | Level: 53 | Beauty Points: x08 | Thunderball | Item: Yellow Scarf  0 |---------¤----------| 100

Level-up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Foresight, Peck, Hypnosis, Reflect, Take Down, (41)Confusion, (57)Dream Eater

EM Skills:

MT Skills: Sky Attack

TM's / HM's: Fly, Flash

Nookie is one Feera's favoured pokémon, and although not spoiled, is treated a bit differently from the others by Feera. The reason for his, and many other trainers admiration, are the red feathers that covers his wings, and the lighter colour of his chest. Nookie, although you might suspect through the admiration he receives, hasn't changed in personality much since Feera hatched the little owl himself. He, at one point however, did go through an emotional period, when most things he could think of was death and how it would affect him. After countless tries of cheering him up, Feera one day woke to see a smiling Nookie sitting next to him, and he smiled right back. Feera does not yet know the reason for this sudden hange, but he is happy for it, for after that change, Nookie has partaken in many battles that he has won. He is a very agile flyer, and though people does not expect him to know pure power-attacks, he does. For instance, if Nookie uses Foresight to keep track of you, and then charges up for a Sky Attack, you're in for some real trouble. Although humble Nookie knows he has a long way to go until he has perfected his battle skills, he is slowly getting there.

Fujiko | Scyther [F] | Level: 30 | Beauty Points: x00 | Pokéball | Item: None  0 |-----¤--------------| 100

Level-up Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe, Agility, Wing Attack, (31)Slash, (36)Swords Dance, (41) Double Team, (46)Fury Cutter

EM Skills:

MT Skills:

TM's / HM's Cut, Rock Smash

Fujiko was traded to Feera from Aexlus(DM), a trainer who was the first to hatch a shiny, and hatch at all, in the new, revamped Egg House. When Feera heard of this, he begged him to trade, for the current Growlithe and Fire Stone he had, and DM agreed. Because of this trade, she suspects Feera, but still listens to him. She and Styx directly found each other after the trade, and she has taken on the role as his apprentice. Both are very quick, share a passion for battles, and have quite alike fighting styles.

Don Quiero | Numel [M] | Level: 20 | Beauty Points x04 | Fireball | Item; Devil Horns  0 |---¤----------------| 100

Level-up Moves: Growl, Tackle, Ember, Magnitude, (25)Focus Energy, (29)Take Down, (31)Amnesia, (35)Earthquake, (41)Flamethrower, (49)Double-Edge

EM Skills:

MT Skills: Rollout, Snore

TM's & HM's: Strength, Rock Smash

Don is the laziest member of the squad, a thing you don't even have to mention when you hear him snoar. Although sleeping around 18 hours a day would have you suspect the Numel should be more active during the time he's awake, that isn't the case. When awake he is most likely to be found searching food, stealing food, eating food, or begging Feera with his eyes to let him do either of the aforementioned. Although not a likely battler, Don can gather the courage to battle a foe if needed, which is very necessary when someone else takes his food. He can even battle when he sleeps, with thanks from a special someone, who thaught Don some techniques that would undoubtedly come to help in different situations.

Bagon | Bagon [M] | Level: 06 | Beauty Points: x00 | Pokéball | Item: None  0 |-¤------------------| 100

Level-up Moves: Rage, Bite, (9)Leer, (17)Headbutt, (21)Focus Energy, (25)Ember, (33)Dragonbreath, (37)Scary Face, (41)Crunch, (47)Dragon Claw, (53) Double-Edge

EM Skills: Hydro Pump

MT Skills:

TM's & HM's:

Bagon was hatched by a then overjoyed Feera, who hadn't realised what a piece of short-tempered pokémon he had gotten. Many Headbutts later, he has realised this, and although Bagon would become a great battler, he is a bit afraid of evolving for, due to the fact that he's got some serious disobeying problems, and although he would never admit it, is a bit afraid of heights. Bagon has grown close to Drat since he appeared on the team, the two have shared many a laugh after tricks played on an unsuspecting Feera.

Norika | Vaporeon [F] | Level: 18 | Beauty Points: x00 | Pokéball | Item: None  0 |--¤----------------| 100

Level-up Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack

EM Skills: Charm, Wish, Flail, Curse, Endure, Tickle, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute

MT Skills: Body Slam

TM's & HM's: Surf, Rock Smash, Waterfall

Thought of many as the most beautiful member of Feera's squad, Norika was traded to her current owner from the rich guy, Muyo. Rarely, if ever, being used by him, Feera insisted that Muyo'd trade his Vaporeon to Feera,since he was sure she would enjoy herself alot more there. Although she mostly keeps to herself, Feera knows he can trust her if a threat should arise, for she is a great battler who shows no mercy to those who attack her unprovoked. She is an as good swimmer as she is battler, the only one to match her in terms of swimming is Miko, with whom she has developed the only real close friendship she has, aside from with Feera.

