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For Jonouchi's PASBL team, go to Jonouchi (PASBL)



Jonouchi recently joined Fizzy Bubbles in late July of 2006. He completed the Arcane Realm in 2006 and is currently in The Cloud Garden and Cascadia for adventures, as well as in the new Free For All Zone.

Current Adventures

Arcane Realm:

No longer in this zone


No adventures at this time

Twilight Realm:

No longer in this zone

Cloud Garden:

As Ricco heads off to Comet's Corner, he comes across a girl with a flute as it lures his Mawile towards her and her Roselia. The girl asks to battle him and his Mawile, but can they beat her?


Ricco heads off to Elegy Fields where he encounters a mysterious Vulpix that comes and goes at a moment's notice. As he gets closer, he sees numerous Fire Pokémon rampaging throughout a nearby carnival. Kaio, his Swampert, uses his attacks to defeat it, and make it disappear, as if it were a ghost. He comes across Cade, one of the men in charge of this carnival and he proposes to Ricco that he should help him, rewarding Ricco and his Pokémon with free rides and food. Tempted with such an amazing reward, Ricco accepts. As they protect a tent from numerous Fire Pokémon, they can't help but feel that something dangerous is in the works. The two soon head off to a trailer to see Mr. Manager, the head of the carnival, and his special findings. Ricco suspected that this was the gift, which Vulpix mentioned earlier when they were in the tent, protecting it. Once Mr. Manager plays with it, numerous Slugma attack the Carnival, but as Ricco heads to the tent to save it, all of them drop like flies. Ricco encounters two Ninetales and the Vulpix from before, but the Vulpix suddenly collapses, leaving Ricco in a state of shock. He finds out from the Ninetales that the central pillar in the tent was the cause, leaving Ricco to accept, regardless of the consequences. It wouldn't be long till Mr. Manager catches up to him and attempts to punish Ricco with his Donphan. Can Ricco destroy the pillar before it's too late?

Current Pokemon

Kaio, the Swampert(♂)


Species: Swampert w/Mystic Water

Type: Water/Ground

Level: 100

Nature: Brave

Obtained: Starter

Contest Points (Cool/Beauty/Tough/Smart/Cute): 40/0/20/0/0

Evo. Chain: Mudkip--->Marshtomp--->Swampert*

Level up moves: Tackle (-), Growl (-), Mud-slap (-), Water Gun (-), Bide (15), Mud Shot (16), Foresight (20), Mud Sport (25), Mud Bomb (25), Take Down (31), Muddy Water (37), Protect (42), Earthquake (52), Endeavor (61), Hammer Arm (69)
Move Tutor Moves: Icy Wind, Body Slam, Mirror Coat, Rock Slide, Uproar, Whirlpool, Counter
TMs: Ice Beam, Detect, Bullet Seed, Swift, Shadow Claw
Custom Moves: Chocolate Magic

Current Status: Active

Bio: I obtained Kaio from Professor Birch in Hoenn when he was a little Mudkip. We both travelled all across the world to find whatever adventure we can go on. He's best friends with Kain, my Mawile. The two of them seem like brothers. He's very helpful at times, especially with a Poliwag we both met on our first adventure. Kaio is the best Pokemon I've had in a while and he has been a huge help on my adventures. You can always count on him to help me out. Now that he's a Swampert, he can't ride on my shoulder anymore. Hehe.

Yuujou, the Cloyster(♂)


Species: Cloyster w/Icy Rock

Type: Water/Ice

Level: 73

Nature: Mild

Obtained: Trade with thed3

Ball Occupied: Christmas '07 Pokeball

Contest Points (Cool/Cute/Tough/Beauty/Smart):0/95/0/20/0

Evo Chain: Shellder--->Cloyster (Water Stone)

Level up Moves: Toxic Spikes (-), Tackle (-), Withdraw (-), Icicle Spear (8), Supersonic (15), Aurora Beam (22), Protect (29), Spikes (36), Spike Cannon (43)
Move Tutor Moves: Barrier, Bubblebeam, Rapid Spin, Sleep Talk, Endure, Snore
TMs: Blizzard, Swift
Custom Moves: Ice Barrier

Current Status: Active

Bio: Sometimes, he's Shy. Sometimes, he's a prankster. Whatever you see him as, he's like every other Shellder. He's friends with Kaio and Mizuya and he's usually my Contest Partner. We both had our moments, but I can always rely on him to help me out when I need to. He's acts cute just to get my attention, though. =P

Kain, the Mawile(♂)


Species: Mawile w/Red Necklace

Type: Steel

Level: 100

Nature: Modest

Obtained: Adoption Centre

Ball Occupied: Level Ball

Contest Points (Cool/Cute/Tough/Beauty/Smart): 0/0/0/0/10

Evo Chain: Mawile

Level up Moves: Astonish (-), Fake Tears (6), Bite (11), Sweet Scent (16), Vicegrip (21), Faint Attack (26), Baton Pass (31), Crunch (36), Iron Defense (41), Stockpile (51), Spit-Up (51), Swallow (51), Iron Head (56)
Move Tutor Moves: Ice Punch, Swords Dance, Poison Fang, Counter, Thunder Punch, Ancientpower, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Icy Wind, Sleep Talk
TMs: Attract, Rock Tomb, Secret Power, Blizzard, Captivate
HMs: Strength Custom Moves: Chocolate Bomb

