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Athena: Female Dragonite
No Signature Necessary

Hikaru: Female Charizard
With its love of fire, Hikaru has worked on a way to turn one of her most powerful attacks even more powerful..
Special Technique: Fire Arrow (Fire)
Due to training with one of its most powerful moves, Fire Blast, Hikaru is now able to manipulate the attack any way it chooses. She can adjust the Fire Blast in any way now, including making it any pattern, character, or line. The Fire Blast must be ordered as such, and must be the same thickness as a normal Fire Blast (the thickness of the "lines", not the full attack). The most powerful version of this would be the Fire Arrow version, which is a straight line which goes from Charizard to its opponent in a straight line, dealing a constant stream of damage equivalent to taking a full on Fire Blast, but focused on one precise point. Using these versions of Fire Blast consumes no extra energy.

Umi: Female Golduck
On a remote island off of the Kanto mainland, there was a large group of psychic Pokemon. Kadabra, Xatu and many other species lived peacefully except for one week a year, when a large shiver of Sharpedo would pass by on their annual trek to warmer pastures. Being dark-type Pokemon, the Psychics were at a loss as to how to prevent chaos. The only water Pokemon with significant Psychic powers, a brace of Golduck and Psyduck were given the task of protecting the psychic Pokemon in exchange for food. Umi was their leader and devised a scheme to protect the monsters.
Special Training: Aquatic Manipulation (Water/Psychic)
From years of practice causing the Sharpedo to be caught in psionic whirlpools, Umi has more psychic ability while manipulating water, making it slightly easier and quicker for her to use Confusion and Psychic only when dealing with water. In addition, when performing these attacks, she will use slightly less energy. Ability, speed and energy are adjusted by 15% in the appropriate manner.

Fuu: Female Butterfree
Butterfree has several long range attacks which can help it against others of its type. However, even with its significant psychic ability and similarity to Pokemon like Beautifly, it can't learn two significant moves: Recover and Morning Sun. However, working hard, Fuu has learned a different technique that combines a little of both.
Special Technique: Healing Wind (Psychic/Bug)
Using significant Psychic and Bug energy, Fuu flaps its wings, taking in any available light, even artificial light. Recovered health will be about 1/6 of its maximum health from Psychic energy, and 1/6 of its maximum from Bug energy. This will be modified from its current energy levels. Psychic energy consumption will be equivalent to 1/3 Recover, and Bug energy will be equivalent to 2 Hidden Powers. The Bug energy will only be consumed if there is any sort of light available to use the attack.

Suzuka: Female Umbreon
Picked up as an Eevee from a trainer whose Flareon simply had way too many kids, Suzuka has always known she'd become an Umbreon one day.. Because I told her I needed a dark type. Also, she might have been tipped off by the fact that most of her matches occurred at night, or in the Dark Layer of my gym. From battling in the dark so much, she not only evolved into an Umbreon, but had some more prominent features of an Umbreon, most notably the poisonous sweat it releases from its pores. Hidden Power (Dark): Umbreon is able to use the Dark version of Hidden Power
Special Attack: Bicycle Kick (Fighting/Normal)
Suzuka does a back flip quite quickly indeed, as her legs glow with the little fighting energy she has, as she kicks her opponent for good damage. While the move can be used several times, depending on energy levels, the fighting energy only lasts for 2 uses max.

Arisu: Female Raichu
A member of my squad for a while, Boruto went with a new name to go with her style of a more agile battler. Raichu's hind paws have a little extra grip to them thanks to excessive dancing and training, her workouts focusing more on agility than brute strength.
Special Training: Agile Mouse (Normal)
Arisu maintains her higher speed and agility, able to move slightly quicker than others of her species. The percentage increase is approximately 10-15% depending on the circumstances. Energy use while using agility is slightly higher, but nothing ridiculous.

Mr. 0 – Male Cacturne
The leader of this group, Zero is a dark soul, uncaring and unrelenting. Never one to back down from a fight and never one to show mercy, Cacturne is as mean as they come. With the power of sand at his disposal, he takes on all comers in the deserts of Alabasta.
Signature Move – Suna Suna no Baruchan (Dark)
With the ability to thrive in the arid climates of the desert,Cacturne are able to find moisture in places other beings cannot. With his signature move, Cacturne smacks the opponent with one of his spikes and drains moisture out of their body at a decent, but consistent rate. A Kimori's arm would become mummified in about 30 seconds. All effects of this move can be nullified by either ingesting water or soaking the affected part(s) in water.