Drat | Dratini [M] | Level: 64 | Beauty Points: x00 | Pokéball | Items: Yellow Scarf  0 |-----------¤--------| 100

Level-up Moves: Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave, Twister, Dragon Rage, Slam,Agility, Safeguard, (50) Outrage, (57) Hyper Beam

EM Skills: Dragon Dance

MT Skills:

TM's & HM's: Surf

The littlelest member of Feera's squad of pokémon was traded to him from Jamie, a good friend who hatched him from and egg. Feera managed to persuade him to trade the little baby dragon for a great load of stuff, which Jamie eventually agreed to do(Although Feera kind of regretted this afterwards). After his arrival on the team, Drat has become great friends with Bagon, and although their personalities are quite not the same, there isn't a moment they are apart. Drat was given his name after Feera had called him Drat as a short for Dratini after shouting after him when played a trick upon. Even though he as not proven himself in a battle, he probably won't for a while either, since he is after all, a baby. And will seemingly, remain one for a long time to come.

Tomten | Delibird [M] | Level: 5 | Beauty Points: x00 | Christmas Ball | Items: None  0 |-¤------------------| 100

Level-up Moves:

EM Skills:

MT Skills:

TM's & HM's:

Combusken | Combusken [M] | Level: 28 | Beauty Points: x00 | Pokéball | Items: Blackglasses  0 |----¤---------------| 100

Level-up Moves:Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember, Peck, Double Kick, Sand Attack, Fire Spin, Bulk up. (32) Quick Attack, (39)Slash, (43) Mirror Move, (50) Sky Uppercut

EM SKills:

MT Skills: Thunder Punch, Dynamic Punch

TM's & HM's: Rock Smash, Reflect, Endure



2x Love Ball

1x Cloud Garden Winter Adventure Special Edition Master Ball

1x 2006 New Years Ball

1x Psychic Ball


1x TM Softboiled

1x TM Blizzard

1x TM Thunder

1x TM Bubblebeam

1x TM Reflect

1x TM Ice Punch

Hold Items:

Blackglasses, Mystic Water, Shell Bell.

Level Items:

Chocolate Berry (+1 Level)

White Chocolate Berry (+2 Levels)

Chocolate Egg (+2 Levels)

White Chocolate Egg(+3 Levels)

Sneasel Wand (+ 1 Level & Nightmare)

Cranberry (+ 2 Levels)

Secret Base Items:

1x Magical Glass Rose - Teaches a pokémon the move Thorns

1x Gengar Plushie (+ Torment & Taunt)

1x Minun Elf

1x Lapras Plushie (+ Ice Beam)


Berry Bag: Empty

Pokéblock Case:

Cranberry Pokéblock (+ 20 any 2 compitable stat)

Casino Items:

2x Nugget 1, 2

1180 Coins

[1] 1000 Christmas Coins]

Misc. Items:

Yellow Flute

Cranberry Juice (+1 MT/EM Move)

Magical Snowflake (+ Ice Barrier)


---14th Birthday:---

Husky Plushie; dances when you hug it - From ABL

Flygon Lego Set - From 'suke

Awsome blurry picture of a Flygon - From Cheesecakeboy

---15th Birthday:--- Train that hold all shinies & Free - From Jerichi

Birthday 'grats: 17


Defra, or Defra the Destructive Delibird, was Feera's official third addition to his team. Feera loved Defra almost as much as he loved Free, and Defra loved blowing things up more than he loved anything else. The inseparable duo Free & Defra had many adventures together with Feera, one of Feera's, and Defra's, most memorable battles was when the two beat two opponents, and accidentally injured their friend, SulcataIxlude's two pokemon. After Defra time after time spreading Presents around him, he was eventually the only one left standing, although he was much younger and much more inexpirenced than the other battlers, a Vaporeon and an Piloswine.

Defra and Feera were separated after their greatest adventure, finding a young boy, Karn's lost Cacnea. When they had done what seemed impossible, found Cacnea unhurt, Feera, eyes filled with tears, gave Defra to Karn, who promised to take great care of him. Feera does not remember the exact reason, but he remembers telling Defra that he would enjoy himself more with Karn, the fun loving child, than with him. Although Defra didn't quite agree, he found himself in his fate, and quickly adapted to his new trainers personality. But two things will always remain deep inside of him, his love for blowing things up, and his memory of Feera.

Egg History

04-03-2005 = Growlithe [M]

06-06-2005 = Hoothoot [M]*

07-18-2005 = Slowpoke [M]

09-07-2005 = Bagon [M]*

01-23-2006 = Zigzagoon [F]

06-26-2006 = Shroomish [F]

  • = a pokémon that is still on my team

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