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Level 1

Irakusa [Nettle]: Male Treecko

Bio: As far as I can tell, Irakusa was abandoned at birth. That's the main reason for his overall "loner" nature. Being as such, he doesn't get along very well with the other Pokemon. His true hobby is training–he extensively pushes himself to his very physical limits. From all his hard work, he's become incredibly fast and agile.

Signature Move (Special Attack): Take no Mai [Bamboo Dance] (Grass) - Irakusa gains some speed by running, and spins off into a tackle/roll. He will continue in this fashion until he pushes himself off another object or surface and then uses momentum he's acquired to propel towards the opponent at a very high speed (if there are no walls or sturdy objects to speak of, then he cannot use this ability). If he collides with the enemy in an effective way, he will do moderate damage–however, there is a 50% chance of recoil damage. Consumes about as much energy as a Quick Attack followed by a Double Edge. Can only be used twice in one battle, and constitutes as a two-combo move.

Shyoumei [Flare]: Male Cyndaquil

Bio: Shyoumei has an uncanny ability to observe and draw conclusions effectively. I've always been baffled when he correctly guesses what I'm going to order from a restaurant. He enjoys that kind of recognition, I suppose–not that he's trying to be know-it-all or anything.

Signature Move (Special Defenses/Technique): Deduction (Normal) - Shyoumei goes into a passive stance to observe the move of his opponent. He carefully notes all he observes while an enemy attack is executed–every nuance; from how they move to how the air pressure is conforms to the force and pressure of an attack. After said attack connects, it cannot hit Shyoumei for the remainder of the time that Pokemon is not KO'ed. He also can dodge an attack of the same type more easily when executed by the opponent that Deduce was used on (+5% chance). If Shyoumei does encounter that Pokemon on a later date, the attack is used as normal, for this defense does not stack, nor is it permanent. This has a 75% chance of succeeding and can only be used once per battle. This technique doesn't take up energy itself, but the attack being analyzed has a slightly higher (~10%) chance of being a Critical Hit.

Waruiyume [Nightmare]: Male Houndour

Bio: Waruiyume is extremely sadistic, but at the same time, very carefree. He loves battles, only if he does significant damage to enemy. If he is faced with a decision that requires killing, he will not hesitate to finish the job. He is very merciless, and also a bit reckless on the side–something in his past must have had incredible influence on his current behavior: I'm guessing his pack went on an abnormally large amount of killing sprees...

Signature Move (Special Attack): Chi no Keiyaku [Blood Pact] (Dark) - Collecting a third of his remaining Dark energy into his fangs, he lunges at the enemy, attempting to bite a blood vessel. If he successfully hits a vein (about 75% of the time), he injects the energy collected into the opponent's bloodstream. This attack does not work on Pokemon with incredibly thick armor or exoskeletons (Rock types, Steel types, etc.). After a few rounds have passed, both Waruiyume and the opponent will begin to be drained of energy (sort of like Toxic, except this is for energy, not health). Also, due to the amount of Dark energy that was concentrated in one area while using this attack, Waruiyume's special attack power is halved, regardless of whether this moves connects or not. Takes up the same amount of energy as a fully-charged Shadow Ball. Can only be used once per battle.

Yuugure [Dusk]: Female Vulpix

Bio: Quiet and mysterious are the two words I can use to best describe Yuugure. She was born in Nightmare Graveyard and was raised by a group of kind Misdreavus. Her fur is a mysterious golden color that shines irregularly in the moonlight (in other words, she's a shiny Vulpix). Due to her extensive contact with ghosts, she is not foreign to some techniques...

Signature Move (Special Training): Bakemono no Hono'o [Ghost's Blaze] (Ghost/Fire) - Yuugure can now use Shadow Ball, but she lost the ability to use Fire Blast and Fire Spin at the cost.

Mayonaka [Midnight]: Female Eevee

Bio: She's extremely vain, to put it simply. She loves the darkness and is incredibly at peace in it. I know that she will indefinitely evolve into an Umbreon one day.

Signature Move (Special Resistance): Kurai [Dark] (Dark) - Due to her affinity with the darkness, she tends to take Dark type attacks better than most others when in dark or dimly-lit areas (+20% resistance to Dark type techniques).

Kakashi [Scarecrow]: Male Cacnea

Bio: As far as Pokemon go, Kakashi experiences utmost devotion to his older brother's memory. He wants to be just like his older brother–a Cacturne. He will do everything in his power to make a difference in battle, just like he knows his brother would. He's very dependent on his teammates and is a bit of a cry-baby. The reason why I named him "Kakashi" was not due to my love for Naruto, but rather because "Kakashi" means "Scarecrow"–and Cacturne are the Scarecrow Pokemon.

Signature Move (Special Defenses/Technique): Brother's Memory (Normal) - Summoning his brother's courage, Kakashi increases his Special Attack by 25% and Defense by 30% temporarily for about three rounds. Also, all of his attacks require 1.5x more energy than usual for the three rounds this ability remains in effect. He can only use this technique once per battle, and it consumes the same amount of energy as a Cosmic Power.