Current Status: PC

Bio: This guy looked very lonely when I found him in the adoption center. I decided to cheer him up by taking him under my wing and make him part of my team. To put it simple, he's a wuss. Especially when it comes to making friends. Don't get me wrong, he loves to find new friends, but when he's rejected, he bursts into tears and I have to calm him down. His species name speaks for itself; he always tries to bite me when I least expect it, but that's just because he's playing with me. He's very caring, though, and he's best friends with Kaio, my Swampert. Not to mention he's attached to me.

Mizuya, the Poliwhirl(♂)


Species: Poliwhirl

Type: Water

Level: 25

Nature: Undecided

Obtained: Caught in Ocean of Mystery

Ball Occupied: Fast Ball

Evo chain: Poliwag--->Poliwhirl (Level 25)--->Poliwrath (Water Stone)

Level up Moves: Bubble (-), Hypnosis (-), Water Gun (-), Double Slap (19), Rain Dance (27)
Move Tutor Moves: Haze, Counter, Metronome, Mind Reader, Mud Shot, Endeavor
TMs: Rest, Solarbeam

Current Status: Active

Bio: Boy, this guy was a feisty one when we found him. To put it simple, he's a prankster, always shooting at people with Bubble. I got a bit annoyed when he shot at Kaio (Not to mention overprotective) so I battled him. I felt bad, and decided to take him with me. Since then, he's been a caring Pokemon for me. He's best friends with Yuujou, but not so much with Youko. I think he's attached to me.

Tori, the Claydol(-)


Species: Claydol w/Cupid's Bow and Arrow

Type: Ground/Psychic

Level: 45

Nature: Undecided

Obtained: Adoption Centre

Evo Chain: Baltoy--->Claydol (Level 36)

Level up Moves: Confusion (-), Harden (3), Rapid Spin (5), Mud-Slap (7), Psybeam (11), Rock Tomb (15) Self-Destruct (19), Ancient Power (25), Power Trick (31), Hyper Beam (36), Sandstorm (40)
Move Tutor Moves: Psych Up, Dream Eater, Substitute, Swagger, Mimic
TMs: Psywave, Ice Beam
HMs: Rock Smash, Strength

Current Status: Active

Bio: He's the only member who rarely talks to other Pokemon, let alone me. That's just him, though. He's no talker, but he knows how to battle. He's buddies with his teammates, but he's not one to make friends. He's like me, waiting for someone to make friends with you. He and I are one in the same, not active, not talkative. He's usually seen trying to work his Psychic Powers on everything I have, but he's no prankster. Training, perhaps?

Youko, the Lairon(♂)


Species: Lairon

Type: Steel/Rock

Level: 32

Nature: Undecided

Obtained: Egg hatch

Evo Chain: Aron--->Lairon (Level 32)--->Aggron (Level 42)

Level up Moves: Tackle (-), Harden (4), Mud-Slap (7), Headbutt (10), Metal Claw (13), Iron Defense (17), Roar (21), Take Down (25), Iron Head (29)
Move Tutor Moves: Rollout, Smellingsalt

Current Status: Active

Bio: At first I was nervous about keeping the guy, but my mind changed and I decided that he was going to be with me for a while. Like Kain, he's a wuss, but also like Tori, he's not the one to make friends. He's usually trying to gain respect from Nosestache, like when he comforted Youko by bring friends with him at one point. I'm not sure what exactly went on, but those two have been together for a while now. He's pretty attached to me as well.

Shinkou, the Metang(-)


Species: Metang w/ Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Type: Steel/Psychic

Level: 22

Nature: Undecided

Obtained: Coins for Prizes

Ball Occupied: Level Ball

Evo Chain: Beldum--->Metang (Level 20)--->Metagross (Level 45)

Level up Moves: Magnet Rise (-), Take Down (-), Confusion (20), Metal Claw (20)
Move Tutor Moves: Mimic, Thunderpunch, Fury Cutter

Current Status: PC

Bio: Ever since I saw him in the Coins For Prizes shop, I always wanted a Beldum. It took a long time, but once I got a PC, my first priority was to get a Beldum. That's how Shinkou came to my team. He's a little energetic and I use him for transport when I get tired, but he doesn't mind. He's buddies with Kain as well as Youko.

