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League Official, Level 3 Trainer, Silver Reaper Gym Leader (Dark-type), B+ Referee

Silver Reaper Gym Squad

Level 4

Magus: Male Umbreon
The main poster boy of my team, Magus does what he wants and never thinks twice about it. He’s a total smartalec and proud of it. Magus’s been hanging around me the longest, ever since I managed to pick him up after he looked rather beat up. He goes about his business, often offering sage advice to anyone that wants it…while throwing in a few wisecracks every so often. Magus is the one who tends to utter sarcastic remarks to any kind of…embarrassing actions.
Special Attack: Darkness Barrage (Dark)
Magus starts off by generating a sphere of Dark energy similar to Shadow Ball, a process that takes about 3 seconds. He then slams the sphere into the ground, which then releases about ten small spheres that target the enemy. Each sphere moves somewhat fast but their movement tends to be irratic, so only the slowest of opponents or paralyzed Pokemon risk getting hit by all of the spheres. The damage inflicted is Dark-type and damage from each individual hit does minimal damage, with the most damage done being equivalent to a Body Slam, if all ten spheres hit. This attacks uses up Dark energy that’s slightly more than a Barrage attack and can only be used 3 times per match, only once per Pokemon

Level 3

Hawkeye: Male Sneasel
Hawkeye's one of the best ninjas around. He's quick, fast, and very, very dangerous. His motions are so quick, I'm not sure where he's going at times as well. He happens to be one of Croco's old buddies and so when Hawkeye or "Hawk", as he likes to be called, got somewhat bored with his current life so he joined up with me after Croco gave him a call. One of Hawkeye’s favorite possessions would be the Covenant Sniper Rifle he managed to acquire. He’s a pretty good shot at it, too.
Special Attack: Shadow Dive (Dark)
Hawkeye's ninja-like agility and skills come into great play for this attack. When using Shadow Dive, Hawkeye rushes in to the opponent and attacks with blazing speed that only the fastest reactions can hope to avoid. When Hawkeye strikes, he begins pummeling the enemy for what is basically a Dark-type version of Fury Swipes. Energy usuage is equal to about that of Faint Attack and this move can only be used three times per battle.

Artina: Female Murkrow
Artina is an old childhood friend of Hermes that just happened to fly by my house and spotted Hermes practicing his Psychic manuveurs. Apparently, Hermes was suppossed to marry Artina when the two were much older thanks to arranged marriges. Luckily for Hermes, Artina hasn't held Hermes to that little promise...yet. In any case, Artina is known as the female equivilant of what Hermes is: a prankster. The two create a troubling duo that has caused many prank wars to break out, with the challenger almost always getting sorely beaten. Hermes and Artina are still very close, which has caused much discussion and assumption. Either way, when it comes down to it: Artina never means any harm with her ways, well, physcially at least...
Special Defence: Dark Reflector (Dark)
Seeing Celes play as Falco in Smash Bros. Melee Artina had a stroke of inspiration. Going by the logic that why not throw the opponent's special attacks back in their face, Artina tried for months to develop a reflector attack. After months of research and development (In other words, training), not to mention many, many bruises and bumps, the Dark Reflector was the result. Artina is able to call upon a shield of darkness surrounding her which allows her to reflect most special attacks back at the opponent. However, this attack does not protect Artina from attack entirely. Only beam-like special attacks will be reflected and any special attack which base power is above Thunderbolt power will not be reflected. In addition, she is very vulnerable to physical attacks, taking more damage than usual from them the round during and after Dark Reflector is used. Finally, her speed drops a portion the round after this move is used. This move uses a great deal of Dark energy and counts as a two-move combo, plus it can only be used two times a battle, not in consecutive rounds.

Garett: Male Houndoom
The atypical badass with a heart of gold. No matter where you go, there’s always at least one of them. Garett tends to be blunt with his statements, there’s almost no sugarcoating involved. If he sees someone doing something stupid, he sure as hell will let them know it. That said, like most people of his ilk, Garett’s got his soft side. He tends to easily cow to any…female persuasion. Can’t really resist a cute girl to save his life. Needless to say, this is often the butt of many jokes, but hey, ladies always like a gentleman to protect them…I think.
Special Attack: ShadowClasm (Dark/Fire)
Garett battles with extreme ferocity, which is evident in this move. When he uses this, Garett fires a jet of dark flames at his opponent and strikes them immediately. The plumes trap the opponent for roughly 10-15 seconds and does damage equal to 1.5x that of Fire Spin. This does requires Fire and Dark energy equal to 2x that of Fire Spin. As such, ShadowClasm can only be used two times per match and Garett may not use any other attacks the round he uses it.

