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Shadowshocker is a very recent addition to the latest PASBL generation, and while he hasn't seen much of battling he makes up for it with his enthusiasm in combat, as well as his bombastic theatrics and dangerously unstable streak of insanity. Only time will tell if Shadowshocker genuinely has the skill to back up his mouth.

Shadowshocker's main strategy is to take opponents by storm with a flexible combat pattern, backed up by a wide plethora of attacks. Presently, Shadowshocker is aiming to become a Poison-type gym leader, and is contesting with Jon Jen for that post.

Evil Genius Organization Gym Squad (to be)

Themed according to Jumbaa Jookiba's 629 illegal genetic experiments, the E.G.O. Gym Squad members are trained to mimic the abilities of their namesakes to their most reasonable extent, besides befuddling their opponents with any possible means. Their Pokeballs are also designed to release them with a blinding lightshow accompaniment when they come into contact with water.

Level 3

Angel/Experiment 624: Female shiny Nidorina
Originally, she was supposed to be able to turn good people and experiments to evil by singing her special song, but this went beyond several laws of ethics and physical possibilities. Instead, she has focused her singing abilities into disabling her opponents.
Signature Move: Dark Song
Angel can use Sing in place of Supersonic.

Stitch/Experiment 626: Male shiny Nidorino
The mascot of the team, originally supposed to be virtually indestructible, to think faster than a supercomputer, to have super sight and hearing, to lift three thousand times his own weight... but no amount of training did him any good within these aspects. Now he's just a shiny Nidorino that reacts mainly on instinct and has a silly streak a mile long.
Signature Move: Meeka Nala Kweeshta!
If Stitch takes damage from a powerful attack such as Flamethrower or Hyper Beam, Stitch's attacks become 1.25x times as effective but have a 10% chance of missing out of anger and require 10% more energy than usual. This effect lasts until Stitch has dissipated all his anger (like a Pokemon would after being Taunted). This effect will remain if Stitch has <25% of his health remaining.

Level 2

Hocker/Experiment 051: Male Gulpin
Trained to spit acid. Hocker enjoys nothing more than eating and feeling his meal tingle in his stomach. He later developed his stomach acids into an offensive ability.
Signature Move: Acid Loogie
Hocker can now use Acid in replacement of Sludge. Acid Loogie replaces Sludge Bomb which is a Sludge Bomb with the affects of Acid, and the missiles do not explode. Hocker's Acid uses 1.2 times the energy of Sludge and Acid Loogie uses 1.2 times the energy of a Sludge Bomb.

Jam/Experiment 202: Male Zubat
Originally trained to jam radar with his supersonic blasts. In order to suit himself to Pokemon battling, Jam had a training session with Dave and has now altered his radar-jamming waves to those Dave emits in Kadabra mode.
Signature Move: Alpha Sonic
Jam emits a stream of waves in a fashion similar to his Supersonic, but instead of causing confusion, Alpha Sonic causes its target to have a headache. Affected Pokemon will have their concentration disrupted for up to three rounds, during which their attacks are 20% more likely to fail. However, Jam has a 10% chance of giving himself a headache since he isn't immune to the original alpha waves. Can be used up to three times a battle and uses up 1.1 times the energy of a Screech.

Remmy/Experiment 276: Male Gastly
Originally trained to get into the minds of enemies and turn all their dreams into nightmares. By using his haunting and possessing abilities, Remmy was able to cause powerful nightmares in the minds of humans and Pokemon alike. Remmy loves to torment his victims by generating pleasant dreams, then immediately following with disastrous nightmares. Remmy was originally designed to remain in his target's head forever if his target woke up while Remmy was still inside, but he saw no point to staying in someone's head for eternity. Outside of battle, Remmy's just another Gastly, but unlike Grim he tends be slower in getting the gist of things, resulting in Ploot hunting him down for chores (and succeeding).
Signature Move: Nasty Nightmare
Remmy's Nightmare attack only kicks in after one round instead of immediately, but if the affected Pokemon remains asleep after one round it will lose energy 1.5 times faster.

Slimy/Experiment 390: Male Grimer
Originally trained to trip up others with the slime he leaves around. However Slimy took up a lazy temperament and as a result refuses to move around more than absolutely necessary. After constant training with Kanocho using him as a handy punching-bag, he became more and more defensive to non-elemental attacks.
Signature Move: Slime Fortitude
Slimy takes 15% less damage from physical and attacks that fire bullets and similar projectiles (think of Ash's Muk against Jeanette Fisher's Bellsprout), such as Fire Punch, Rock Throw, Razor Leaf and Pin Missile. However, he is 15% slower than other Grimer.

