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Shiny_Magneton has been a member of the PASBL for almost two years now, joining in October of 2004. He has since improved drastically, especially in his reffing capability. Originally when taking the test, he was given the grade of C+. However, after some improvement, he retested, and was then bumped up to a B rank. Since then, Referee Evaluations caused him to be further promoted, now a B+ referee.

Battlingwise, he is currently Trainer Level 2. However, he has over 30 KOs, and now only needs a Gym Badge in order to bring himself to Level 3. Originally attempting to be the Dark type Gym Leader, he eventually decided against it, turning instead to the Dragon type gym, which he currently runs. He has a long-lived rivalry against ZoraJolteon, often arguing and agreeing to matches which never actually happen.

Gym Squad

Level 4 Pokemon

Male Charizard: Level 4
Bio: Charizard was once a member of my original team, however, after realizing how much of an impact his departure had on my team, I decided to find him again, and found him at the base of a volcano. In a practice battle had against a Bulbasaur we had, when ordered a Flamethrower, Charizard's mouth was tied shut by a Vine Whip. The fire backfired and spread throughout Charizard's body, causing it to reach extremely high temperatures, and burn Bulbasaur's vines very badly.
Special Attack: Lava in his Veins (Fire)
Using a decent amount of fire energy, Charizard has the abililty to boost his body temperature up to almost double his normal body temperature. Of course, due to its typing, that is already very high. This means that anything that touches Charizard, such as vines, ice, etc, will likely melt, or shrivel up, or even catch on fire. However, water attacks will be much more effective on Charizard. Charizard loses health each turn this effect is active, starting out at relatively little, but increasing at an exponential rate, doubling each turn. Charizard will be slightly drained of fire energy after this attack, providing effects of about a half of Overheat's drawbacks onto Charizard. This may be used twice per battle.

Level 3 Pokemon

Male Dragonair: Level 3
Bio: Dragonair is one of the very few of my Pokemon who have been with my squad from the very beginning. However, his ability has only recently been realized, now a prime fighter of my squad, and obviously a very fierce opponent to face, doing very well in all of his battles. Most recently, however, he lost to another Dragonair, a battle very, very close to the very end. Convinced that if he would have lasted another round he would have won the battle, he trained endlessly until he regained his confidence, and gained a very useful characteristic from it...
Signature Training: Dragon's Strength (Dragon)
From his extensive training, if Dragonair normally would be knocked out, he will remain active on the field until the next turn, at the end of which he will faint, no matter what. Dragonair may be knocked out sooner by opponent attacks, however, provided they would be enough to knock it out.

Female Swablu: Level 3
Bio: Swablu was obtained through an extra slot by making the final of the NCT. So far I've noticed she is very shy, and that's pretty much it.
No signature move

Level 2 Pokemon

Level 1 Pokemon

Male Bagon: Level 1
No signature move

Female Trapinch: Level 1
No signature move

Female Horsea: Level 1
No signature move

Female Dratini: Level 1
No signature move

Other Pokemon

Level 4 Pokemon

Female Cacturne Level 4
Bio: Cacturne was gained through a spot in the NCT by winning a second round battle. It is very friendly, and makes friends easily. It is also very brave. I met this Pokemon when I was traveling to the Desert near Lavaridge Town, and it was having a particularly hard time trying to defeat a Pokemon outside of a Sandstorm. After rigorous training, Cacturne actually swallowed quite a bit of sand, and now has an unlimited supply inside of it. After trying to defeat a Zubat in a Sandstorm, Cacturne also had a hard time locating its opponent, and with more training, gained the ability to see through them.
Special Training: Sandstorm (Rock)
Cacturne is not buffeted by Sandstorms, even though it is not a ground, rock, or steel type. The sand for the attack Sandstorm comes from within Cacturne, as in Larvitar. Finally, Cacturne has the ability to see through Sandstorms.

Level 3 Pokemon

Female Togetic: Level 3
Bio: Quite possibly the most trusted of my squad, Togetic is a very powerful force to battle against in battle. Realizing that in order to successfully counter all foes, she would have to master, or at least have sufficient experience in, the ice type. Appealing to the number of my Pokemon that can use ice attacks, Sneasel in particular, Togetic eventually learned an ice attack.
Special Attack: Sheer Power (Ice)
An ice attack with energy usage and power roughly equal to Hidden Power, released in the form of a light blue beam. Usable 3 times per battle.

Male Umbreon: Level 3
Bio: Umbreon has been fascinated by Psychic attacks since it was born, and the repeated non-effective attacks on it allowed it to absorb some of the energy. After noting Staryu lifting and throwing an opponent Pokemon, Umbreon realized exactly how nifty that would be to have. After a bit of training with small objects of any sort, including rocks, branches, and eventually working its way up to small Pokemon, such as Rattata, Weedle, and Caterpie, Umbreon has finally learned exactly how to lift opponent Pokemon with its Psychic attack.
Special Training: ph34r t3h 1337 psychic powahs (Psychic)
Umbreon is considered familiar with psychic abilities, and can therefore use Psychic to lift and throw opponent Pokemon. However, Umbreon uses more psychic energy than a normal psychic type to perform this.