Miss AllSunday - Female Gengar
The partner of Mr. 0, Gengar is just as quiet as he is, typically letting actions do the talking for her. A little more compassionate than Cacturne, Miss AllSunday is still a ferocious battler, especially when pitted against a younger, more inexperienced trainer.
Signature Move - Hana Hana no Te (Dark)
Miss AllSunday is able to use her significant mental ability to recreate her own hands anywhere in the arena. At any one time, the most she can create is 6, but they only last for 2 attacks. This consumes decent energy, increasing exponentially with each subsequent usage.

Mr. 1 - Male Tyranitar
Keeping with the theme of quiet asskickers, Mr. 1 lets his partner, Miss Doublefinger, do the talking for him. A large Pokemon, Tyranitar is able to create Sandstorms at will, making him perfect for a desert arena.
Signature Move - Supa Supa no Ryu (Steel)
Tyranitar has mastered a move which many Pokemon know, but few know well, Iron Tail. Instead of focusing the steel energy at its tail, Tyranitar is also able to focus the energy to any part of his body, turning the section momentarily into hardened steel. This makes any spikes on his body much sharper, but leaves him more vulnerable to fire attacks while in use.

Miss Doublefinger - Female Sandslash
Brash and talented, Sandslash likes to talk a good game before impaling her enemies, letting them ponder her words as they fade out of conciousness. Miss Doublefinger has deep purple quills so it can use its signature move.
Signature Move - Toge Toge no Doping (Steel)
At any point during the battle, Miss Doublefinger injects herself with one of her quills, which make all of the quills on her body much sharper and increases the power of any attack using them (projectile or direct) much more powerful (15% more). The effects last for 4 rounds and can be used once per match.

Mr. 2 - Okama Ditto
A Ditto which likes to wear mascara, Mr. 2 practices ballet on a regular basis, usually transforming into a Kirlia or another graceful Pokemon to do so. Along with ballet, Ditto is, of course, a master of transformation, which enables him to be a master spy and an all around nuisance for enemies.
Signature Move - Mane Mane no Montage (Normal)
As a Ditto can change its own structure at will, Mr. 2 has trained that ability far beyond others of his species. He can transform between forms instantaneously, and without much use of energy (regular Dittos expend next to no energy anyway to use Transform).

Miss Goldenweek - Female Smeargle
Not much of a fighter, Smeargle tends to shy away from battle, using her ability to pretty much take care of the fight for her. She enjoys sipping on tea and discussing works of art while her opponent looks like a fool.
Signature Move - Iro Iro no Baka (Normal)
Miss Goldenweek uses the paint from her tail to hypnotize Pokemon. If the victim stands in a circle made of paint or there is a decent amount of that color paint on the Pokemon itself, the Pokemon acts according to the color of the paint for 2 rounds or if the paint rubs off. There is also a 20% chance that the paint will not affect the victim (direct contact only). If the opponent is standing in a circle of paint, there is a 40% chance each round that they will exit the circle, and a 15% chance that they will be concious enough to wipe the paint off of the ground.
- Red (Anger)
The target will attack anything red instead of its opponent (This includes the red ground itself).
- Orange (Therapeutic)
The target will have all mental enhancements nullified and not put as much force into any attacks.
- Yellow (Laughter)
The target will laugh uncontrollably, reducing attack effectiveness and concentration.
- Green (Relaxation)
The target will cease attacking at all, unless provoked. They will treat all other entities as friends.
- Blue (Nobility)
The target will disregard the battle as undeserving of its time, until otherwise provoked. They will show pity towards all, and may even help others.
- Purple (Shyness)
The target will try to stay out of harms way, staying away from the main parts of the battlefield if at all possible. They will cower from enemies and not want to be around anyone.
- Black (Betrayal)
The target will betray its owner and its fellow Pokemon, refusing orders, but it could still attack if provoked.