Huggo/Experiment 489: Male Ekans
Trained to squeeze the life out of you. Huggo often expresses his emotions by wrapping people, which more often than not leaves his victim, er, target of affection, worn out if his hugging persists. After some training involving squeezing bars of various materials from wood to metal, he managed to improve his Wrapping abilities into something more powerful and potentially deadly.
Signature Move: Death Coil
For every round that a Pokemon is under Huggo's Wrap, the Pokemon has a 5-15% chance (depending on its size) of becoming breathless during a round immediately after it is released and thus unable to use powerful attacks such as Hyper Beam. (For example, if a Pokemon is wrapped for 2 turns, the breathlessness applies for 2 rounds afterwards.) This doesn't apply for Pokemon bigger than Huggo, or Pokemon with indeterminate bodies (such as Muk and Banette), or Pokemon with tough bodies (such as Aron and Geodude).

Ploot/Experiment 505: Male Koffing
Originally trained to collect pollution and convert it into thick black sludge which Ploot flings everywhere, but it turned out Koffing were never designed for anything more than gas containment. A somewhat knowledgeable but cheeky ball of gas, Ploot commonly uses his smarts and chemical cocktails to play pranks on everyone else around him, thankfully not causing permanently maiming damage (both physical and mental). Ploot is also the team leader for the E.G.O. Gym Squad.
Signature Move: Obnoxious Obsession
In the attempts to turn him into a pollution factory, Ploot was forced to use his poisonous gases and compounds more often than even that of normal Koffing behaviour. Because of this constant training, Ploot's Poison-type damaging attacks (such as Smog and Sludge) now do 10% more damage than normal and are 10% more likely to inflict Poison. However, due to his continued focus on Poison attacks, Ploot's other non-Poison damaging attacks (such as Psywave and Flamethrower) do 15% less damage than normal.

Sprout/Experiment 509: Male Ivysaur
Originally, he was supposed to be able to take root into the earth and grow into a forest of destruction. However, this being a physical impossibility for a Pokemon of Sprout's species, we decided on a different idea. Sprout was instructed to meditate under a waterfall for two hours each day. This not only padded his resistance towards Water-type attacks, but increased his ability to absorb water into his body and boost himself. Sprout doesn't speak much, having attained a quiet personality after his extensive meditation, but displays valiant spirit in battle.
Signature Move: Drainer Gainer
When Sprout is hit by a Water-type attack, there is a 5~20% chance of his Grass-type attacks becoming slightly more powerful due to the absorption of a small amount of water from the attack (the percentage varies according to the attack's intensity, for example Hydro Pump will have a 20% of triggering this). The increase in power is as if Sprout used a Growth attack. However, if Drainer Gainer is triggered, Sprout's Grass-type attacks will cost him 10% more energy to use for the next round he uses a Grass-type attack, after which the stat increase and increased energy cost will be lost. If Rain Dance is in effect, Drainer Gainer automatically has a 5% chance of triggering each turn Rain Dance is in effect.

Level 1

Manners/Experiment 345: Female Roselia
Trained to cover people with her special pollen and make them too polite to fight back. Using her aromatherapeutical powers and knowhow of botanic scents, Manners created a different scent that has the power to induce a sense of relaxation in her targets and calm the nerves.
Signature Move: Polite Dust Manners sprays an aroma similar to Sweet Scent that, instead of infatuating the opponent, will calm the opponent's fighting spirits in a way opposite to Taunt. During this period of time the affected Pokemon cannot use attacks that are more powerful than Thunderbolt, out of being too polite to fight back. Once the opponent is hit with another directly damaging attack, the effects end. Polite Dust uses 1.5 times the energy as Aromatherapy and can be used twice each battle.