Nosestache, the Probopass(♂)


Species: Probopass w/ Aegis of Frost

Type: Rock/Steel

Level: 9

Nature: Relaxed

Obtained: Egg Hatch

Cool Points: 20

Ball Occupied: Cherish Ball

Boutique Items: Heart-shaped Pimp glasses with Pink rims/Silly Hat

Evo Chain: Nosepass--->Probopass (Mt. Coronet level up)

Level up Moves: Magnet Rise (-), Gravity (-), Tackle (-), Iron Defense (-), Magnet Bomb (-), Block (-) Harden (7)
Move Tutor Moves: Magnitude, Rollout, Dynamic Punch, Ice Punch, Endure, Double-Edge
TMs: Rock Polish
HMs: Stength, Rock Smash

Current Status: Active

Bio: I have always wanted a Probopass ever since I saw one over the internet. Ever since, I've worked hard to get it's pre-evolved form, Nosepass. It took a while, but when my Egg hatched a Nosepass that I wanted, I got what I desired: A Future Probopass. Soon my dream would come to get the greatest Pokemon in existance (In my eyes, anyway =P). He's good friends with Youko but not so much with any of my Water Pokemon. Like Tori, he's also Quiet as well. Now with D/P Pokemon in FB, he finally evolved into what I desired so much!

Gant, the Duskull


Species: Duskull w/ Shadow Lance

Type: Ghost

Level: 17

Nature: Docile

Obtained: Adoption Centre

Tough Points: 20

Smart Points: 30

Evo Chain: Duskull--->Dusclops (Level 37)--->Dusknoir (Trade w/Reaper Cloth)

Level up Moves: Leer (-), Night Shade (-), Disable (5), Foresight (9), Astonish (14), Confuse Ray (17)
Move Tutor Moves: Pain Split, Omnious Wind
TMs Taunt, Torment

Current Status: PC

Bio: The silent, but deadly one in the group. He's not really too talkative, but he will obey orders when he's told to. He's best friends with Kage, not to mention he's her right hand man in all the pranks she pulls off. Those two are really inseperable. He'll actually talk to her, but not a whole lot, mostly nods and stuff like that. He respects me, though, only because Kage told him to.

Kage, the Shuppet(♀)


Species: Shuppet

Type: Ghost

Level: 14

Nature: Naughty

Obtained: Adoption Centre

Ball Occupied: Ghost Ball

Boutique Items: Blue Headband

Evo Chain: Shuppet--->Banette (Level 37)

Level up Moves: Knock Off (-), Screech (5), Night Shade (8), Curse (13)
Move Tutor Moves: Destiny Bond, Payback
TMs: Hidden Power, Psywave, Ice Beam

Current Status: PC

Bio: My "Second in Command." She's the only member of my team who can actually talk, but she's also the most annoying. She tends to embarass me in front of everyone by correcting me and acting insane. She tends to get crazy over violence too, especially when her evolution line is involved. She and Gant seem to be hanging out together. She's gone through two trades only to be shoved in the AC, leaving me to pick her up weeks later. She and I are good buddies, though, she won't leave me no matter what I do.

Mimi, the Buneary(♀)


Species: Buneary

Type: Normal

Level: 12

Nature: Undecided

Obtained: Trade with lilbluecorsola

Beauty Points: 8/10

Evo Chain: Buneary--->Lopunny (Friendship)

Level up Moves: Splash (-), Pound (-), Defense Curl (-), Foresight (-), Endure (6)
Move Tutor Moves: Double Hit, Sky Uppercut, Low Kick

Current Status: PC

Bio: A really violent Pokemon. Mimi is also friends with Kage, but Mimi looks up to her as a sister and will do whatever Kage tells her to do, except 10x worse. She's known to secretly attack me with her "pseudo-metallic" ears of her. In other words, they hurt. She does have a soft side, though, because I see her pick flowers for her to wear on occasion. She likes pretty things, but she's a playful little demon.

Nido, the Nidorino(♂)


Species: Nidorino

Type: Poison

Level: 25

Nature: Undecided

Obtained: Trade with Lee-San (As Nidorino)

Evo Chain: Nidoran (M)--->Nidorino (Level 16)--->Nidoking (Moon Stone)

Level up Moves: Leer (-), Peck (-), Focus Energy (7), Double Kick (9), Poison Sting (13), Fury Attack (20), Horn Attack (-),
TMs: Horn Drill
HMs: Cut

Current Status: PC

Bio: Lee-San told me he's a lone wolf kind of Pokemon, and he was right. He doesn't have too many friends and he doesn't really want to be near anyone else. If I get him for a battle, he's willing to go through with it, but that's because he loves battling more than any other Nidorino. Still, I wish he would try and make friends, because he doesn't really want to share the battlefield with other partners.

Marin, the Buizel(♂)


Species: Buizel

Type: Water

Level: 7

Nature: Undecided

Obtained: Trade with Alilatias

Evo Chain: Buizel--->Floatzel (Level 26)

Level up Moves: Sonicboom (-), Growl (-), Water Sport (-), Quick Attack (3), Water Gun (6)
Move Tutor Moves: Odor Sleuth, Slash, Fury Cutter

Current Status: PC

Bio: Comming Soon

Laterus, the Porygon2(-)

Porygon2 Pic.jpg

Species: Porygon

Type: Normal

Level: 6

Nature: Undecided

Obtained: Coins for Prizes

Evo Chain: Porygon--->Porygon2 (Trade w/Up-Grade)--->Porygon-Z (Trade w/Dubious Disc)

Level up Moves: Conversion 2 (-), Tackle (-), Conversion (-), Sharpen (-), Defense Curl (-)

Current Status: Active

Bio: Coming Soon