Zelos: Male Absol
This guy’s an absolute philanderer. Anything female, he’ll try to sweettalk. It’s rather annoying, really, any town I walk into, this guy’s out trying to pimp the females. He’s tried with the girls on the squad…with little effect, now that I think about it. But in any case, he’s not really much of a creep, more of a lovable pervert, rather than a creepy one. Zelos is basically out just to have a nice, easy life, free of the strains of the world. So he’s found a nice home with my gang, though I don’t know how far he’ll get with any of the girls…
Special Training: Elementios (Fire/Ice/Electric)
Going by the natural extension of knowing moves from each of the Fire/Ice/Electric elemental types, Zelos has trained himself and learned Tri Attack. (Why Absols don't know it in the games, I'll never know...)

Level 2

Kevin: Male Nuzleaf
As gruff as they come, Kevin takes no crap from anyone and is very willing to tell people what's really on his mind when asked. He enjoys a good fight, especially from an opponent he is on equal footing with. Kevin's very frank and gruff personality doesn't really make him very popular with the females on the team. However, he fits right in with the guys, even if they get tired of him always trying to get them to train to improve themselves.
Special Attack: Black Seed (Dark)
Tapping into his Dark-attributes, Kevin has trained to preform a variation of Leech Seed that can serve to sabotage an opponent. Thus the Black Seed was created. This attack is essentially similar to a standard Leech Seed on appearance, only it's well, black. The difference lies once the seed lands on the opponent. Upon landing, the seed's Dark energy lowers the target's Attack and Sp. Attack strength. The stat reduction's a one-time thing, equal to around a standard stat reduction move. No damage is actually inflicted with this attack. Kevin's total energy use is equal to that of a Leech Seed plus some Dark energy equal to a Calm Mind. This move can only be used once per opposing Pokemon.

Level 1

Jessica: Female Sneasel
Jessica's story is a quite the strange one. A member of the nobility in the country Hawkeye was from, Jessica wandered by my house...during my renovation process. Since I had no clue about why this Sneasal was here, I called Hawk to find out what's going on. Turns out some evil bitch had taken control of the home country and a huge rallying adventure was sent to free Hawkeye's home realm. That adventure lasted a measly three stinking days and everything was back to normal. However, Jessica decided to stick around and fight alongside me. That, and there was a little thing that Croco told me that Jessica has had a crush on Hawk since the two were little. Either way, I let her in and the rest is history. Though she is nobility, Jessica knows how to fight. She practically has the speed of Hawk, and in some cases, is even faster! Every time I need something to be done, Jessica can usually do it within 15 seconds, which has given her a nice place within the team.
Special Attack: Coma Strike (Dark)
This is an attack passed on through the Sneasal Clan of the Desert Realm. What this consists of is Jessica's claws glowing a brightish green, but despite the coloration, her claws are actually being charged with Dark energy. Then, Jessica moves at a running speed and strikes her opponent with a nice slash. However, the main goal of the attack is not to deal damage. It instantly puts the opposing Pokemon to sleep, but this move deals very little in the means of damage. Since the attack moves very fast, the odds of avoiding the move is lower than an attack like Sleep Powder, due to the quickness by which Jessica moves to initiate the attack, but with Jessica running in a visable path, a Pokemon can concievably use an attack like Agility to avoid it, and can dodge/sidestep it as well. This move takes up Dark energy equivalent to Faint Attack and can be used only three times per match and never twice against the same Pokemon.

Xemnas: Male Sableye
An exceedingly odd ghost, Xemnas sure loves ranting about his status as a ghost. He always goes on and on about how he has no heart or soul and is merely a living shell. Gets rather annoying at times. The guys on the squad often joke about how "Xemnas" is an anagram for "Mansex", and Xemnas himself doesn't help matters when he introduces himself as Mansex, only to realize his error and correct himself when it's too late. This is often used when Xemnas starts ranting about nothingness and such; the common response is, "STFU Mansex!"
Special Attack: Nothingness Barrage (Ghost)
Xemnas draws upon his much heralded power of nothingness, which is really nothing more than standard Ghost energy, for this attack. Gathering energy in his hands, Xemnas fires a barrage of ghost energy "lasers" (For lack of a better term) at the enemy, in what amounts to a Ghost-type Bullet Seed, with damage around that area. This attack uses up Ghost energy equal to a Night Shade and can only be used three times per match.

Non-Gym Pokemon

Level 4

Petey: Male Venusaur
Well, I needed some kind of botanical punch, and found it within Petey. He’s the strategist of our group, any plan we might have goes through him first. He really isn’t much of a risktaker, which tends to tick off the more adventurous members of my team. He has an extremely tactical mind, always thinking in the middle of a fight to figure out ways to win. If I ever need a foolproof plan, he’s the guy I talk to.
No Signature Move

Level 3

Croco: Male Feraligatr
A old member of my crew, Croco goes about finding valuable objects and…liberating them from their former owners. That’s right, he’s a thief. Okay, “treasure hunter”. Whenever anyone gets something valuable, they make sure to put it under lock and key, all thanks to this guy. No one knows what he uses stolen merchandise for, and really, not many of us care to find out. He’s very very sneaky, sometimes appearing out of nowhere, dropping in, and saying “Hello there!”
Special Training: Come and Catch Me! (Dark)
Croco's a thi…err, treasure hunter, and given that, he's gonna need speed to move around. As such, Croco learns the move Faint Attack, but he forgets Thrash since you can't be very sneaky if you're always getting mad now...