Non-Gym Pokemon

Level 2

Grim: Male Duskull
The leader of Shadowshocker's non-Gym Squad, Grim is a wise (though young) Pokémon that knows what to do in any situation, be it a landslide or an argument between his squadmates. Grim's high level of intelligence and mastery of his own elemental abilities makes him a dark horse in battle.
Signature Move: Skull and Cross Beam
Grim fires a powerful beam of Ghost energy in the shape of a skull-and-crossbones symbol (but still the same size as a normal, fully charged Hyper Beam), capable of causing major damage or destruction. It takes a large amount of energy, and leaves Grim very drained for a period immediately afterwards. Grim may try to attack during this time, but success is less likely. Grim is unable to use Ghost-type attacks for five turns after a full-charge Skull and Cross Beam. An alternative to this is a "quick-charge" Skull and Cross Beam, which deals damage akin to 1/2 of Ice Beam, but uses less energy and no recharge time. In reality, this attack can run the gamut from minimal charge, which would do quick, but only decent damage, to the fully charged version, which deals major damage. Depending on the charge and how much it was hit by Skull and Cross Beam, the Pokemon Skull and Cross Beam is targeted at will have a 0% to 20% chance of being scared and hence unable to attack (0% at low charge, 20% at full charge) for four turns at most. Larger Pokemon such as Gyarados and Steelix are 20% less likely to be affected this way. Grim can't use Skull and Cross Beam for more than once at full charge or twice at quick charge each battle.

Dave: Male Kadabra
The subleader of Shadowshocker's non-Gym Squad who constantly strives to do his best and surpass his normal abilities. Through meditation he mastered not only a calm composure and discipline, but also the ability to strike without warning when his enemies least expect it.
Signature Move: Destined Roulette
When Dave became a Kadabra, he further sought to better amplify his psychokinetic powers and use them in even more aspects. As such, he combined his clairvoyant capabilities from Future Sight with Metronome to generate a new attack. Using Future Sight, Dave times his Metronome attack to use it at the exact moment, during which a certain designated attack will be generated from the Metronome. Dave can only browse through 200 attacks in one turn; if the designated attack does not appear in a list of randomly generated attacks, nothing happens. When he uses Destined Roulette, Dave has to concentrate hard enough that renders him otherwise immobile and thus prone to enemy attacks for as long as needed to randomly search for his designated attack. Destined Roulette uses up energy equivalent to 2.5 Future Sights, as well as the energy of the attack generated. If Dave does not have enough energy to use the designated attack, Destined Roulette fails, but Dave still suffers the 2.5 Future Sight energy cost. Regardless of result, Destined Roulette can only be used once a battle, and counts as a two-move combination that cannot be combined in three-move combinations.
To ref Destined Roulette, visit and for each question key in the following values:
How many sets of numbers do you want to generate?: 10
How many numbers per set?: 20
Number range (e.g., 1-50): From 1 to 355
Do you wish each number in a set to remain unique?: Yes
When the results are generated, use the Find Command in your browser to look for the corresponding attack number. (Example: Flamethrower is 101)
If the number is absent, the attack fails.
If the number is present, its position in the list roughly indicates how long it takes for Dave to remain still and locate the attack.

Zapster: Male Elekid
A playful, brash member of Shadowshocker's Squad. Zapster has been known to go out and play in the midst of lightning storms, and can absorb lightning strikes to the extent of hurting himself.
Signature Move: Storm Blessing
Zapster lets fly a blast of electricity into the sky. The same blast comes down in the form of a lightning bolt onto his opponent one to three turns later (similar to Future Sight), shocking them severely. Before the attack comes, rumblings begin to echo from the sky and a brilliant flash of light may occur. Storm Blessing uses up as much energy as Future Sight and also does as much damage as Future Sight. Zapster can't use this attack more than once each battle and he can't use this attack while battling in indoor arenas.

Bertha: Female Teddiursa
Equally playful as Zapster but gets incredibly serious in battle, Bertha is scarred by her experience in the night and can completely lose all rational thought in combat if angered enough.
Signature Move: Lunar Fury
In nighttime conditions or conditions where the area is darkened (such as a result from a Smokescreen), Bertha can use this ability to increase her offensive powers by one level (both physical and elemental) but her attacks that depend on accuracy become 10% less likely to hit and Bertha has a 5% chance of not following orders. Once the battle conditions are restored to normal brightness, all effects of accumulated Lunar Fury are lost, meaning increased offensive abilities, lowered accuracy and being less likely to follow commands. However, energy used up in the usage of Lunar Fury is lost (energy usage is equivalent to that of a Bulk Up attack).

Kanocho: Male Makuhita
A battler that balances both life and training with easy-going yet strict discipline, Kanocho is a positive thinker who always believes that everything will turn out for the best, no matter what pops up in life.
Signature Move: Hardworking
When Kanocho's health dips below lower than average (around 25% health remaining), he becomes motivated to do even better in battle. As a result, all attacks he performs during this stage do x1.2 damage, at the cost of x1.2 energy. Whether or not Hardworking is activated is decided by Shadowshocker.

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