Pokémon Injuries

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Permanent Damage to Pokemon

In the league, there is still some permanent damage that can happen to Pokémon out on the battlefield. Referees note that if the battle where the injury occurs has the Slapstick rule on then no permanent damage will be dealt. The same applies with death. Anyway, here is the list of permanent damages that can still occur within battles, but all referees are advised to think of all Pokémon having a high resilience to these damages. Should a trainer's Pokémon suffer one of the ailments listed below, then a simple Service Point will cure the injury. If you don't have a Service Point, you can convert two Trainer Points to one Service Point.

Blindness: Attacks which require accuracy would rely simply on the Pokémon's hearing & it's instincts, meaning that unless it is Psychic it's probably going to be VERY inaccurate. It's also likely to stumble around the arena and fall over objects if ordered to move, and its sense of balance is going to be WAY off. Flash would have no effect on it, nor would Leer, Glare or any other eye contact attacks.

Broken Arm: This Pokémon's arm is completely broken. It cannot be used in battle without further aggravating the injury and causing extreme pain to the Pokémon. Climbing movement will be nigh on impossible unless it can climb with one arm.

Broken Leg: This Pokémon's arm is completely broken. Movement will be reduced to a hobble, and will cause extreme pain to the Pokémon, not to mention further aggravating the injury.

Deafness: This Pokémon is completely and utterly deaf. In battle, it will be able to take no orders from its trainer unless the trainer is a Psychic type gym Leader, has at least 1 Psychic type Pokémon in his team for this battle which has not yet been knocked out or (Very much outside chances) the Pokémon can read it's trainer's lips or knows sign language,. If it cannot take orders from its trainer, it acts by instinct, as ruled by the referee. generally this will mean that it will only use attacks of a medium power that are associated with it (Thunderbolt for Pikachu's, Water Gun for Marills, etc). Furthermore, being unable to hear will put him at a disadvantage against moves that obscure the opponent from the deaf Pokémon's vision, and thus any accuracy penalties will be multiplied by a factor of 1.5. The only saving grace for this Pokémon is that it is no longer affected by moves that logically require the opponent to hear them, such as Screech, Supersonic, Growl, Sing, Roar & Snore (For reference, please note that neither Perish Song nor Sonicboom requires the opponent to be able to hear them to work).

Well, as well as death, these are the only current permanent damages allowed to Pokémon. Note how the nastier injuries have now gone.