Male Haunter: Level 3
Bio: Before it died, and therefore became a ghost, Haunter was a Bayleef. However, as it was battling in the Nightmare Graveyard, the Bayleef and her trainer were killed by a pair of Dark Feraligatr. Bayleef, not accepting the fact that it had died, continued on as a Bayleef in its new (lack of) body. However, due to some basic physical differences, it had to, obviously adapt. Gastly appears as a Bayleef, and gains a few different moves due to this.
Special Training: Shadow Seed (Ghost/Grass)
Gastly, refusing to accept its death, has found that if it were to adapt one of its current moves, it could be somewhat similar to its moves in its past life. The move which it has been able to adapt are Leech Seed and Razor Leaf. Shadow Seed, a varient of Leech Seed, covers the seed in a ghostly aura, which then flies at the opponent. This move uses slightly more energy than normal. (for a Leech Seed) However, due to its despising of its current form, it lost a few moves, namely Thunder and Will-o-Wisp.

Male Swellow: Level 3
Bio: Swellow loves to fly. It was raised by a flock of Wingull, over the ocean. The area was invaded by a pack of Jumpluff, leaving the other Pokemon at the mercy at their Stun Spore. Taillow quickly reacted, sending a blast of flames at the Jumpluff, scaring them away.
Special Training: Heated Training (Fire)
Swellow can use the attack Flamethrower at the expense of Steel Wing not being able to be used the remainder of the battle.

Female Absol: Level 3
Bio: Absol is a very quiet member of my team. However, it likes to sap away opponents health and energy while they sleep, though sometimes it needs a bit of provoking.
Special Attack: Low Cost Sleeping Pills! (Dark)
Using a decent amount of dark energy, and providing that there is eye contact between the two Pokemon, Absol will send a thin beam of energy at the opponent Pokemon, causing it to become drowsy upon impact. This attack may be used once per battle. No damage is done by this attack, however.

Male Houndoom: Level 3
Bio: Houndoom constantly tries to come up with a way to counter the dreaded water types. One day, it was traveling along, before seeing a blue flash fly past it. The blue was recognized as the legendary Pokemon Suicune, who had been fleeing from Raikou, who was charged with electrical energies. As Raikou saw the little fire hound, it quickly let off a huge Thunder attack, forever changing Houndoom's moves.
Special Training: Thunderbolt (Electric)
Houndoom can use the attack Thunderbolt at the expense of giving up both Dream Eater and Nightmare for the rest of the battle.

Female Pupitar: Level 3
Bio: While Pupitar doesn't look it, she is a trusted member of my team. She is also fluent in an area that only one other in my squad is.
Special Training: Sand Veil (Rock)
Pupitar can see better than average in Sandstorms.

Male Quilava: Level 3
Bio: When I sat down and thought about it, I realized that Charmander wasn't really one of my favorites. After releasing him into the wild, I came upon the pre-evolution of one of my favorite Pokemon, and trained it.
Special Attack: Firey Fireness (Fire)
Quilava, knowing that raw power alone couldn't win a battle, decided that more raw power could. Therefore, he trained with a group of electrical Pokemon, and found that they knew a move that could increase their power: Charge. Quilava decided to adapt that move to fire types, and learned this. Quilava's flames grow to about triple their original size, for about few rounds. During this time, Quilava's fire attacking power is increased, and the attacks do more damage (1.5x). They also use more energy, and with repetitive uses of high powered fire attacks, such as, but not limited to, Overheat or Blast Burn, will lead to extreme tiredness. The flames burn energy equal to an Ember each turn. This power up may be used once per battle.

Male Anorith: Level 3
Bio: Anorith was from a fossil regenerated at Devon Corp. It is the most quiet member of my team, but its strength shouldn't be underestimated. It actually loves water for some reason...
Special Training: Water Boy (Water)
Anorith has the ability to swim, and water attacks used by it do slightly more damage. Opposing water attacks now do only 150% damage.

Male Sneasel: Level 3
Bio: Sneasel could be comparable to a few on Hanatori's team. Ruthless and bloodthirsty. However, this doesn't mean he doesn't care about his opponent, he just cares about everything else more. Recently, he's been working on a way to harness his dark powers into his physical attacks.
Special Attack: Caliginosus (Dark/Physical)
After a bit of charging (2-3 sec), Sneasel rushes up to the opponent and uses a Slash attack, though it also is powered by a coating of dark energy. This attack's total damage is 1.5x Slash, and may be used 3x per battle.

Genderless Starmie: Level 3
Special Attack: Acies Hydros (Water/Psychic)
Staryu first uses a Water Gun-esque attack, before taking control of the water molecules with its psychic energy. Staryu can morph the water into any shape, and can control the direction of the attack. Therefore, Staryu has the ability to make the water turn around corners, etc. With such ability, Staryu can also thrwart opponent attempts to dodge, by simply redirecting the attack. The damage done by the attack is such as that of Bubblebeam, but energy equals just slightly more than a Bubblebeam and wave form Psychic combined.

Level 2 Pokemon

Level 1 Pokemon

Female Lapras: Level 1 No signature move