Yuuki [Courage]: Male Seedot

Bio: Even in the presence of a tough opponent, Yuuki will boldly stare the enemy down. He's very brave and has an innate sense of justice. He will fight for the forces of good–unfortunately, he doesn't get along with Waruiyume that well.

Signature Move (Special Attack): Hanabira [Petals] (Grass) - Yuuki fires high speed petals at the opponent, causing surface lacerations and painful cuts (when Slapstick rules are in effect, it just does damage equal to a Razor Leaf). Drains as much energy as a Razor Leaf and can only be used three times per battle.

Hinode [Sunrise]: Female Torchic

Bio: She has an overall sweet personality, and gets along with everyone on my squad (even "loner" Irakusa and "psychotic" Waruiyume). Hinode would do anything for her friends, and she is one of my most beloved Pokemon. She's the big sister of the team, and knows how to solve a problem. She's still a bit naive, and sometimes she gets all cheerleader-ish... yes she loves to cheer for me and my teammates. At times, I wonder if she lived with a group of Plusle and Minun... or something on the lines of that.

Signature Move (Special Training): Yuujou [Friendship] (Normal) - when in a Double Battle, she gets a minor overall stat boost.

Mizore [Sleet]: Male Meditite

Bio: Mizore was born in the arctic. He loves to train and is usually Irakusa's training partner. He doesn't like to be interrupted during his meditation, and prefers not to participate in any activities which he commonly labels as "a waste of time." Due to his affinity in the cold, he gained some interesting qualities.

Signature Move (Special Training): Yuki [Snow] (Ice) - Mizore can now move freely on ice and in snow. He can also use Powder Snow, Ice Beam and Blizzard at the cost of losing the ability to use Mega Punch, Mega Kick, and Dynamic Punch. He is also slightly weaker to Fire type attacks (+10%).

Sabaku [Desert]: Male Sandshrew

Bio: Sabaku is a very shy, but kind soul who enjoys burrowing. He also is very serious when he battles and can use terrain to his advantage. I call him the tactician of the team. For this reason, he works very well with Shyoumei.

Signature Move (Special Attack): Katamari Punch (Ground) - Sabaku curls into a ball and rolls around the arena, collecting speed. He gathers up some of his remaining Ground energy to attract particles of sand to condense on his fist, and increases the circumference of the "ball" that is formed there. Jumps from the roll into the air, and lands on the enemy fist-first, for a moderate amount of damage. Consumes the amount of energy equivalent to a Mega Punch. Can only be used twice per battle.

Level 2

Yanagi [Willow]: Female Furret

Bio: Yanagi loves to frolic in the fields and is at home in the plains/grasslands. She plays frequently with my other squad members (whether or not they're in the mood). She can be a bit tricky sometimes, though. She likes to pester me to my breaking point (and I have a very high tolerance for these kinds of things).

Signature Move (Special Attack): Shiage [Finishing Touches] (Normal) - Yanagi builds speed and scurries around the opponent, forming pseudo-Double Team copies (after-images), which makes her harder to hit. Yanagi will strike the enemy at timed intervals, causing moderate to heavy damage. The clones disappear shortly after this move is executed (the clones DO NOT count as Double Team clones: they're after-images). Consumes roughly the same amount of energy as an Extremespeed attack and counts as a three-combo move. Can only be used once per battle.

Azami [Thistle]: Female Ledian

Bio: Calm and level-headed, Azami is a common-sense thinker. She likes to meditate (odd for a Bug type, ne?) and take things easy.

Signature Move (Special Attack): Shirokuro [Black and White] (Flying/Bug) - Azami sends out two solid projections of herself (one black and one white) and orders them to fly at the opponent at a high speed. The chance that both will hit is actually pretty low (~33%), but the chance that at least one will hit is much higher (~80%). If both hit, they will make the opponent flinch ~85% of the time. She can use her own (or my own) discretion, trying to increase the accuracy of one to make sure it hits (favoring a super-effective hit), and use the other as a doppleganger of sorts. This consumes about 2/3 of the energy as a Psychic. If both hit, the move's damage is equal to a Psychic. If only one hits, this move's base damage becomes that of a Gust. It can only be used twice in one battle and counts as a two-combo move. Also, if both fail to hit, the energy used by Azami to execute this technique will increase by 25%.

About Kyuu!

Kyuu joined PASBL in December 2005, not long before Christmas. Although her ideas were good (in her eyes, anyway), it was quite a while before she had her squad approved. She was also nervous, which made matters worse. After a reffing "scandal" (she calls it that because that's kind of what it is... but then again, she doesn't have her thesaurus on her) she took extended leave from late March to mid-late April to May. She's only won one battle, but that was due to DQ. Kyuu's been a rank B+ ref off the bat, and she's hoping for an eventual promotion. She's had a sporadic log-in spree since mid-April.