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This is the page of Kindrindra, frequently known as "Kin" by many! Mostly because his username is hilariously long. I'm writing this in third person because I've a tendency to do that. Kin is considered a decent battler by many, which isn't actually true, but it does mean he's probably a good person to slay if you want something notable on your app. Best get it done fast, though- Eventually people will realize he's not as good as they think. His current title is as the sole Gym Trainer of DaveTheFishGuy's Dark Gym, also known as "the guy who scares off all the newbies because he's a terribly high level". His best achievement thusfar is making it to the finals of the X/Y Pokebowl Event! His squaddies and other suchforth is arrayed below, the template shamelessly ripped off from his friend BlazeVA, who is vastly superior in just about every way. (This is blazeVA and Kin is just jumpluffing. :p)

Trainer Level Referee Grade Knockouts Trainer Points Service Points Wins Losses Draws
4 Lesser B 99 243.5 3 30 22 7

Name Yang
Species Level 4 Umbreon
Type Straight Male - Dark
Quote <color="#B02097">"Kin, is this really the best idea?"</color>
Biography Yang, my very first partner. That little pest would some day become one of my closest friends. Who knew? I think back to how we met, when I caught him stealing my stuff and booking it. When I discovered where he was running off too. The first time I gave food to him, rather than having it taken. The first time he let cuddle him. When I set out on my journey, and he followed. When he cleared Yin's name. When he sniffed out Lily. Our first battle. Our enthusiastic attempts to develop his own 'Special Move'. One day, it occurred to me. Where had he even come from? Surely he hadn't always been living under my mailbox. I'm fairly certain that we'd have known if there was a family there, too. And the place was hardly fit to be called a 'den'. And so I asked him. He didn't know. I was shocked. Hastily, I charted out a trip back to our home town, and began gathering information immediately. As I searched, the answer became apparent. A smuggler's band, long thought to have been disbanded, had in fact been working in the era up until very recently. I pressed as hard as I could, but could find nothing about where they smuggled from or to. The only thing anyone seemed to know was the base ruthlessness of the bandits. I could find nothing else, and solemnly apologized to Yang for getting his hopes up. He scolded me for worrying about it, and told me with a smile that he didn't care about his past. The memories that had shaped who he was and what he wanted were what were important, and he wanted to strive forwards on our own merits, not based on some mysterious past which had nothing to do with him.

...I lied. Once, there was a girl who's life had been torn apart by a group known only as The Collect. She set out to bring them down. She was a genius of the field of battle, and one foe after the next fell to her intellect and her partner's might. They destroyed those that had preyed upon them, and cornered them to one final destination. The group's headquarters, hidden away in a town no one would give a second look. She declared her intent to the townsfolk, then strode into the belly of the beast. The group's domination of the streets ended, and most all thought they were gone for good. But the girl and her partner were never seen again. Her partner was a Flareon. ...But I'll never tell Yang this. The truth might break him. (On a completely unrelated tangent, hilariously enough pretty much every sig Yang's ever tried to develop is a variation on one of two themes and that's hilarious. They all have to do with creating darkness, inverting the type chart, or both. Suppose it's suiting for his name, but still.)

Signature Training Yang constantly emits a sphere of energy which moves around with him. Three meters (~10 feet) in diameter, the sphere inverses any type matchups of those inside it's influence, obviously including Yang. Weaknesses will become resistances, resistances will become weaknesses, and immunities will also become weaknesses. In exchange, Yang's total general energy reserve is smaller than typical to his species, the difference equivalent to a fully charged Hyper Beam. It should be noted that the sphere also totally negates any other bonuses granted with immunity- For example, Yang can be detected by psychic-types while under this training's influence. The sphere is a constant, subconcious effect and as such Yang [B]cannot[/B] be ordered to turn it off.
Hidden Power Fire

Kin's Inactive Mon Kin's Shadow