Hermes: Male Xatu
I ran into Hermes...well, he ran into me. During a vacation around the mountains, Hermes ran smack into my head. After much yelling, I offered him shelter for "messing up his life". He isn't the smartest bird alive, but Hermes sure loves to party. Hermes gets along well with every one of his teammates, though he is annoyed when Croco steals his things. Along with Croco and Magus, he’ll always find some kind of wiseass remark to utter in most situations.
No Signature Move

Celes: Female Ampharos
Celes is, well, she’s a bit of a prude. She doesn’t act stuck-up but she tends to shake her head at any kind of…lewd behavior. Although, it does tend to get annoying when she gets prissy at even the most tame of jokes. Of course, when it gets down to battle time, Celes won’t hesitate to get a little rough in order to achieve victory. Complex mind…sort of.
Special Training: Electrical Rage (Electric)
Celes hates going down without a fight, which causes the power of her electrical attacks to increased by 35% when her health reaches the crictical range. However, her speed takes a drastic drop due to this concentration of power. Celes' speed drops by half when her health reaches the critical range (final quarter or so) in order to power her electrical attacks.

Ayla: Female Pupitar
My capture of Ayla resulted in several of my Pokemon complaining that I eventually need that mighty Rock/Dark type fortress Tyranitar. So, on one of my leisure days when I have absolutly nothing to do, I threw a Poke Ball out into the sky, and seeing what happenend after that. When I retrieved the Ball, I found that I had captured something. I let Ayla out...and then I get yelled at for not having the guts to come out and battle her. Well, Marble bailed me out of that one saying it was her fault for getting in the way of the Ball in the first place. The argument went on before Ayla simple asked that I apologize...which I did. So that's how that went. Ayla has somewhat of an egotist complex, thinking she is better than everyone else. This often gets several "Oh Please" at least twice a day.
Special Attack: Bloody Lance (Dark)
An attack that utilizes the Dark energy Ayla arrogantly wields, this move consists of Ayla gathering energy within the spikes on her back, then turning around and subsequently shooting two "lances" at the enemy. One "lance" can deal damage equal to half of a standard Crunch attack, and energy use is essentially that of Crunch. This move can only be used once per opposing Pokemon.

Marble: Female Graveler
I ran into Marble in the most unusual way. Walking around the mountains, Magus happened upon a strange rock. That rock was Marble. Marble is, despite her archaic appearance, a technological whiz. She automatically fixes anything that’s broken within minutes. A measure of Marble's genius is the fact that she is able to pratically outwit the crafty Croco time after time again. Though she does not possess the wisdom Magus has, Marble's intelliect is a force to be reckoned with. Marble is a best friend of Celes, though the two do have their disagreements from time to time.
No Signature Move

Gregg: Male Haunter
Gregg here kinda got dropped off at my place by a few friends of mine that have…underworld connections. He’s got ancestral connections to the powers of the undead; his ancestors got a bit of affinity for the shadows after hanging around dark energy over time, which passed on to Gregg. In more ways than one, as he’s in league with Artina and Hermes in the whole prankster department, helping along by popping out of nowhere and scaring the living bejesus out of unsuspecting suckers.
Special Resistance: Reaper's Blessing (Ghost)
Most descendants of darkness usually gain an affinity for Darkness. Gregg happens to be one of them. As such, he has a special protection against a Ghost-type's greatest weaknesses: Dark types. Due to this, instead of the usual 200% damage ghost-types take from Dark type attacks, Gregg only takes 150% damage from Dark attacks

Lucca: Female Flareon
A hot-blooded Flareon in more ways than one. Lucca tends to be most stubborn at times, usually arguing with other members for hours before they concede and let her have her way. The only Pokemon she ever conceded too is Magus, though Croco was once remarkably close. This little act has led her squadmates to believe that she has a thing for Magus, but she refuses to neither confirm nor deny. Though all of this makes Lucca appear to be selfish, she really isn’t. She has put herself in the line of danger to save her teammates time after time.
No Sig Move

Level 2

Lloyd: Male Scyther
An old pal of Zelos from their world-traveling days, Lloyd is really, really, dumb. It's not so much as he's completly unintelligent, it's just that he's incredibly dense. Common sense and logic are completly lost on Lloyd, double goes for any big word. However, Lloyd's a pretty damn good fighter, always trying to get stronger and stronger. Needless to say, thanks to his stupidity, Lloyd often finds himself the victims of Hermes and Artina's pranks.
No Sig Move

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